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Public Banking in Costa Rica: A Remarkable Little-known Model

In Costa Rica, publicly-owned banks have been available for so long and work so well that people take for granted that any country that knows how to run an economy has a public banking option. Costa Ricans are amazed to hear there is only one public depository bank in the United States (the Bank of North Dakota), and few people have private access to it.

Astonishing consequence of fiscal austerity - IMF raids personal bank accounts

Yesterday, in Cyprus, ordinary citizens turned up to take money out of their accounts via EFTPOS and could not access their cash! This has actually happened. Overnight sums of money have been levied directly on every bank account in a country, apparently with the authority of the IMF and the European Union. There is nothing to say now that any bank account in the world is safe from similar action. This is a new bad era. The rules have been smashed.

Cooperative Banking in the Aquarian Age

Aquarian Age

According to both the Mayan and Hindu calendars, 2012 (or something very close) marks the transition from an age of darkness, violence and greed to one of enlightenment, justice, and peace. It’s hard to see that change just yet in the events relayed in the major media, but a shift does seem to be happening behind the scenes; and this is particularly true in the once-boring world of banking.

Published on Thursday, May 24, 2012 by Common Dreams
by Ellen Brown


Bankers and developers, like religion, should be separate from government

We don't just need to have religion separate from government, we need to separate business and the press from government. Only a very troubled democracy would have a mass media that actually dignified Australian banker, Elizabeth Proust's expectation that the people of Melbourne should simply walk away from the few remaining rights they have in their fractured, fragmented and amalgamated local councils. If this kind of thing goes ahead, our ability to self-govern will be unilaterally taken from us in order to ram through a Hong Kong style megacity that no doubt would benefit the banks. It has already happened in Brisbane where there is only one huge council - the same one that is responsible for so many new Brisbane homes being built on a flood plain that took lives, health and security in exchange for quick profits from bank-rolled property developers and government friends and clients.

A use for pokies - another kind of public bank

Just 2.7% of the billions made from poker machines reaches community organizations and charities although Australia has more than 200,000 pokies — 21% of all gambling machines on the planet! The largest Australian operator of pokies is Woolworths, which owns about 13,500 machines. Here is a way that pokies might be used to make Australia more self-sufficient and bring the banks back under local control.

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