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At Flinders Street Station 3:30pm today: March to end the illegal detention and torture of Julian Assange

CORRECTION (10:20am, Friday): The march will be to the British Consulate at 90 Collins Street Melbourne and not to the State Library. - apologies

Join us at 3:30pm Friday 26 March (today) at Flinders Street Station, from which Melbourne For Wikileaks (@Melbourne4wiki) will be marching at 4:00pm from Flinders Street Station to the British Consulate at 90 Collins Street, Melbourne. This March is to show our support of Julian Assange.

We will be demanding that the Australian government act to stop the United States' attempts to illegally extradite, from the United Kingdom, Julian Assange, who is an Australian citizen and not a United States citizen. We will also be demanding that he Australian government act to end the United Kingdom's illegal imprisonment and torture of Julian Assange.

Come to help us carry our banner (pictured), help us distribute leaflets to fellow Melburnians and, listen to speeches for Julian Assange at the end of the march in front of the British Consulate.


Below is a video of myself speaking for four and a half minutes in support of Julian Assange outside the British Consulate at around 4;30pm on Friday 26 March.

The speech is somewhat less polished than I had hoped it to be, in part, because I had left my written speech in my car so had to speak somewhat off the cuff. Nonetheless, I feel that even speeches such as this still serve to inform passing members of the public and arouse their curiosity. An example of a more polished speech in support of Julian Assange is that given by Mairéad Farrell TD (@Farrell_Mairead), a Sinn Fein member of the Irish Parliament. I have transcribed the transcript of Mairéad Farrell's speech here.

On Friday 2 April 2021, Good Friday, on which day the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is commemorated by Christians, Melbourne supporters of Julian Assange's supporters held another successful vigil from 6:30pm until 8:30pm at Flinders Street Station.

The terrible nine year ordeal so far endured by Julian Assange, as cruel, unjust and illegal as it is, cannot be likened to the cruel and gruesome end suffered by Jesus Christ on Good Friday. Nevertheless, supposedly endangering the lives of US servicemen at one point in time, the only crime of which Julian Assange has ever been accused has even less basis than Jesus' conviction for not recognising the authority of Rome.

At the vigil, supporters held up banners, handed out two leaflets, one which was adapted to become the article Uphold the Rule of Law - demand that the Australian government act to end the illegal imprisonment and torture of Julian Assange (11/2/2021 - pdf here) and the other which was adapted from Open Letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison: Act now to end the illegal imprisonment and torture of Julian Assange! (11/3/2021).

During the vigil, I gave a 6:30 minute speech through the megaphone in which I explained to the passing members of the public how Julian's imprisonment and torture was illegal and I called upon Scott Morrison to use his authority as Prime Minister to demand that he UK release Julian Assange. That speech was recorded and will be embedded within an article to be published here later today.

In the Melbourne Freedom March, commencing at 12:00pm today, Saturday 15 May, from Batman Park [1], supporters of Julian Assange will be forming a contingent for the march.

We believe that, given that Julian Assange has committed no crime and has already served the outrageous 50 week sentence for his supposed misdemeanor of skipping bail in 2012, his continued detention - just so that the U.S. can, finally, after 9 years, present its 'case' for extradition - is totally illegal under British law, international law and even U.S. law. That Julian Assange is made to serve this illegal continued imprisonment for 23 hours each day shows astonishing malice on the part of the British magistrate Vanessa Baraitser who is hoding Julian behind bars on behalf of her U.S. masters.

An Australian government with any backbone and with any moral compassion would act immediately to demand the release of Julian Assange and his return to Australia to be with his two children and their mother Stella Moris.

Join us in our march to demand that the Australian government act to end this continued illegal imprisonment and torture. Please be outside the main (Saint Kilda Road) entrance to Flinders Street Station at 11:15pm (and no later than 11:30pm).

We will be marching from Batman Park behind our large banner (pictured above), handing out leaflets and making speeches.


Batman Park is on the north bank of the Yarra River, 800 metres to the west of the corner of Flinders Street and Saint Kilda Road (i.e. 800 metres from where the main entrance to Flinders Street Station is located).