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Linsay Tanner should go and live in Bangladesh if prefers the lifestyle there

There is an old joke that goes, "Sure, Australia could support a population the size of Bangladesh's .... for a few days - before we all starved to death."

Linsay Tanner, Minister for Finance and Deregulation (doesn't that say it all?) is looking for support from the greedy end of town and he will sell Australians out for power.
''Bangladesh is roughly twice the size of Tasmania, and home to about seven times the population of Australia. If Australia seeks to persuade the rest of the world that we are overpopulated, we will be rightly laughed at,'' Mr Tanner will say, according to a copy of his speech supplied to The Age.

Undemocratic removal of environmental laws opened Repco Rally to violence in NSW Australia

We publish and answer here pro-rally comments from "Jack," accusing "Greenies" of violence. Perhaps this is a classical case of "People in glass houses should not throw stones" - only who is in the glass house here? It is hard to deal with behaviour which has rightly been accused of causing threat to human life when you know that the situation which probably caused it left any protesters few if any legal or safe alternatives. Did Repco's and the NSW Government's actions place citizens in an untenable position by suspending environmental protection and democratic rights?

Rights of Landowners against the State: Farmers vs Brumby Government, Victoria, Australia

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizens was passed in France in 1789 and people all over the world since have based their social standards on these rights. Serfdom was repealed and it was declared That Property is an inviolable and inalienable right and That the natural rights of man are liberty, property, safety and resistance against oppression.

In Australia, however, these rights are increasingly in doubt. On 27 August a case in Seymour Magistrates Court will examine right of property owners against the state: Brumby Government against two Yea landowners. Rights to enter freehold land prior to acquisition under Land Acquisition and Compensation Act.

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