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SPA welcomes near ZPG national figures despite state baby booms

Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) has welcomed the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) that show population growth has fallen to near zero (0.1 per cent) despite an apparent baby boom. Yesterday, the ABS released figures for the year ending March 31. Australia’s population grew by 35,700 or 0.14 per cent. Annual natural increase was 131,000 and net overseas migration (NOM) was -95,300. This news came not long after NSW Health announced more than 19,000 babies were born in NSW hospitals from April to June this year, a nine per cent increase on the same period last year.

Victoria is also experiencing a baby boom with the maternity system stretched to “breaking point”, according to the Victorian health minister, Martin Foley.

Video: Tucker Carlson opposes United States' war against Iran, high immigration, ...

Except for his unfortunate argument over abortion with Sonia Ossorio (pictured right), President of the New York City Chapter of the National Organisation for Women (NOW), I found myself in almost complete agreement with Tucker Carlson in his 24 July episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight (38 minutes in length). This episode includes debate and discussion of a number of important developments and issues in United States politics - border control, abortion and the ongoing attempts by the establishment, supported by the Democrats, 'leftists' and even much of the Republican Party, to oust President Trump. Carlson interviewed and debated Jeff Weaver a spokesperson for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a socialist in the Democratic Party. Also, early in this episode, Tucker Carlson (pictured left) argued strongly and in great detail why he was opposed to war against Iran.

Australia's Fertility rate is OK. Let’s keep it that way!

Should environmental organisations concerned about overpopulation enjoin Australians to have no more than two children each, for the good of the planet? Or, since our average fertility rate is below 2 children per person, should we instead congratulate Australians and ask them to keep it that way? We could just as well campaign for large celibate communities which would also have the effect of reducing fertility.

Not too late for zero [population growth]: Reply to Angela Shanahan's "Demographic reality..."

Angela Shanahan - The Growth Lobby's last resort. This article looks at Ms Shanahan's extreme pronatalist case for the "Demographic reality tells us it's never too late to populate" in the Australian, 9 January 2010, p.7. We thought that the growth lobby had retired this weapon but Kelvin Thomson obviously has them in a panic. (Additional material added on 10 January.)Email for letters to the Australian is: letters[AT]

Rabbi's fecundity held accountable for coming Holocaust

Judeo-Christian injunctions to be fruitful, go forth and multiply are in blatant contradiction to the demand that we be good stewards of planet earth. More than that though, those religious leaders who assume the mantle of morality while promoting large traditional families violate a fundamental moral maxim.

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