Native American Indian rain 'ceremony'

I heard about a native American Indian chief who was invited to a rain dance ceremony in California some years ago. They were desperately in need of rain and hundreds of people gathered in a circle to watch. This humble man walked into the centre of the circle and stood there with eyes closed for one minute then walked away. Many people were puzzled, some disappointed and angry. What kind of ceremony consists of standing still with eyes closed for 1 minute and then it's over? They were expecting complicated rituals. The next day the rains everyone had wanted came in fullness and abundance. Later when people asked him exactly what he did while he stood in the centre of the circle he replied:-

"As I stood there with eyes closed, I imagined that the rain was already here. I could smell the fresh smell of rain in the air, hear the drops pelting on the soil and the wind gushing in the trees, feel the mud beneath my feet and 'saw' the rainclouds heavy in the sky. My visualisation was so intense it felt more real than the dry hard earth and hot air around me."