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Brown Mountain Rape

Stuff the precautionary Principle- it might get in the way!
Longitude: 148.74495E Latitude: 37.26S. East Gippsland Victoria Australia-
The logging of old growth forest at Brown Mountain has been precipitate and swift. Few Victorians would be aware of the destruction which has occurred over the past few weeks in forest wild life habitat.

Tour Downunder leaves local wildlife devastated

"The ‘tour down under’ bike race was hell. The helicopters hovered above my house on and off for 3 hours. The noise terrified the animals I was caring for and obviously disturbed wildlife for tens of kilometers around." (Wildlife carer)

Martin Luther King "Family Planning — A Special and Urgent Concern"

January 19 is Martin Luther King day. It has been my tradition to trot out one of his most unknown speeches. Circulate it widely, please. I was a teenager when he appeared on so many talk shows. Apart from his captivating and stirring speeches, his calm reason and supreme intelligence---on so many issues---still impresses me. He was a giant. And he was more literate than Obama on the ecological facts of life, obviously. But then, so many more were in the late sixties too. See also this article about the 1999 civil trial which found that the US Government conspired in King's assassination.

Mining companies in Peru are making a small minority mightily rich!

Peru is still under the thumb of Colonialism, just the names have changed! Corruption is rife, and so is crime and human rights abuses. Mining companies are making a small minority mightily rich, and the indigenous and rightful owners of the land are suffering torture, death and death threats, loss of land, water pollution and loss of food.

Growth Areas Authorities - Malignant Growth addiction in Victoria

A new and malignant force has been given authority in Victoria by a government which knows no democratic limits and has no moral authority. It is known as the "Growth Areas Authority". It's loyalty is only to 'stakeholders' and it is there to "* Ensure that development occurs in a coordinated and timely manner." It seems to be without loyalty or obedience to citizens, yet it is paid by the Victorian government with taxes.

Is the home-building industry the prime mover of our ecological ruin?

The former Premier of New South Wales, Bob Carr, once offered Australia a choice. It could sustain jobs and economic security by using its brains, by being a smart economy, by adding value to the products it produces and by transforming manufacturing. Or it could continue to be a “lazy Australia” that depends on job growth simply by driving up population numbers and depending on the growth you get by building homes and shopping malls. ... That the home building industry is the prime mover and catalyst of our ecological ruin was never more clearly illustrated than by statements recently made by University of West Florida economist Rick Harper, director of the UWF’s Haas Centre for Business Research.

Book Review: Peter Andrews - Back from the brink - agriculture for Australians

This book paints a picture of the ecological mechanics of this continent, using clear, concise prose. It is a painlessly educative book. The bold claim of its subtitle, "How Australia's landscape can be saved," stands up to scrutiny.

Take a new look at thistles, dock plants and other hardy weeds. Enjoy trialling the author's theories in your neglected front garden or replot your broadacre farm. Re-examine the cause of total re-nativisation in the light of galloping desertification. Peter maintains that his simple hydrological theory holds true for the entire continent. He re-interprets the history of this land; he may well be right.

Climate change, population growth & Oz Governments

After years of telling us that environmental impact has nothing to do with population numbers, the government admits it is the major factor. Futhermore they would rather subject us to climate change than simply downsize immigration.

Politicians and their advisors must be made responsible for predictable catastrophes

Australian governments constantly pretend that no-one could see what was coming, but it was all eminently predictable and they had a hand in bringing about Australia's parlous and desperate ecological situation, simply by pushing population growth.

Melbourne Communities overcome East-West road-tunnel and toll-way plan

Spokespeople for Royal Park Protection Group Inc. (RPPG) have called the deletion of the East West road tunnel and freeway from the Brumby Victorian Transport Plan, a win for commonsense and the common people and said that even the Zoo animals can breathe easy now that a tunnel won’t be constructed next to their home. See also upcoming forum 10 December: What will the Brumby Transport Plan mean for Melbourne?"

Bad State of the Environment Report Vic conceals agenda

Sounds good but ... The Victorian State of the Environment Report 2008 says that the future cannot be an extension of the past; Australia’s total material requirements more than twice other OECD countries'; Victoria's population growth major driver of environmental degradation. But, go to the end to see that this Report intends to reduce 'consumers' [what happened to 'citizens'?] rights, space and living standards "while also taking advantage of the huge business opportunities presented" by Victoria "Growing Together".

Victoria's overpopulation nets Big End of Town windfall while citizens pay heavy price

"The property developers are self serving and the government is reprehensible in catering to their greed by pushing for greater and greater population growth. They thumb their noses at the rest of us and treat wildlife whose habitat gets destroyed with total disdain."

Oz Parliament: Bob Brown moves for sane population policy: See who voted for & against growth

Courageous Australian Green Senator, Bob Brown, defies the consensus of oppression and makes history by calling members of the growth-mad Australian parliament to vote for a population policy which would take into account world projections, current resource consumption, climate change, Australia's inability to host exponential population growth, and the well-being of future generations and life on earth.

