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free discussion

Alternative media should at least emulate free discussion as allowed on Candobetter

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Global Research is the single most comprehensive and informative web-site 5 I know of and an outstanding force for peace, justice and genuine progress in 2014.

However, more than 52 years after the late United States President John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) argued for "truth through controversy" in his 20 minute "Secret Societies" speech at 1 (embedded below) Global Research (GR) still lacks the public discussion facilities that would enable this to be achieved.

A number of articles published on GR put views which would be contentious, even amongst most supporters of GR. As President Kennedy (JFK) would have agreed, this is, in fact, a sign of the worth of GR. 3

On occasions different articles on GR have been mutually contradictory. On such occasions, public discussion would help resolve these contradictions.

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