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The real new leader of the ALP - 26 June 2013

What really drove the so-called leadership crisis in the Federal Government, which has gone on for about three years? Tonight, as Julia Gillard steps down, who really benefits, and how?

Tonight many of us have been watching, with some horror, the latest awful changes in the Federal Government.

So, what was the policy agenda that supposedly drove Rudd's challenge to Gillard? In fact, no policies were mentioned, as many media commentators have just acknowledged.

There may, however, have been a barely iterated agenda - that of the mainstream press - to have an earlier election.

How would that advantage the power elites? Well, in these days where real debate is possible on the internet, a long election lead-up might just have led to some real democracy - obviously the last thing that the corporate press, which also leads the ABC, want.

Julia Gillard just showed herself to be as capable a leader as any male politician I have seen in over a decade of federal politics.


To me, Rudd looked like a man unable to cope with being replaced by a woman, being manipulated by the male dominated mass media for their own ends.

AUSTRALIA FIRST PARTY - Order of the Toad citation of 2012.

Kevin Rudd.

Displaying the qualities of a subservient peon by compromising the independence and integrity of the Australian People, in colluding to the demands of imperialist war mongers to establish American military bases on our Native Soil.

It seems to me that Julia Gillard has been punished for doing a good job as PM in a difficult situation. I don't know where the heads of her colleagues were tonight when they voted against her . I guess they'll wake up one day, probably fairly soon and realise what fools they are.

What will the voting public gain from K Rudd's reappearance? He's already shown that he's a failure. He's full of grand gestures, but without substance. The real problem is that we lack leaders in Australia. We have rising costs of living, a corrupt and out of control immigration policies, housing is some of the most expensive in the world, and unemployment rising. The people of Australia want some real leadership, and while there is continual bickering and squabbling inside the Labor party, Australia will continue to be rudderless! This change in leadership is simply moving-the-deckchairs-on-the-Titanic! It makes little difference ultimately. Julia Gillard was doing an adequate job in the face of adversary, and now we have BigKev back again!
Bringing forward the election will stifle democracy by limiting the time smaller parties have for their campaigns.
There needs to a be dramatic and earth-moving change in Australia's political direction. We need a new Australian image, and a reawakening of patriotism. Foreign workers, foreign buyers of land and housing, foreign students, record immigration, and foreign imports are all about globalizing and making Australia a generic, international piece of land. The time of "White Australia" are looking attractive - we at least had the "Lucky Country", high living standards, wealth, and an identity!