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An Aboriginal Speaks : Cut Immigration Until Aboriginal Unemployment Falls Dramatically

"Although First Nations are still dealing with the adverse effects of Colonization and Residential Schools, a new threat looms on the horizon. As Statistics Canada figures imply, immigration could likely be the next great obstacle that Canada's First People have to overcome in the fight to improve their lives."

Why maintaining high immigration so Canada can be ready for the recovery makes no sense

In Canada, as well as in Australia, the Government has kept open the immigration floodgate in the midst of the recession. One supposed justification is that this is all necessary so that their economy can be ready to take off when the recession ends. In reality, this is a self-serving lie to allow the profits that the Canadian growth lobby gains at the expense of their fellow Canadians, the environment, and the Third World, to continue.

Original article by Dan Murray published on Immigration Watch Canada on 11 Apr 09.

How skills migration has denied careers to Canadian engineering graduates

A report by Engineers Canada (Ingenéurs Canada) found that in 2006, well before the current economic crisis, Canada's seemingly thoughtless policy of acquiring practically unlimited numbers of engineers from all over the world had caused a massive glut of engineeers in Canada. As a consequence, "Two thirds of persons with a Canadian university degree in engineering were employed outside engineering occupations." Yet, in spite of this and in spite of the global financial meltdown, Canada, like Australia, continues with its high immigration program.

Originally published as "New jobless figures should drive the last nail into high immigration's coffin" on 6 Feb 09 on

Canadian electors given Clayton's choice in regard to immigration

In Australia both major political parties support record high immigration. This ensures that it is rarely questioned in Parliament or in the news. In Canada, the situation is even worse1. Dan Murray reports that Canadians face a 'choice' at the Federal elections scheduled for 31 October of four out of five major parties which see nothing wrong with Canada's record high and growing immigration rate and none which are campaigning to reduce it.

Originally published on Immigration Watch Canada ( on 14 Sep 08.
See also: "Truth and immigration" by James Bissett former Head of Canadian Immigration Service in the Ottowa Citizen of 18 Sep 08.

Elizabeth May caught in a logical trap of her own making

Canadian Greens leader, Elizabeth May has for years advocated packing ever more people closer together away from Canada's natural bounty. However, recently she made an about face and argued instead that immigrants should be spread out into rural areas.

Immigration must be an election issue

James Bissett, former head of Immigration Services and former ambassador, argues that Canada's current record high rate of immigration should be an issue at stake in the national elections now under way.

Originally published on Immigration Watch Canada (

A 16 year old English Canadian fears becoming a minority in his own land

“In truth, multiculturalism and high immigration are things which have been thrust upon us and which some foolish Canadians have chosen to accept—along with the idea that one day we will no longer dominate this country which our people worked so hard to build into one of the most prosperous nations of the world.”

Can the impact of rampant population growth be overcome by individual ecological lifestyle choice?

Tim Murray of Immigration Watch Canada asks of what overall benefit are personal lifestyle choices made to lessen our individual impact on the environment, when the good achieved is far less than the harm done by the population growth actively encouraged by our governments.

How does Chinese treatment of Tibet differ from treatment of native born Canadians?

Dan Murray of Immigration Watch Canada (not related to Tim Murray with Tim Murray also of IWC), argues that there is no fundamental difference between the treatment of native Tibetans who are being overwhelmed by Han Chinese in their own land and the treatment of native born Canadians

Also of possible interest: Barbara Kay: Multiculturalism was Canada's biggest mistake

The 'aging population' hoax

Brishen Hoff a retired computer programmer and Canadian population stability activist demolishes the same "aging population" bogey that is also used here in Australia to justify remorseless population growth and immigration.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation airs prejudices against white Canadians

People with dark skin or from Asia are not the only people who suffer racial vilification these days.
In arguing for more immigration a Maltese immigrant complained on the "Sounds Like Canada" program of Friday, January 25/08 that one or two maritime provinces were mostly white and that others were "even worse".

Triad of ecological ruin - The Royal Bank of Canada, Nature Conservancy and the Multicultural Industry

To read the Royal Bank's website, one might confuse this commercial goliath with the Sierra Club or Friends of the Earth. A bank that in 2006 had a net income of $4,6 billion presents itself as the Jolly Green Giant of corporate Canada.

Canadian Socialist and Green Icons contest multiculturalism

Multiculturalism is Canada's Ingsoc, a state ideology so powerfully pervasive that few in the media, in the educational institutions or the political parties would dare challenge it.

Is it reactionary to oppose Immigration?

Andy Kerr, former president of Alternatives to Growth Oregon, posed these questions, "To those who support generous immigration, I ask you this: ... How can you support a policy that helps ensure that our existing poor will never be adequately valued for their labor."

This article has also been published on Web Diary

There is No Sanctuary from Economic Growth

For those who recall the scene when Neville Chamberlain stepped down on the tarmac of London's Heston aerodrome on September 30th of 1938 waving his piece of paper, the announcement by the government of the Canadian province of British Columbia (B.C.) on October 16, 2007 must have seemed like déjà vu. On both occasions, an announcement promising 'peace in our time' (for people or wildlife) was met with jubilant relief from people who wanted to believe that the insatiable appetite of a monster can be appeased with an hors d'oeuvre.

Population growth:where is the environmentalist community?

When SPA National President Dr. John Coulter responded to ABS figures showing record population growth by denouncing political leaders for continuing to promote such a suicidal policy, he could have used the same speech, with minor editing, to attack Canada's parliamentary leaders. Delete references to water shortages, but add some other insuperable challenges.

Why conservation efforts will not survive mass immigration

On Friday September 7, 2007, the venerable Canadian environmental author Farley Mowat made a boldly generous but stunningly futile gesture. He donated 200 acres of his Cape Breton land to "Nova Scotia Nature Trust".

Racist-baiting of immigration reformers is left-wing McCarthyism

Everyone gets in a lather when we propose an immigration moratorium for Canada. We are racist xenophobes with a fortress mentality who think that a national "gated" community will seal off CO2 emissions from China and India. Instead we should drop our fence, welcome newcomers, and thereby send out a message of friendship so as to gain global cooperation in our plan to fight global warming, and yes, over-population, which after all are global problems that Canada can't solve alone.

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