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Open letter to NSW Labor parliamentary caucus members to urging a vote against electricity privatisation

Originally published on Now on . - 22 Jul 2012

The following letter was e-emailed to all members of the State Parliamentary Labor Caucus with e-mail addresses listed . Any responses, together with how they voted on the privatisation legislation, will be include on this page.

This week Premier Morris Iemma and Treasurer Michael Costa will ask you to vote for a bill for the sale of NSW's publicly owned electricity generating and retail assets.

Australian politicians fiddle while Australian economy unravels

Without the cheap fertiliser that comes from plentiful petroleum, most of the enormous gains in production made in the last 50 years, which have permitted human economies to support enormous populations, will disappear. We can see signs of this whole economic structure fraying in the food riots in poor countries, the profiteering over state-subsidised 'biofuel' production in the US (fatal for soils, which are everyone's greatest wealth), the organised protests in France, and, most arcanely, the ridiculous and pathetic arguments over minor tax relief at the bowser in Australia. Question to all: Does Australia have even stupider politicians than the USA?

Wayburn contra Hanson

Peak Oil, Overshoot, Crash, and Dieoff No one has done more or better work than Jay Hanson to acquaint interested persons with Hubbert’s concept of Peak Oil. On his website{1}, Jay has described Overshoot, Crash, and Dieoff well enough for all of us. This work does not need to be repeated. However, there is another side to Jay: Authoritarianism and Intolerance It seems that, corresponding to egalitarian tastes and authoritarian tastes, there has been a right and left wing of every political movement: Nazis, Communists, and, now, Peakers. Apparently, Mr. Hanson is almost completely self-taught. I cannot find any reference to a university background of any type. Like many such people Jay made money in the computer business and, probably, considers himself a self-made man. Regrettably, some people of that description are given to right-wing tendencies. Presumably, they imagine that, since they “made it”, everyone can make it; and, it’s their own fault if they don’t. Jay belongs to the right wing of the Peak Oil movement whereas I belong to the left wing.