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The effects of human population size on our standard of living, our environment, and our prospects for long term sustainability

Kelvin Thomson vs Michael Danby - DEBATE!

May 5th 2010 - St Kilda and South Melbourne ALP Branches present POPULATE AND/OR PERISH: Are our migration numbers right or wrong?
A debate and discussion with Michael Danby MP, Federal Member for Melbourne Ports VERSUS Kelvin Thomson MP, Federal Member for Wills, Chair of the joint Standing Committee on Treaties (Non-ALP members may sign in as guests and attend.)

Rudd's new Population Ministry

The gap between the policies of the Liberal/Labor (Liboral?) party elites - that are politically addicted to massive population growth and mass-immigration - and the wishes of the electorate has never been greater. It’s a bipartisan problem. But Rudd appears like a deer caught in headlights.

Kevin Rudd’s population policy already decided? SPA

National environment group, Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) says that comments made by the Prime Minister in announcing the creation of a Population Ministry all but guarantee a skewed outcome for the government’s population policy inquiry. See also The Stable Population Party of Australia (SPPA)- now open for membership and Kelvin Thomson and The New Australia PartyVote 'yes' on skynews on population minister need

Australia's voters turn against population growth

The mainstream press is full of growth lobbyists trying to hose down arguments against population growth, but they don't really have any arguments - except narrow self-interest, which is costly for the rest of us, which they can't really afford to admit. Meanwhile ordinary Australians are reporting their many soundly based objections to population growth on the internet, since the mainstream press would rather not print or report these in depth or much at all.

Bernard Salt, Murdoch media insult the memory of Second World War Australians

In 1946, US President Truman said, of Australia's contribution to the Allied war effort, "On balance, the contribution made by Australia, a country having 7 millions, approximately equalled that of United States." Yet, in 2010, Bernard Salt, a supporter of the record high immigration rate being imposed undemocratically by the Rudd Government has, in an article written for Rupert Murdoch's "Australian" newspaper, misrepresented history in an apparent attempt to belittle and diminish this country's proud achievements. Why?

See also: "Bernard Salt and Murdoch press cook up recipe for invasion" of 2 May 09, "Madang landowners fight ecologically devastating Chinese mining invasion" of 1 Apr 10.

Earth Hour not a token gesture

One's first impression of Earth Hour is that it is a noble but token gesture to try to get the community to jointly recognise the need for global sustainability. The actual impact of turning power off for one hour on a weekend will do squat to reduce the world's greenhouse gas emissions. The physical effect is akin to turning off one light globe while China and the US burn millions of tonnes of CO2 - not even a speck in the universe.

Protest to save South East Queensland's Koalas from Bligh Government/developer greed

If Queensland's current runaway population growth continues, further encroachments upon the habitat of our endangered iconic koala are inevitible, practically guaranteeing their extinction in South East Queensland. Yet Premier Anna Bligh, by having renamed the 'population summit' to the 'Growth Summit', has told Queenslanders she is no longer interested in considering the one chance we have to save our koala, that is, population stability.

Protest to save our koala: Rally outside the main entrance of Queensland State Library, Southbank, Brisbane at 11.00am Tuesday 30th March 2010.

Australian Conservation Foundation calls to stabilise Oz population mid-century

The Australian Conservation Foundation has called for a policy to:
* Stabilise Australia’s population by mid-century.
* Increase humanitarian migration and continue to support family reunions, but substantially reduce skilled migration.
* Return Australia’s overall migration to 1990s levels.
* Adequately fund strategies to minimise the environmental impact of population growth.

Anna Bligh's Growth Summit - a citizen's submission

This is the submission that Daniel Boon, who lives in Queensland, sent to Premier Anna Bligh's ridiculous 'Growth Summit', which is all about pushing population growth onto Queenslanders and the flora and fauna.

Greens to put Senate motion for an independent inquiry into population growth

Decades overdue, but, nevertheless, welcome, the Greens are to introduce, into the Senate, a motion calling for the establishment of an independent National Inquiry into Australia's Population to 2050.

What you can do: contact your Senators (Qld, NSW, ACT, Vic, Tas, SA, WA, NT) and ask that they support this motion. Please let us know of any responses or lack of. Join, campaign and vote for, a party opposed to population growth. Put pro-growth parties last on your ballot form. See also: "Greens call for population inquiry" of 14 Mar 10 on ABC news Online, Greens' Senate media page, "Are the Greens a real alternative?" of 9 Mar 10, the Stable Population Party of Australia, the New Australia Party, Animal Justice Party.

