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Alternative media should at least emulate free discussion as allowed on Candobetter

The following is to be posted to Facebook.

Global Research is the single most comprehensive and informative web-site 5 I know of and an outstanding force for peace, justice and genuine progress in 2014.

However, more than 52 years after the late United States President John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) argued for "truth through controversy" in his 20 minute "Secret Societies" speech at 1 (embedded below) Global Research (GR) still lacks the public discussion facilities that would enable this to be achieved.

A number of articles published on GR put views which would be contentious, even amongst most supporters of GR. As President Kennedy (JFK) would have agreed, this is, in fact, a sign of the worth of GR. 3

On occasions different articles on GR have been mutually contradictory. On such occasions, public discussion would help resolve these contradictions.

I appreciate the huge administrative burden that public discussion would impose on GR's web-site administrators, editors and authors. I would not be surprised if any article attracted hundreds, if not, thousands, or even more, genuine comments, not to mention forum spam.

Nevertheless, I believe that there could be technical solutions to this problem. Below I have outlined two proposals, either of which might provide such a solution:

Proposal 1: Comments posted directly onto Global Research by site visitors

Site visitors be allowed to post directly onto the page on which a Global Research article is posted.

Other site visitors be allowed to vote down or up a given comment. As more people vote against a particular post, its size or the size of its introductory 'teaser', would be reduced, but those who are still interested would be able to read the comment. The font size could also be reduced.

Over time, posts judged to have the most merit by other visitors would be displayed far more prominently than those judged to have little merit.

Proposal 2: Link to articles republished on other sites, where comments have been made.

Where an article, or a response to that article is posted elsewhere and GR is advised, a link to that article should be included. 4

My own web-site, covers much of the same ground as GR. So far, we have allowed anyone to post and have not yet censored anybody. (Were we ever to censor a comment which were to contain abuse or illegal content, we would do so transparently and not secretively. 2

Appendix: JFK Secret Societies Speech (full version)


1It seems to me that much of what JFK stated in that speech is clearly contrary to his own beliefs. Elsewhere Kennedy acknowledged that he understood that the war by the Vietnamese National Liberation Front (NLF) was more a war for national independence than for 'communism'. Possibly President Kennedy was trying to placate the members of the "invisible government" whom he then had good reason to fear and who on 22 November 1963 were to kill him. Perhaps the speech could have been an invitation to alert listeners to demolish those falsehoods by applying the "truth through controversy" principle?

2This is unlike a number of other supposed 'alternate' Australian forum sites I could name. The only other web-site in Australia of which I am aware that does permit free and open discussion is JohnQuiggin.Com.

3I certainly hold a number of views that are rejected by alternate authors, for example, the otherwise excellent Paul Craig Roberts. I intend to publish on my own web-site, whichever of those views I have not already published.

4GR should also expand its list of recommended sites, particularly those sites which republish (with acknowledgement) GR articles.

5I don't mean to diminish the efforts and intellect of the contributors to Candobetter by writing this. Quite possibly, if Candobetter had the same resources as GR, what I wrote would apply to our site and not to GR.

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