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Australian democracy swiss-cheesed by George Soros Open Societies Foundations have revealed that billionaire, George Soros, has used billions of dollars to try to bring about open borders by funding NGOs all over the world to harass people who do not want mass immigration. Tactics taught are to equate all immigrants with refugees and to accuse people who want control over immigration numbers of racism.

Hackers have revealed that Australia's GetUp, like its U.S. counterparts, MoveOn and Avaaz, have massive financial support from Soros and that their agendas conform to those of Soros. Labor Leader Bill Shorten is linked to Soros-funded activities as is Greens Sarah Hanson-Young.

Bill Shorten, Australia's opposition leader and GetUp.

"GetUp! was established by ­activists Jeremy Heimans and David Madden with funding from Soros. The Labor-affiliated Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union donated $1.1 million to the group. Bill Shorten and John Hewson are former board members. A major funder listed on its 2014-15 Australian Electoral Commission expenditure return is Avaaz, the US GetUp! ­affiliate that has received copious amounts of funding from Soros networks."[1]

Now we have some idea why Bill Shorten refuses to reduce immigration. How many politicians have been influenced this way by Soros's money - either as recipients of awards, and positions or through funding? (We also know that every recent prime minister and opposition leader has become a member of the Australian Multicultural Foundation, which seems to have similar mass immigration values and leadership program links but no apparent affiliation with Soros. The Scanlon Foundation has mass immigration and opinion shaping agendas but no apparent links.)

Soros's money has influenced 'Leadership programs' in many areas, university grants and journalism in Australia. Google "Open Society Foundations". [2] Consider the impact of this on the formation of Australian politicians, researchers, academics, journalists, presenters, teachers, 'ethnic leaders' etc. Emily's list, for women aspiring to get ahead in politics, is financed by Soros, so we know now why the women who get ahead in Australian Labor have nothing serious to say about population or the natural environment.

The Australian Greens

Greens Leader Sarah Hanson Young was named a 'World economic forum young global leader' for 2016. George Soros is the chairman of that forum. [3] The Greens have, over the past decade or so, changed from a conservation platform to an open borders one employing the tactics of unfairly stigmatising people as racist and xenophobic when they call for limits on economic immigration in order to protect our natural environment.[4] Who or what changed so many of them?

"They attack democratic states by advocating a porous border policy, ­reframing illegal immigrants as refugees and degrading critics of totalitarian tendencies such as ­Islamism in orchestrated campaigns of PC censorship. Documents uncovered by Soros leaks reveal a pattern of funding for programs that prosecute porous borders, mass immigration into the Wes­t nations from Islamist regions, and overt campaigns against dissenters. OSF has provided several million to the Centre for American Progress, whose programs ­include the explicit targeting of free­thinkers critical of Islamism. A recent program grant described a strategy to target six critics of ­Islamism and the “right-wing media” in an “audit of Islamophobic activities”." [1]

Need to list Australian organisations and people linked to Opens Societies Foundations

There is a list available of United States organisations funded by Soros, but none available of Australian ones. Nonetheless, the U.S. list is very informative of the kinds of organisations that Soros has used to undermine national sovereignty.

'Independent' on line newspaper,New Matilda, praises South Africa's Mail and Guardian, calling for more papers like these and noting approvingly that they are backed by the Open Foundations Society.

"The twist, with South Africa’s Mail and Guardian, is revealed inside its front cover: its investigative reporting is supported by the Open Society Institute. To justify that, of course, it has to be clear that journalism is worth having, and capable of fulfilling a socially useful function as a civic tool in democracy."


[1] Jennifer Oriel, "Dumped files show influence of George Soros on Western politics, The Australian, August 22, 2016,
[2] For example:,,, International journalism grants:; Leadership programs: and Open Society Foundations:; and so on - just keep googling. So many of our academics, researchers, politicians, journalists, have received funding from The Open Society Foundations (George Soros) and to get this funding they had to conform to its values and tactics.
[4] "Greens members harassed for expressing valid views on environment and population" and "Greens population activist threatened with expulsion"

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The EU's most powerful official, Jean-Claude Juncker, called on Europe to show “solidarity” with refugees and described borders as the “worst invention” ever produced by politicians. “We have to fight against nationalism,” said Juncker, who is the president of the European Commission, the EU’s executive branch. “We have the duty not to follow populists but to block the avenue of populists.” The subtle message of the EU is to force open borders, and allow the flow of people from Third World countries to flow to the "rich" countries of the West. No doubt, this is their version of social-justice, of equalizing the world's overpopulation and imbalanced distribution of what's seen as global wealth! The EU and the UN are bent on destroying sovereignties and nations, and creating the One World ideal to benefit powerful elites.