Good grounds to stop Delfin destroying critically endangered Cumberland Woodlands NSW for profit

Cumberland Plains Woodland has been listed as Critically Endangered Ecological Communities. It is believed that the basis for the Critically Endangered Listing was that CPW had been reduced in area by some 400 hectares. About 400 ha has been lost since CPW was first listed as endangered in 1997/98 and that amount lost has justified the next listing as critically endangered. Yet PM Howard gave Delfin permission to clear practically all the remaining 400 ha at the site in question. The Western Sydney Conservation Alliance is asking Garrett to reverse this terrible decision. Inside: Letter to Peter Garrett.

Saul Eslake's Populate or Stagnate concedes some costs of population growth

And the new message from the growth lobby is ..... "Yes, we hear your pain and we understand absolutely. No we don't intend to take any notice of your protests." Analysis of ex-ANZ bank economist, Saul Eslake's article, "Populate and Stagnate." in the Fairfax Press (The Age)

Are the Greens a real alternative?

Environmentalists might expect Green MLC Greg Barber, to back another environmentalist, Kelvin Thomson, rather than supply quotes that could make him out unfairly to be racist. Wedge Politics we don't need from Mr Barber MLC who represents the Northern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne in the Legislative Council at State level, which Kelvin Thomson represents in the Lower House at the Federal level. What's going on? Are the Greens for real?

See also "Tasmanian Greens and the terror of coalitions" of 24 Mar 10 on Online Opinion and related discussion forum, Greens support Madden's Bad Law VC 71 in black week for Victoria, Australia of 11 Oct 10

How South East Queensland Regional Plan gives developers power to trample upon residents' rights

In a Parliamentary speech, Glen Elmes1 warned how the vast discretionary powers, given to the Minister for Infrastructure and Planning, Stirling Hinchliffe (pictured), with his past history as a property development industry insider, would add to the consequences of SEQ's already shambolic urban planning and environmental management and runaway population growth.

Speech from Queensland State Parliamentary Hansard of Hansard of 12 Feb 10, linked to from Hansard page, See also: "SEQ Regional Plan a travesty against the people of South East Queensland" of 9 May 09 by Dr Jane O'Sullivan, "The downward spiral of hasty population growth" of 8 Mar 10 on Online Opinion by Dr Jane O'Sullivan.

Please attend public forums against population growth, featuring Kelvin Thomson, Mark O'Connor and others. Brisbane: 8:30AM - 12:30PM, Saturday 13 March, Sunshine Coast: 2:00PM-4:30PM, Sunday 14 March.(See article "Sunshine Coast environmentalists condemn sham population debate" for more details.)

Sunshine Coast environmentalists condemn sham population debate

According to the Sunshine Coast Environment Council, the so called "Great Growth Debate" hosted by the Property Council of Australia in Brisbane on Friday 5 March 2010 was rigged in advanced to come out in favour the the continuation of "Business as Usual" rampant population growth that so suited its own members' interests at the expense of the broader community and our environment. (Originally published on 4 Mar 10 on

Please attend public forums against population growth, featuring Kelvin Thomson, Mark O'Connor and others. Brisbane: 8:30AM - 12:30PM, Saturday 13 March, Sunshine Coast: 2:00PM-4:30PM, Sunday 14 March.(See article for more details.)

Animal Justice Party New Charter includes population clause

See inside for the AJP's new charter. One of the clauses is "A population settlement and land use system that is truly sustainable for all its inhabitants and ecosystems." I know that the AJP has requested a paper on this subject. Animal activists tendn to be very aware of the impact of human population and activities on habitat and rights of other species. To join the Animal Justice Party, click here.

The NewAustralia Party: Challenging the Lib/Lab Hegemony on population and other major issues

This is about another new party with a small population policy and more. The key objectives of NewAustralia are to: Swap 'Bad' taxes for 'Good' taxes - a major shift to eco-taxation; Stop population growth; Shift spending from road to rail; Shift spending from defence to education while improving Australia's self-defence capability; Increase housing affordability; Shift spending from private health to public health; Reduce the current account deficit. There is a forum to discuss and help form the policies which are not all set in concrete. You do not have to join to participate in the forum. You can just register as a supporter. Membership is free, but candidates will have to finance their own campaigns. I urge people to interact and support all new parties in the short term because without political diversity nothing will change. Go here to join free.

