family planning

The underclass's use of contraception

This Story is set in Lausanne (Switzerland) where I happily live: but for how long?
See below!

Introducing Lucinda Oliviera, the femme de ménage Portugaise that Marisa employs because the Swiss won't do the same work , even for a very high wage (but things are going to change soon):

Lucinda is a wise worldly lady, who would deserve to have her own Blog, like "The world according to Lucinda". She resists the crass amorality of a mounting underclass of uprooted immigrants who have invaded Europe lured by the prospect of Economic Growth, the availability of Free Health Service and the generosity of Welfare , which they embrace enthusiastically, by expensive treatments.

To come to the point, this is the story:

Lucinda 's neighbour is an immigrant with 12 children and three grandchildren all living in unsanitary conditions.

The grandchildren are her daughter's, who works in the streets (euphemism among the underclass for prostitute) and doesn't use protection.

The woman in question every night has to count the children of this extended family, to make sure that they all are at home.

One day, worn-out she approaches Lucinda and asks for comfort.
Lucinda suggests to go the to the doctor, who will give her something to stop making babies. The woman says she cannot pay. Lucinda says it costs nothing.

They go together and the doctor gives the woman some pills, to take every evening with a glass of water, before going to bed with her husband. That will do.

After two month, same woman gets pregnant again. Furiously , she goes to doctor and complains that the pills are no good.

The conversation goes like this:

Doctor: "Have you done as I said ?
Woman: " Oh oui , Monsieur, every evening, before going to bed , I gave one pill to my husband with one glass of water."

End of story.

This may be comical, but if you consider the unfettered and irresponsible breeding of a certain underclass especially among immigrants, who have promiscuous family arrangements producing a generation of neglected children, the picture is a worrying descent into anarchy, delinquency, social disorder and population rise of quantity at the expense of quality.