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New Year's Day 2019

I thought I'd write you all a letter,
I don't think things are any better
Today, all day is New Year's day
So I'll reflect and have my say.

Has my lot improved in this past year?
Let's look at things, perhaps shed a tear.
My shares are down, there's no more growth
(a thing of which we've often spoke, )
Although I'm rich I'm getting poorer
Could I end up the sewer?

I saw a man down at the shops
with a cardboard cup, one of his props.

He arranged himself right by the door
Begging for coins outside the store
This man was young and tall and strong
Or so he seemed as I came along
To a woman I heard him say
(as she asked if he'd seen better days )
"the government just will not listen
as I approach them they seem more distant
My plight is clear for all to see
My needs persist and nothing's free."

This kind of scene is commonplace
we come across it face to face
Unknown in Melbourne in 84,
Poverty should be against the law

The day is bathed in warm sunlight
It's quiet, peaceful as though at night,
No breeze disturbs the tepid air
A distant bird sings his song with flair
In many ways its like back then
If I pretend the man was not there when
I went to Coles to do my shopping
Hoping I would not be stopping
To concern my self with someone else
Never seen before, not like myself
And there we'll go but for God' s grace
if we can't make this a better place.

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