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How a state-owned bank could make Queensland asset fire sale unnecessary

Queensland State Treasure Andrew Fraser claims that he has no option but to sell off yet more state-owned assets in order to solve Queensland's financial crisis. In this article, Ellen Brown, author of "The Web of Debt" urges Arnold Schwarzenegger the Governor of California, which faces financial difficulties similar to those faced by Queensland, to follow the example of North Dakota, which has its own bank, in order to create money to lend itself in a manner no different to the way that private banks create money to lend Governments, but at interest rates much lower than would be charged by the private banks.

Original article published as "But Governor, You CAN Create Money! Just Form Your Own Bank." on 29 May 09 on Op Ed News
See also: "Revive Lincoln's monetary policy - an open letter to President Obama" of 9 Apr 09 by Ellen Brown (also published here), "Cash-starved states need to play the banking game:
North Dakota shows how"
of 2 Mar 09, "Take back the power to create money from the private banking industry" - submission by Ellen Brown to President Barack Obama's Open Government Dialogue of   of 29 May 09.

Revive Lincoln's monetary policy - an open letter to President Obama

Ellen Brown, author of The Web of Debt in a letter to US President Barack Obama, argues that the financial crisis, created by crooked bankers, can be solved without impoverishing America's Main Street, simply by the US Government taking back from private bankers the right to create money as President Abraham Lincoln did during the US Civil War. (Originally published on Global Research on 9 Apr 09.)

Contents: Lincoln's Monetary Breakthrough, Building on a Successful Tradition, The Perennial Inflation Question, A Wake-up Call, Notes. See also: G20 Authorizes Global Printing of Money Out of Thin Air of 8 Apr 09, The Financial War Against Iceland of 5 Apr 09 on Global Research on 9 Apr 09.

FATE program, NSW - the last nail in the coffin for our kangaroos and wildlife

UNSW is about to implement a program ironically called FATE whereby NSW farmers will be paid to allow kangaroo shooters to come on their land and shoot kangaroos. The last thing kangaroos need is less protection. Already they are copping it from every direction. With populations crashing across the country, this is the last thing they need. Professor Archer, take your FATE program and bury it!

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