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Electricity Privatisation bill a test of whether the people or carpet-baggers rule NSW

Politicians under scrutiny on power sell-off vote

NSW Greens Media release: 27 August 2008

After twelve months of debate, tomorrow's decision on Treasurer Michael Costa's electricity privation legislation will be the ultimate test of who really runs NSW, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.

Dr Kaye said: "Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell has been wedged between the business lobby and the National Party.

"Labor MPs have been subjected to by Treasurer Costa, while their party members and organisation remain resolutely opposed to the sell-off.

"The Greens urge all MPs to vote for the people and the environment of NSW.

"The intense propaganda efforts by both the Iemma government and the corporate world's front organisation, the Alliance for NSW Future, have failed to sway public opinion.

"If the legislation is defeated, the parliament will have demonstrated that it represents the people of NSW and it acted in their long term interests.

"If Michael Costa gets his way, then it will be a victory for the carpet baggers.

"The voters will be watching closely.

"The absence of a mandate and the transparent weaknesses in the government's arguments for an urgent sale should convince Mr O'Farrell and the Opposition parties to join with the Greens and Labor MPs to block the sell-off.

"Michael Costa has not only placed the economy at risk and pushed his party to the brink of a damaging division.

"He has compromised democracy by pushing ahead without the support of the people of this state.

"Tomorrow's vote will be a test of who calls the shots in NSW," Dr Kaye said.

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Coorong tragedy was avoidable: Greens Senator Siewert

Oz Government in opposition ignored Senate's urgent advice about saving the lower Murray in South Australia two years ago.
(Greens Tuesday 12th August 2008)

"The environmental destruction of the Coorong is a tragedy that did not need to happen," said Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert today.

"The drastic decline of these internationally significant wetlands could have been prevented if either of our Environment Ministers had acted in a timely and sensible fashion."

A 2006 report on the dire state of the Coorong did not go unheeded by the Senate, which backed the Greens in calling for an urgent review of the management of Australia's 64 Ramsar listed wetlands.

Senator Rachel Siewert spoke at length at the time on the particular threats to the Coorong, the Gwydir and the Macquarie Marshes, and has continued to pursue both the Howard and Rudd Governments in Senate Estimates over when this review would be completed and the results made public.

"By failing to act, former Ministers Ian Campbell and Malcolm Turnbull and our current Environment Minister, Peter Garrett have all failed in their responsibilities to the international community, to the Australian
people and to the environment," she said.

"The Coorong and these other critically threatened wetlands could have been Montreaux listed, and the Commonwealth's powers under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act evoked to
ensure environmental water was delivered," concluded Senator Siewert.

The Greens are calling on Peter Garrett, Minister for the Environment, to act immediately to secure water for the Coorong, to report on the findings to date of the Ramsar review, and to release details of the health, management and recovery plans for our threatened Ramsar wetlands.

Here's a new singer with a message about the MDB

(Source: "Warning bells on the Murray did not go unheeded," Greens media release Tuesday 12th August 2008)

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