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No justice for citizens from VCAT: Surrey Hills residents and Council ignored

Another case showing just how out of touch VCAT is. Information from the West of Elgar Group (WERA) shows what could happen in your street. So keep alert just in case. The developer is an overseas company and the development is being advertised overseas. The size of some of the units indicates they may only be of interest to the overseas student market. In Surrey Hills, close to Wattle Park tram terminus, and far from shops, developers are buying cheaper land in our local streets. VCAT has just approved an application by an overseas consortium for 32 apartments in such a street. Three development applications for this site have been knocked back. This one breaks rules set for the others. Where is the sense or the justice in this?

Happy 2012- Melbourne Environment

Melbourne's environment is steadily deteriorating as rapid population growth continues but some are insulated by wealth against the effects of this. Article first published January 1, 2012 but republished after site damage on January 6, 2012. I had over 100 reads when it was lost.

Happy 2012- Melbourne Environment

Melbourne's environment is steadily deteriorating as rapid population growth continues but some are insulated by wealth against the effects of this. Happy 2012- Melbourne’s environment

In city and suburbs trees fall victim to greed,
Backyards are demolished for a so called need
Of people awaiting all our precious spaces
And we give them up and then turn on the *races.

Our surroundings decline as we stand by and watch
And try to explain it in terms in terms of *“hop scotch”
“If you move to there these ones can move in
Then cover your garden, it’s no longer a sin.”

Vancouver Re-visited----Multicultural Balkanization as the cart, not the horse

In urban Canada, we have imported a slave labour caste and condemned them for their apparent inability or unwillingness to assimilate. The truth is, they want to become Canadians, but are too exhausted and pre-occupied with survival to become full participants in mainstream society. The irony is, they are victims of their own arrival. Immigrant-driven population growth has inflated housing costs to the point that they must run even faster and longer than other Canadians to eke out an insufficient living. The solution is cross-cultural solidarity, but higher wages for shorter hours is its prerequisite.

Australians were never asked and never gave permission for today's mass immigration

Anyone know about Paul Kelly's 'bargain'?"
"Paul Kelly argues in his The March of Patriots that there is a bargain between the Australian people and their governments. The Australian people accept a big, diverse and in many respects generous immigration program, so long as it is orderly and well controlled by the government." (Population growth lobbyist, Greg Sheridan, The Australian) See alsoInterview' with Paul Kelly yet more free ABC advertising for Rupert MurdochVote on whether a population of 35m would be good (ninemsn)

Save Camberwell! - What has Brumby's government got against Camberwell?

What has Victoria's Premier Brumby got against the residents and retailers of Camberwell in Melbourne's east? Camberwell locals have for over six years made very clear to the Victorian State Government of their opposition to high-rise and high-density development in Camberwell. Locals and their council have rejected highrise plans for Camberwell Junction and their heritage railway station.

The Brumby Government not only ignores the rights and concerns of locals. Its planning minister has purportedly intervened in VCAT to overrule council's planning decisions. This is more than an undemocratic planning process; it borders on State corruption.

Children in Epping tread where adults and politicians fear to go

What has happened to us that we have to get children to express our deepest values and concerns because we have been conditioned to repress them for political reasons?
(Pic:Gavin Jennings, Victorian Min Environment)

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