Federal Government dictates what happens to Australia? The States are at the mercy of autocratic decision-making?

Dear Premier Napthine, This link refers to 100,000 jobs created since 2010. That is 25,000 per year. It also refers to your plan to create 200,000 more: But Melbourne's population has been growing in recent years at 2.5% per annum. 0.025 x 4,250,000 is 106,250 per year. Over 4 years that is 425,000. Let's assume an average family with two children and either one or both parents employed. That means we need roughly an extra 25,000 to 50,000 new jobs per year just to employ the additional people. "Dr Napthine said the Victorian Jobs in the 21st Century plan would use the Coalition Government's record investment in large-scale infrastructure projects as a springboard to create a diverse, highly skilled and productive workforce that will underpin a strong economy for decades to come." Well 20 years is 2 decades. Based on population growth we are talking about between 500,000 and a million additional jobs every 20 years. And most of these have to be in Melbourne? Doing jobs including building freeways and apartment blocks? And making coffee? Australia's unemployment rate has been growing at around 2.3% per annum for the last decade or more. With such massive growth in population and the corresponding massive growth in demand for jobs, how is all this supposed to work when Australia's trend rate of unemployment growth is almost identical to Melbourne's trend rate in population growth? What is Dr Napthine doing; and why is he doing it? Is he simply reacting to the Federal Government's autocratic decision to continue to use mass migration to achieve what its economic advisors call GDP growth? Annual GDP growth per capita has been less than 1% for over a decade while the annual growth of the Federal Budget has been between 6% and 8% per capita for over a decade. Something doesn't add up; but Government and the mainstream media aren't talking about it.