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Sandra Kanck on Australian Democrats growth-lobby backlash

Sandra Kanck gives her account of what preceded her 'expulsion' from the Australian Democrats over the matter of population policy. Sandra was an Australian Democrats member of the South Australian Legislative Council from 1993-2009 and the last Democrat member in elected government. When she retired she became the president of Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) and still is. The conflict in the Australian Democrats is a reflection of the greater conflict in Australia between the growth lobby and democratic representation and environmental democracy. As such it is important to people far beyond the Democrats themselves. (Article written by Sandra Kanck).

Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) not a political party

The environmental group at the centre of the controversy between its national president, Hon. Sandra Kanck, and the Australian Democrats has countered claims by those who expelled Ms Kanck that it is a political party.

Growth lobby finally devours Australian Democrats?

On 11/12/2012 newspapers reported that Sandra Kanck, last Australian Democrat to leave parliament, now president of Sustainable Population Australia, had been 'expelled' from the Democrats by John Davey, a professional migration agent, in the role of "Democrats National Executive spokesman." Davey is reported to have said that "the decision was made as a "last resort" after Ms Kanck refused 'repeated requests to put appropriate distance between her activities amongst other special interest groups and the Democrats'". Senior Deputy National President Darren Churchill defended Kanck, saying that a group of seven people had attempted to take control of the party and was "removing anyone who stands up to them". It seems incredible, but is this also the same John Davey of the Democrats whom in 2002 referred to as a "former porn lobbyist" and "Director of the Eros Foundation, the lobbying group for various naughty interests" in "The power behind Brian Greig’s throne [in the Australian Democrats]"?

Bartlett calls for Government Inquiry into wool industry bribe allegations

Queensland Senator Andrew Bartlett has called on the federal Labor government to set up a public inquiry into allegations of bribery and intimidation by Australian government and wool industry officials.

Poor Howard government advertising standards exposed.

The poor standards of the Coalition on Government advertising, exposed again in the annual report of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet for the year ending June 30 2007 according to Australian Democrats Senator Andrew Murray.

Queensland Democrats Senator calls for direct democracy

Queensland Democrat Senator Andrew Bartlett called for greater protections such as the public right to appeal against the lawfulness of decisions that directly affect them.

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Are nuclear fusion, fission and 'renewables' viable alternatives to fossil fuels?

On top of the hazards of nuclear fission electricity generation, even more environmental threats are posed by mining of uranium, enrichment, reprocessing and disposal of nuclear wastes. A likely consequence of the expansion of uranium mining in Central Australia is that the Eastern seaboard stands to be exposed to clouds bearing poisonous radioactive uranium and other toxic metals blown from the mine tailings dumps (see David Bradbury's film "Blowin' in the wind" for a graphic illustration of this threat).

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