He added: “Borders are the worst invention ever made by politicians… In the concentration of globalisation and European problems, we must not lose our way.”
Borders were not "invented" by politicians. They have always existed, in history, and are part of nationhood, civilization and human organisation. Nations keep together human cultures, heritage and natural resources, to support peace and unity. They hold together the linguistic groups, genealogical and territorial inheritance of communities.

It's being exposed that in eight of the 10 EU member states surveyed, more than half of people feared that the continued influx of refugees would increase the likelihood of terrorism in their country. At least one of the perpetrators behind the attacks in Paris in November made into the EU by posing as a refugee and using fake documentation.

A "soup" of humans would destroy the planet, the environment and any form of world peace! Nobody owns open territories and nobody would hold any responsibility for quality control, and laws/politics would descent into conflict and crime, and terror would consume once peaceful and democratic societies.

Essentially, the call to remove borders is to allow the Capitalist Neo-Liberals do what they like, without any limitations, any cultural or ethnic sensitivity or any regard to the nations they they are affecting or destroying.

Borders are the worst invention, yet every nation still seems to decide to keep them. Junkers is nuts.

Below is a quote from this very interesting and concise video about Soros. (The video gets it wrong on his Israel policies, [1] but seems to be on the mark for everything else.)

Quote on Soros and EU open borders and where Merkel's policy came from on refugees

"After it was revealed that Soros' NGO's distributed handbooks to migrants in the Balkans which offered advice on how they could illegally enter Europe, Soros was condemned by the Hungarian government Mr. Soros now issued an email statement to Bloomberg claiming his foundations help uphold European values while mr. Orbán's actions in strengthening the Hungarian border and stopping a huge migrant influx undermine those values.

“His plan treats the protection of national borders as the objective...

... and the refugees as an obstacle,” Mr Soros added.

“Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective...

and national borders as the obstacle.” European Union supporter George Soros has claimed Europe should take "at least a million" refugees every year, and let them choose where they want to live.

But he knows that Europe cannot afford pay all of this.

In another interview Mr Soros has further atmitted that it would be impossible for the EU to finance this expenditure out of its current budget, and so advocates they're taking on additional debt instead.

Mr. Soros states flatly that in part as a result the EU is on the verge of collapse, and that the very survival of the EU is at risk.

And when speaking specifically on the decision of the UK to leave the EU, he was very clear "Now the catastrophic scenario that many feared has materialized, making the disintegration of the EU practically irreversible."

It's also been shown conclusively that the Merkel Plan for Europe is in fact the Soros Plan.

Merkel would seem like so many other politicians, is just another one of his puppets.

In his latest article for the New Eastern Outlook, American author, researcher and strategic risk consultant F. William Engdahl narrated that what was dubbed "the plan" turned out to be string of inexplicable actions, including the violation of principles of free speech, all to indulge the controversial and current Turkish regime "All of those seemingly inexplicable actions from the once-pragmatic German leader appear to go back to her embrace of a 14-page document prepared by a network of pro-NATO think-tanks, brazenly titled 'The Merkel Plan'.

Indeed on October fourth the European Stability initiative, an international think tank with headquarters in Berlin, Istanbul, Brussels and Vienna, issued the Merkel plan, a proposal for the Syrian refugee crisis which was strikingly similar to the strategy that the German Chancellor has since recently pursued in Europe.

Suspiciously the authors of the ESI plan titled their plan as if it had come from the German chancellor's office and not from them.

More suspicious is the contents of the Merkel plan of ESI.

In addition to already taking more than 1 million refugees in 2015, Germany should agree to grant asylum to half a million Syrian refugees registered in Turkey over the coming 12 months.

In addition Germany should accept claims from Turkey and provide safe transport to successful applicants already registered with the Turkish authorities.

And finally Germany should agree to help Turkey obtain visa-free travel.

Sound familiar?

Million dollar question that arises then is, how is behind the European Stability Intiative?

Current ESI chairman directly responsible for the final Merkel Plan document is Istanbul based Austrian sociologist, Gerald Knaus.

Knaus is also member of the European Council on Foreign Relations and an Open Society fellow.

And did no surprise the European Council on Foreign Relations is sponsored by Soros.

And it is Soros who is the creator of the Open Society Foundations.

Thus already it becomes clear that the Merkel plan is the Soros Plan in fact.

And mother Merkel, as she is known to her millions of new male migrants from Africa and the Middle East, is also the inspiration to the Democratic nominee for the President of the United States, Hillary Clinton.

And like mother Merkel, the tentacles of Soros enveloped not only Hillary and her husband Bill, but the entire Democratic Party of the United States."


