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Brigitte Bardot responds to Trump's new anything goes hunting laws

Brigitte Bardot, possibly once the most famous 20th century French woman, has devoted her later life to the welfare of other species, via the Brigitte Bardot Foundation. Trump has recently signed off on an awful bill to change hunting laws in Alaska to permit rates of hunting that will quickly threaten the targeted species and which are devoid of any traditional pretence of courage or skill. Bardot has written to Trump in the hope of persuading him to rescind this bill for no-holds-barred slaughter.

Changes to the Victorian Wildlife (Game) hunting laws - Australian Wildlife Council (AWPC)

75% of Victorians think that shooting of native water birds should be banned. 91% of people living in Melbourne don't want shooting and 77% in the country agree. The Australian Wildlife Protection Council believe that the Department of Primary Industries desire to normalise game hunting in Victoria is motivated by short term economics (monetary gain through shooting licenses and permits), not public opinion, animal welfare, or any conservation efforts. The Australia Wildlife Protection Council (AWPC) opposes any ‘use’ of wildlife, particularly lethal use. Native animals need to be protected in Victoria, with no exceptions.

NSW Minister Hodgkinson asked to stop laws permitting 12 year olds to attack animals

The World League for the Protection of Animals has expressed alarm at a proposed new New South Wales law that would permit children as young as 12, unaccompanied, to pursue and kill with weapons animals declared feral in National Parks.

Mass Slaughter of rhinos in South Africa

Mass slaughter of rhinos in South Africa continues as a genocide. The owner of a safari operator, his wife and a professional hunter are alleged to be some of the masterminds arrested and taken into custody for rhino poaching. They are Mr. Dawie Groenewald (42) a director of Out of Africa Adventurous Safaris and his wife Sariette and Tielman Erasmus
a professional hunter!

Input to Tasmanian Wildlife Regulations Review closes 13 August 2010

Tasmanian wildlife are in a terrible situation and there is a great need for better laws to look after their welfare and habitat. Candobetter did articles on this problem Tasmania, West Australia, Victoria - our wildlife are ignored by government, and fortunately the recent Auditor General Special Report No. 78, Management of threatened species (Tasmania) will hopefully provide a good basis for your submissions. Please send your submissions to us and we will publish them.

UN ban on seal products - a success for activists

European Parliament made history when it voted overwhelmingly to ban trade in seal products. Over one and a quarter million seal pups have been clubbed or shot to death over the last four years during Canada's annual seal slaughter. Seals and their pups do not owe swelling human populations a living, and this atrocity is morally unsustainable and unethical.
(photos of harp seals from Wikipedia commons)

African Elephants - still slaughtered for tusk ('ivory') trinkets by backward Japanese and Chinese

After the elephant tusk (ivory) trade had decimated the African Elephant population from 1.3 million to 625,000, finally in 1989 the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) imposed a ban on this international elephant tusk (ivory) trade, mainly on Japan and China.
Ten years later, Zimbabwean dictator, Robert Mugabe, lifted the ban along with Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa and legalised the sale of elephant tusks from elephants they claimed (a) had died naturally or (b) been shot because they were violently aggressive or for 'problem-animal' control.

This article further explores the plight of this magnificent animal following the disturbing news article on 28-Jul-09 posted on CanDoBetter by Vivienne Ortega Robert Borsak - Australia's Sarah Palin? Do you want him in your Parliament?

Robert Borsak - Australia's Sarah Palin? Do you want him in your Parliament?

Game Council chairman Robert Borsak recently killed several elephants for entertainment in northern Zimbabwe. Robert intends to stand for the Shooters Party in the next NSW elections. Thanks to Robert Mugabe's corruption, it is quite "legal" to shoot elephants there. The amount Borsak and other "hunters" must pay, adds to the dictator's coffers and to the great sadness of people who respect and care about elephants.

Russians ban kangaroo-meat due to Systemic Oz hygiene problems

"Russia has just announced a ban on all kangaroo products from the 1st August, citing consistent contamination." Lately our politicians have been "trying to convince the Chinese to buy the rejected Russian export kangaroo slush. " (Pat O'Brien, ex-butcher and current President of Wildlife Protection Association of Australia - Patron Steve Irwin).

FGA Hunters used stolen water to draw ducks to slaughter

“As Field and Game Australia entered into a partnership to purchase the property with the Hugh Williamson Trust, the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority (WGCMA) and environment group, Watermark, it remains to be seen whether these highly reputable organisations will risk their credibility by remaining in partnership with FGA." (Laurie Levy)

Shooters Party - fanatical red necks pushing for open season in National Parks

Since May 2009, Robert Brown MP of the Shooters Party has been pushing for the GAME AND FERAL ANIMAL CONTROL AMENDMENT BILL 2009 to be passed into NSW legislation. The spin of this Bill is so feral animals can be controlled in National Parks. But in reality the proposed changes would overturn all environmental legislation protecting our remaining wildlife in NSW. It would be 24/7 open season on wildlife perpetually across NSW every day of the year.

Rees' 'red hot go' hunting in our National Parks

NSW Premier Rees is set to pass into law a 'Game and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill 2009' to permit recreational hunters shooting everything and anything in protected National Parks across NSW including native wildlife.

Controlling feral animals is a science, not a sport. Rees passion for sport is being compromised by influential cronies. Problem is, Rees has no knowledge, experience in or aptitude for science. His inaugural 'red hot go' says it all and threatens to be his legacy. See also

Duck season reopens after 2 years amnesty - Victoria (Oz)

Victoria's Hunting Advisory Committee has caused Duck Season to reopen in Victoria, against the advice by the Department of Sustainability.

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