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Recently, in an on-line forum discussion on , claims by Amnesty International that the n Government of had engaged in human rights abuses were -246556">cited.

In fact, in 1990 Amnesty International peddled the infamous 'incubator babies' lie (see Appendix for embedded 2:47min broadcast) and has repeatedly been complicit in violations of human rights far greater than those claimed violations of human rights to which it had objected.

The death toll in Iraq since the invasion of 1991 that was facilitated by the 'incubator babies' has been estimated be including 750,000 children. This seems consistent with another estimate of the 1,455,590. Other estimates give death tolls from these wars of at least several hundreds of thousands.

So, in the case of Iraq, Amnesty International's actions have resulted in a count of deaths of several orders of magnitude greater than those it had alleged to have occurred and had objected to.

Since the first Iraq War, Amnesty International has similarly provided a propaganda cover for other acts aggression by the the United States and its allies. These include the invasion of in 2011, the from March 2011, in which as many as 195,00 may have died, and the coup in and the regime's subsequent war against the ethnic Russians of East Ukraine. In the case of Ukraine, whilst Amnesty has acknowledged that the Ukraine regime has violated human rights, it has also fabricated claims of human rights abuses by the East Ukraine self-defence forces against the very people upon whom they rely for support. See (23/7/14) by and (10/9/14) by David Garrett.

" id="app1">Appendix: by Barrie Zwicker


This is a -246590">contribution to a about Gough Whitlam on johnquiggin.com .

JD @ -246556">wrote:

What I posted in my previous comment was ... a direct quote from an Amnesty International magazine posted to the Web.

Have you forgotten that by peddling the Kuwaiti 'incubator babies' lie in 1990 Amnesty International national facilitated over two decades of war and sanctions against Iraq? This caused the deaths of many hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. One estimate had put the total death toll since 1990 as high as 3,300,000 including 750,000 children.

I have put together some information at . Be sure to watch Canadian peace activist Barrie Zwicker demolish the 1990 'incubator babies' lie used to justify that war. Please feel welcome to post further comments to that page or to here.

JD wrote:

The story said nothing about the Syrian election, so anybody discussing the election is saying nothing about that story.

voted on 3 June 2014 for Bashar al-Assad - a far greater endorsement than that given to any of the Western 'leaders' hostile to the Syrian government.

Can't you see that if at the elections of 3 June 2014, the Syrian people gave President Bashar al-Assad a far greater endorsement than has been given to any of the 'leaders' of Western governments hostile to Syria that we should be even more skeptical of Amnesty's claims that that government is brutally repressing its people?

One reason for al-Assad's popularity is the government programs, including free education, including tertiary education.

Of course, this is what Gough also tried to do. However, Paul Keating, who pretends to bear the mantle of Gough's legacy, started the privatisation of tertiary education with the introduction of HECS, the Higher Education 'Contribution' Scheme in 1989 (as I have been advised elsewhere on this blog). Let's not forget that Keating and Hawke also sent our armed forces to participate in the illegal war against Iraq in 1991 and implemented the illegal sanctions that caused so many deaths that I referred to above. As a result of that and the subsequent war of 2003, 1.3 million Iraqis fled to Syria according to .

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