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Foiling US Plans to Steal Syria's Oil

An effective declaration of war on Russia in Syria by the US over the last two weeks has gone unnoticed in Western media. How long can they keep this deception going?

Prevent Victorians from starving - Keep agricultural land for food production - SPA

By upwards engineering population growth, the Victorian and Australian Governments are showing disregard of "ultimate deprivation" and leaving "future generations with the task of rationing energy, oil and food..."

NATO's Endgame for Libya: Towards an Invasion?

Even if Gaddafi and his sons leave Libya, fighting will continue. The hostilities now run even deeper. The Transitional Council is not accepted by all of Libya either. What about the voices of the rest of Libya who do not want the Transitional Council to be imposed on them?
by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya from Global Research, June 3, 2011

Hugo Chavez proposes mediation mission to Kadhafi

Hugo Chavez, President of the South American oil-producing state of Venezuela, has proposed an international peace mission to Libyan leader, Kadhafi, according to the Venezuelan Minister for Communications.

Gulf of Mexico Oil Leak - Potential to Devastate our Oceans?

In 2003 I had a nightmare in which I saw an evil entity killing everything in the ocean. His intent was to destroy all life there. I awoke and sat bolt upright, covered in sweat, palpitating, shaking. Seven years later this premonition is coming true. The Gulf oil spill could be the most serious threat to our planet's survival right now! If our oceans die we are finished....

Iraqi oil unionists face exposure to sectarian violence

The Iraqi Oil Minister has ordered the transfer of eight Oil Union activists to a suburb notorious for sectarian killings.

The leader of the Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions Hassan Jumaa Awad has appealed for International support against this blatant victimisation of opponents of the Oil Law by which it is planned to privatise Iraq's oil wealth.

UK protest against privatisation of Iraqi oil, for trade union rights

The British Hands Off Iraqi Oil campaign is organising a protest at the Middle East 2008 energy conference to be held in London on 5 February to protest against the impending theft of Iraq's oil resources and for the repeal of the Saddam-era anti-union laws.

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