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Melbourne Vigil to Free Julian Assange at Flinders Street Station this Friday at 6:30pm

Apologies, this article incorrectly gave the vigil start time as 7:30pm. The correct start time of 6:30pm is now shown. - James, 26/1/21

@Melbourne4WikiLeaks is holding its weekly vigil for Julian Assange this Friday at 6:30pm outside Flinders Street Station. It is vital for every Australian, who values free speech and opposes the unlawful detention and torture of Julian Assange by the U.K. government at the behest of its U.S. master, to demand that our government act now to free Julian Assange.

Be there: 7:30pm, this Friday, at Flinders Street Station

Failure to act could well result in Julian's death, as Greek Australian activist, Yanis Varifoukis, explains in the video embedded below:


Yanis Varoufakis: "They don't want to extradite Assange. They want to kill him."



Post on Twitter: Adelaide For Assange (@ForAdelaide) Protest for #JulianAssange this Saturday, 11am - 1pm at the Malls Balls in Rundle Mall!