Rudd dodges hard questions at a Community cabinet

On Wednesday 5 November 2008, I attended a community cabinet at Launceston, where I asked Kevin Rudd when he was going to get realistic about population and economic growth. Report by Catherine Case:

Chickens of economic collapse on course - CSIRO

Based on then ground-breaking modelling, the forecasts of global ecological and economic collapse by mid-century contained in the controversial 1972 book; The Limits to Growth, are still ‘on-track’."

General MacArthur and His Island-Hopping Strategy: The EROEI for Internet duels with Growthist Fools is Negative

With limited time and energy at one's disposal, it is wise to deploy it to its best effect. And that certainly is not by wasting hours on Internet forums debating with PC cornucopians with exclusively anthropentric human rights agendas and limited numbers of neural pathways that are set in concrete. Better to target those with flexible minds who have yet to consider our message and intuitively know that something is amiss with unending growth.

Wake up Australia! - Kangaroos fast disappearing; Gov complicit

State government data pertaining to kangaroo densities across the Kangaroo Management Zones, shows that kangaroos are now 'quasi extinct' across most of NSW, South Australia and Queensland. video

See also: Open letter to Gavin Jennings regarding the stranded kangaroos at Mill Park and South Morang of 24 Oct 08

TO THE DELUSIONAL COALITION-MAKERS: How Do You Vote For The Environment In A One-Party Growthist State?

Soft green Canadian activists are under the false impression that there exists some enormous gulf between the environmental record of the hated right wing ogre Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his centre left opponents. Wrong. Objectively, if anything, I would submit, Harper is marginally less atrocious, if all things are condsidered. Small consolation, granted. but soft green thinking is hypocritical.

Register your community group for 13 Oct dialogue with VCAT

Led by State Government Policy, VCAT has been a force for injustice on matters of democracy, population and planning for years. Join other Victorian Community Groups to talk with VCAT.

ASPO Event Barcelona:From Below Ground to Above Ground

Humans live in and from the biosphere. But in the first decade of the 21st Century, 85 percent of the primary energy consumed by the 6.7 billion humans comes from the lithosphere.

Mt Macedon Ranges under attack by Victorian government

(Photo:Justin Madden, Victorian Planning Minister)
Victorian Planning dictators aim at iconic Macedon Ranges (Hanging Rock region). Where will it end? Call to Victorians and the world ....

We need your help - to help Macedon Ranges.


Revisionist Brumby Planning Dept airbrushes major Planning policy statement

Urgent environmental action must be maintained in bad economic times

Current economic difficulties are largely caused by failing global ecosystems and resource scarcity, and are not an excuse to reduce environmental commitments, warns Ecological Internet.

Originally published on 15 Sep 08 on

Economic report on Channel Deepening too shallow to fathom

Greens MLC Greg Barber and committee member said; "The Committee's report confirms that the number of big ships that might need a deeper channel is quite small."

Earth's Newsdesk launched -- a fierce new voice for the Earth

(Earth) -- A new type of environmental news service launches this week, as "Earth's Newsdesk" will report upon ecological science, policy and advocacy from the Earth's perspective. Ecological Internet will begin regularly providing biocentric media releases and feature articles for publication elsewhere. This continues a long list of firsts from EI and its predecessors, including the web's first blog and environmental search engine.

Indigenous communities in Peru threatened with mining

Why is Australia helping to plunder Peru? The indigenous people in Peru are being dispossessed of their land by a corrupt government, and the mining companies with their "free trade" agreements are being supported by President Garcia!

See also: Peruvian forest laws overturned of 29 Aug 08 by Rick Kearns in Indian Country Today, Seizing Native land in Peru, one parcel at a time Peru of 4 Jul 08 by Rick Kearns in Indian Country Today

Is Garrett a dud? CSIRO pulp mill report on Gunns and other disappointments

Enviro Minister Peter Garrett confirms his department refuses Senator Milne's request for release of CSIRO report relating to Gunns’ Pulp Mill project, but that's not all that people are complaining about

Oz Turtles pay horrible price of mindless market-focus: S.A. Murray-Darling

Oz Turtles' crushed under weight of bristle-worm parasite are quickly cured by fresh water bath, but hundreds die in absence of life-giving flow, for water-guzzling agribusiness - uglier than bristle-worm

Bloomington USA - An oasis of sanity in a sea of growthist madness?

Could this be happening in the Land of MORE, MORE, MORE? Bloomington, Indiana supports a steady-state economy! You heard it right….

Open letter to John Brumby on his admission that Victoria has an overpopulation problem

On 28 July Premier John Brumby came out and said that he thought that Victoria had reached its population limit. Candobetter comments on Mr Brumby's statements and asks the Premier of Victoria for more details in this open letter.

See also: Brumby's call for 'pause' in rate of population growth insufficient of 1 Aug 08, Premier John Brumby warns of dangers in growing too fast in the Herald Sun of 28 July 08, Brumby 'blaming' migrants in the Age of 2 Aug 08

Oz MP Kelvin Thomson for all creatures great and small - more MPs like this are needed

"I consider it a grotesque piece of arrogance on our part as a human race that we think we have the right to destroy other species—plants, birds and animals—on our way to affluence."


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