[1] A comment below the aforesaid video from Ziv G on Soros policy towards Israel:

Please correct your data. George Soros is LOATHED in Israel, as he supports, organizes and funds extreme left anti-Zionist and pro-Palestinian NGO's that work incessantly to destabilize the Israeli society from within and without, and promote delegitimization of Israel. He funds numerous extreme left NGO's that are considered blatantly traitorous by the Israeli public, such as Breaking the Silence, Btselem, Yesh Din, MachsomWatch, Ir Amim and many many more. His web of poisonous threads largely stays below the radar of the leftist (duh) media, but the NGO's he's funding are well known and hated in Israel. George Soros is a self hating Jew, anti-Semite and anti-Zionist. Saying that Israel is the only country he doesn't meddle in is a sad sad joke. Please check the NGO-monitor site for more details:

GetUp! says a subsidiary that listed Greens’ ACT Senate candidate Simon Sheikh as a director was never operational and the recently corrected listing was an oversight, with the reference to the company owning a live website also a mistake.Getup! national director Sam McLean said Mr Sheikh's name had been removed on Friday as a director and secretary of the Community Campaigning subsidiary, and the terms of service of the CommunityRun website had also been altered to reflect it has also always been owned by the parent company. 

Greens candidate ... Simon Sheikh says it is an oversight there are still apparent links to GetUp! Photo: Jeffrey Chan

According to the website, the campaigns that use the platform - covering issues include heritage homes, children in detention and voluntary euthanasia - are "not run nor endorsed by GetUp in any way".Coalition Senate leader Eric Abetz has stood by his call for Mr Sheikh to stand down or be sacked as a Greens' candidate in connection with the link with the lobby group and other oversights.Mr Sheikh has not disputed that he was still listed on Friday morning as a director and secretary of its subsidiary, registered in February last year, but said it was a matter for GetUp! to resolve.GetUp! national director Sam McLean told Fairfax Media the organisation had fixed the listing, and stood by his statements the subsidiary had never traded or been funded by GetUp! after being alerted to the website, which is directly accessible from the GetUp! homepage. Read more at

Greens building their own database. “The Greens may say they support privacy laws being extended to cover political parties,” writes one Crikey reader, “but this hasn’t stopped them pursuing the development of their own voter database to parallel those of the major parties.” They reckon the Greens are exchanging data with lobby group GetUp! — and that some in the party are pursuing the matter. “At the most recent NSW Greens state council meeting national office staff and Lee Rhiannon’s advisers intervened to block debate on a motion to national conference to rule out the development of a voter database and prohibit the exchanging of contact data with other organisations.”

This guy, Paul Oosting, of GetUp, Level 14, 338 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000, keeps sending me surveys trying to get me to give GetUp information about my politics whilst broadcasting their own narrow interests. So transparently inspired by George Soros, the mega-corrupt billionaire. Why would anyone trust GetUp? But thousands of credulous Australians do and contribute their time and energy to these vampires: New Parliament 2016: what do we want to achieve?

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  • More investment in health and hospitals
  • More investment in renewable energy
  • Stopping the forced closure of indigenous communities
  • Protecting the Great Barrier Reef
  • Fight back against racism
  • Stopping risky trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
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We can see George Soros's Open Society Foundations at work here as the "Red Flag" pretends that it can fight for Aboriginal land rights whilst opening the borders of Australia - the very act that destroyed aboriginal land rights. With continuing mass immigration these land rights become ever more unobtainable, not just for aborigines but for others born here.

Here's the sequence as it is published on page 27 of Newspaper of Socialist Alternative, (issue 78, Aug 2016) "What we stand for":

"WE RECOGNISE : Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the first people of Australia. We acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded and condemn the crimes of genocide and dispossession committed by European colonists and the Australian state. We support the struggle for land rights, soversignty and economic and social justice for Indigenous people."

WE OPPOSE: all immigration controls and support open borders. We fight to free all refugees from detention and for the right of asylum seekers to reach Australia. We oppose racism towards migrants. In particular we reject racism towards Muslims, whose right to religious and political freedom is routinely attacked on spurious grounds of "fighting terrorism."

There is also an article on page 22 contorting what is happening in Syria to somehow make the US/NATO backed 'rebels' seem like the good guys against the 'evil Assad government', which happens to be providing the only safe places in the country. With such incoherence, these incompetent would-be socialists are going to wake up soon in a nightmare of their own making, whilst capitalist Soros cleans up, along with the other vultures.

Ordinary people have for decades been cowed by the insidious propaganda supporting a raft of activities and polices which are not in their interests. e.g high immigration, weakening of national borders, dismantling of tariffs - leading to surplus labour and higher unemployment, loss of industries in countries such as Australia and housing shortages in a migrant receiving country such as Australia. Ordinary people for whom this has not been in their interests, still applaud the result, lauding it as progress and lauding the ideology as both moral and sophisticated. They are a cheer squad for Soros et al.What a swindle not just on our lives but on our brains!

"Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the first people of Australia. We acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded and condemn the crimes of genocide and dispossession committed by European colonists and the Australian state" AND "WE OPPOSE: all immigration controls and support open borders". Surely these are highly contradictory statements?

Acknowledging the sovereignty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islands, and their rightful lands, and at the same time supporting Open Borders are oxymorons. The latter is about destroying nationhood, rights and sovereignty, and the former recognises heritage, culture, and social justice for indigenous peoples.

Opening our borders would swamp our land with foreigners and cause massive population growth. Any form of "rights" and "sovereignty" would be abolished and the words would become meaningless! It's about time that 'racism" was exposed as a political tool to open borders, and destroy nations. Any nation can't avoid the "us" and "them" in patriotism and definition of a nation.

What is George Soro's real intention? Using humans as economic resources to benefit the wealthy? People are seen as consumers, as economic units, and the more of them there are, to be amassed without restrictions and borders, fills the pockets of the elite.

Thanks Nadia for framing so starkly a basic principle I've been attempting to point out to people for years. The contradiction between land rights and the numbers of individuals and cultural viewpoints inhabiting them is empirically and spatially self-evident. The historical record of european invasion presents the most simple and well-recognised example of this contradiction. Clearly the ongoing and now rapidly accelerating expansion of 'multiple occupancy' of the nation's lands is escalating that initial conflict and can only compound and further entrench that initial dispossession. 'We' might have said 'sorry', but we have not changed our mind or our behaviour regarding those matters we purport to now apologise for.

Yet posing such self-evident equivalence to the (very) average bluntly purposed activist or proudly progressive professional returns a blank stare or a thoughtless, often aggressive declamation toward the basis of such proposed thoughtfulness. If only our lands were just half as vacant as the minds that now decide and also publicly advocate on supposed behalf of it. An un-nerving number of Indigenous activists support open borders! Does that reflect upon the innately perceived pressure to meld social acceptance with political influence? The result of course being self-defeating blandness of purpose?

We are all now, more or less, a product of the last 200 years of settlement and the processes of 'The Enlightenment' that preceded it, giving us our fearsome capacity to alienate ourselves from, and wage war upon, the world around us that we are all an utterly dependent part of. Traditional ways of thinking about landscape, territory and place are diminished to barely glowing embers.

The excerpts from the Red Flag publication make this obvious but invisible contradiction extraordinarily clear. It will be bleakly amusing to show it to people and then watch them refuse to see it.

Our capacity to steadfastly embrace dissonant thinking stems from attributes that lie within humanity's often vaunted capacity for adaptability. Indeed humanity has eminently succeeded in adapting, as has been diversely necessary, to maintain its survival across time and place. A large part of this is the capacity to uniformly and reliably believe, in terms that are accessible to most participants, whatever is necessary for survival within any particular physical realm. This has forged our past and ongoing reliance upon upon mythology as a guiding socio-economic force.

The significant variance within modern times is a radical corruption of the principles we perceive as fundamentally defining our survival. These primary standards have mutated from being the recognition and pursuit of land-base conservation and equity, both within and between generations, to being the recognition and pursuit of power and hierarchy, and the concomitant delivery of resource wealth and privilege to wantonly consume it, upward within that hierarchy.

Where guiding mythologies were once created and maintained by small-scale social groups, for that whole group, and in strict accordance with astutely understood principles of the local land-base, they are now created for an increasingly amorphous global society by a wealthy and highly mobile upper echelon. This upper echelon are disproportionately benefited, whilst being not necessarily bound, by a large proportion of their constructed and powerfully disseminated mythology. The rest of us, by and large, digest and consummately follow it, regardless of dissonance, because we our survival instincts wire us to group harmony rather than incisive and disruptive thought. Yes, there are 'tribes' of thought and identity across each part of the global palette, and these are increasingly recurring regardless of place as is Coca-cola and McDonalds. The key to the global mythology agenda is to uniformly bind the vast majority of these 'tribes' to singular meta-principles, as matters of 'reality', whilst encouraging 'diversity' within superficial characteristics. Who is game to question immigration if the vast majority of 'diverse' social groupings either actively or passively are certain to then invoke the call of racism?

This inherent blindness toward actual identity and performance leads to tragic delusions such as Tony Abbott et al proselytising upon ISIS as a death cult when his own belief in ever-expanding resource extraction and consumption is itself the keystone of a death cult. We are now globally at war to see which form of death cult will prevail. Such endeavour makes strange use of the word prevail. And that is the grisly stage upon which George Soros seeks to prevail. As does Murdoch in his differently similar way. Dark days indeed. The extremities of human madness loosed upon an incandescent flight of fossil fuelled intoxication.