Tweed Shire Councillors Gang up Against Green Councillor

Tweed Shire Council is fast approaching the most complained about council in NSW. The only green councillor trying to implement sustainability into council policies is treated like an idiot when the councillors should be following her!

The Stable Population Party of Australia (SPPA)- now open for membership

A new political party is being formed to help stabilise Australia’s population at around 23 million through until 2050. This is in contrast to current projections of at least 36 million. Australia’s high population growth rate leads to a doubling of our population every 30-35 years, and causes or exacerbates many of our major economic, environmental and social problems. Download membership application form (PDF, 418K).

To contact SPPA:, stablepopulation[AT],

Transport for Sustainable Cities forum - Report

At the Sustainable Living Festival, Greg Hunt says he will work 'in a bipartisan way' with Kelvin Thomson on population numbers. Kelvin Thomson advises, "Say 'no' to new suburbs and 'no' to new high rise and infill."

STOP PRESS: New 'Animal Justice Party' - a political party to combat cruelty

How about this! There is a new political party in Australia, just for the animals and people who care about their rights and want them to have happy lives and their own space!

Population Growth and the Democratic Deficit

In this article: Kelvin Thomson talks about Global Population Speak-out, full employment and asks why the economists are not concerned about rising prices for food and power due to Australia's overpopulation, whilst expressing great concern about the cost of supporting an 'aging population'. Amazing to find that there is a sane and compassionate voice in Federal Parliament, Australia. Kelvin's You-tube channel is at

Mythical need for skilled labour cannot justify social and economic harm of high immigration - a reply to Michael Danby

Michael Danby, chairman of Federal Parliament's joint committee on migration, in recent newspaper articles, expresses support for Australia having a population of 35 million by 2050.

See also: "It's better for us to sustain skilled migration" by Michael Danby in The Australian of 8 Feb 10, "Refugee lobby's 10 commandments" by Paul Sheehan in The Age of 16 Oct 09, "More people does not equal trashing our environment" by Michael Danby in The Age of 14 Jan 10, "Rudd's policies make us a soft target" by Paul Sheehan in The Age of 14 Oct 09, "Greens want immigration cut" by Cathy Alexander in The Age of 1 Feb 10.

Albert Bartlett: Population Problems Downunder

World-famous physics professor, Al Bartlett, takes Australia's Climate Change Minister Penny Wong's figures apart on climate change emissions and population numbers, showing that Ms Wong is wrong. "To accommodate the projected population growth AND to reduce overall annual emissions by 60% would require an annual rate of decrease of per capita emissions of polluting greenhouse gases of 3.543 percent per year over the next forty years. The per capita annual emissions would have to be cut in half every 19.6 years!" Bartlett also says that at its present rate of growth, Australia’s population will double by 2050."


This month of February a new mass initiative will kick off marking the event of The Global Population Speak Out 2010 (GPSO 2010), a public discussion on the Issue of Population. see:

Delfin development threatens critically endangered bushland

Both the NSW and Australian Government have upgraded Cumberland Plain Woodland from Endangered to Critically Endangered. You would assume any development that proposed to clear over 200 ha of critically endangered bushland would be struggling to get approval. We can assume nothing these days in Australia. Here is another focus where Australians need to unite to help each other get back democracy and protect fauna and flora from the growth lobby. The community has fought to save this area for nearly 20 years.See also related articles.

Mark O'Connor's take on Bernard Salt's Ageist article

The Australian has run yet another beat-up by KPMG corporate partner, Bernard Salt, trying desperately to justify continued high immigration. Mark O'Connor, author of Overloading Australia comments.

There is really only one kind of sustainability

(Ed. The subject of this article may seem hackneyed, but it is well worth reading.) The word "sustainable" or "sustainability" has been rendered meaningless and oxymoronic by its attachment to the most invasive development proposals and economic activity. But authentic sustainability does not lend itself to semantic pluralism. It can only mean the viablility of the whole, not its constituent parts. There is really only one kind of sustainability.

God, Peak Oil and Population

A retired Australian farmer writes, "Three of the bigger questions in my life have been: Is there a god ? Will the oil run out ? Are humans smarter than lemmings ?"


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