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wild spaces

Is Garrett a dud? CSIRO pulp mill report on Gunns and other disappointments

Enviro Minister Peter Garrett confirms his department refuses Senator Milne's request for release of CSIRO report relating to Gunns’ Pulp Mill project, but that's not all that people are complaining about

Poet pens a plea to stop population push - new book due out

“The UN Population Fund regards 1.1 per cent population growth as too high in Asia,” says Mark O'Connor, author of forthcoming book, Overloaded Australia, "Yet Australia’s annual population growth is 1.5 per cent."

The Human bottleneck

Perhaps the most urgent near-term issue for environmentalists is one that few yet talk about. It is what I call "the human bottleneck". This is a time when most species may disappear. Mark O'Connor has designed a graph to evoke this scenario.

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