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Victorian government places housing growth over the value of local schools:Banyule

(image: cleared land of what used to be Haig Street Primary School, Heidelberg Heights - sold for $16 m for multi-storey developments)

The price of local children gaining access to public education within walking distance from their homes in Heidelberg Heights just got sold for a price tag of $16,000,000.

One hundred and eighteen new double story dwellings will attract families with children who will require access to schools. Due to the nature of "planning" in Victoria, students will be forced to travel further, and enrol in mega-schools, so that "surplus" land can be supplied for housing and massive population growth!

Review of "State of Siege"

Andrew Miller reviews State of Siege
a documentary by Dennis Grosvenor previewed (here). This review was originally posted as State of Siege, a New Documentary on Sydney’s Destruction on The Berkshire Review on 20 Mar 2011 and is being republished here with the kind permission of the author.
See also: Uproar as law is altered to favour Barangaroo hotel

Note: This film is to be screened again at 1:15PM on Sunday 20 Mar 2011 at the Roseville Cinema in Sydney.

Victoria - land sales slump but prices reach new heights

Due to greed, favouritism towards developers and population growth, it sounds like land prices may have actually peaked. The “chronic shortages of land” is being blamed, not boosted demand due to population growth. There are limits to growth, including prices. Once prices peak, they will find sales go downwards. It just becomes unaffordable for the average family to buy.

Sadistic attacks on kangaroos at Morisset Hospital

The sadistic atrocities occurring against our indigenous inhabitants - kangaroos - at Morisset hospital is totally shameful and horrendous.  Why haven't these atrocities been stopped and the sadists captured?  It is disgraceful that the Morisset kangaroos have been slaughtered for years and the only people to help are a handful of wildlife volunteers.

Bad State of the Environment Report Vic conceals agenda

Sounds good but ... The Victorian State of the Environment Report 2008 says that the future cannot be an extension of the past; Australia’s total material requirements more than twice other OECD countries'; Victoria's population growth major driver of environmental degradation. But, go to the end to see that this Report intends to reduce 'consumers' [what happened to 'citizens'?] rights, space and living standards "while also taking advantage of the huge business opportunities presented" by Victoria "Growing Together".

Secret deal to to rob Rainbow Beach community of valuable land exposed

Recently released Freedom of Information (FOI) files reveal that senior Queensland State Government Departments are working behind the scenes to give hundreds of hectares of prime ocean-front public lands to a Rainbow Beach developer in return for land no longer suitable for development, because of erosion and climate change.

Centro Properties Group Ex-chairman didn't see 'debt bombshell' coming

How could someone in charge of borrowing billions from banks, to deploy energy and resources for multi-million dollar developments, be so energy and resources naive that they did not see the energy-linked "debt bombshell" coming?

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