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Pension Reform and the "budget crisis"

Little Dorrit: Pensioner Entertainment

How can we justifiably expect older people to keep working until 70, especially bearing the stresses of physical/manual work? Those without the obligatory hundreds of thousands of dollars in superannuation stored away, likely will be those who are forced to work to 70, and then claim unemployment benefits.

Youth Unemployment at "Crisis Point"

Youth unemployment has reached crisis point in Australia, the Brotherhood of St Lawrence says, as it releases an analysis of the latest official figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The number of young Australians out of work has reached ''crisis point'', as more 15 to 24-year-olds struggle to find jobs in the ripples of the global financial crisis.

The Age: Youth unemployment reaches crisis point says Brotherhood of St Laurence

Joe Hockey - "the asian century" and the cost of welfare

Opposition Treasurer Joe Hockey, on Lateline, warned the public that the Coalition would be looking closely at ''the whole range of entitlements'' - that is, welfare benefits. Hockey said, ''We need to compare ourselves with our Asian neighbours where entitlements programs of the state are far less than they are in Australia.''
Is the  "Asian Century" is about downgrading our lifestyles to those of the third-world standards of their teaming and overpopulated cities? 

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