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Federal Elections 2013

Australia: Kelvin Thomson MP Wills Post Election statement on Labor's Future

Mr Thomson received the strongest two-party vote of any Labor candidate in Australia in Labor's disaster 2013 election results. Inside a you-tube interview with Kelvin Thomson where he talks freely about what went wrong in recent government (among other things - seeking a 'messiah') and says that he will not recontest the front bench because he does not want to be muzzled (editorial word) from commenting on the massive issues of our times - species extinction, ecology, war, overpopulation, democracy ... Kelvin Thomson is known for his democratic consultation of his electorate and his reflection of their concerns. He is widely in touch with Australians everywhere and responsive to their issues of ecology, democracy, and population. Politicians everywhere should take note. Mr Thomson did not have to rely on pleasing Mr Murdoch, but Mr Murdoch still likes to report him because he makes too much sense and is too democratically influential to ignore.

Voting for the Animal Justice Party

For the first time ever right across Australia ( except NT and Tas) Australians will at this election have the opportunity to vote for a party dedicated to animals. At a recent presentation by the AJP in Victoria, I found out that their principle policy is 'kindness'.

DIY how-to-vote-cards - control your votes Australia

The Australian voting system makes it really difficult for us to have a democratic multi-party system, like many of those in Europe. We are held to ransome by the two party system. The reason is that voting is so complicated and the mainstream media give us so little information about non-two party, non-'Greens' choices that, when we get to the polling booth, we are severely confused. Many of us just finish up following the how to vote cards given out by Lib Lab. And Lib-Lab are so corrupt of values that they now frequently exchange preferences just to keep everyone else out.

This year, however, software engineers have come up with a number of independent solutions whereby voters can practice and research their choices in an effective and interesting way.

Time to put threatened species on big party agenda this election

In this save the birds campaign, Paul Sullivan, the Chief Executive Officer of Birdlife Australia, writes of how frustrated he is that the major parties are just ongoing standing by while birds and other creatures go extinct. He argues (as if it should be necessary) that it would cost very little money to save each threatened species. He does not mention how overpopulation, overdevelopment and agriculture are eating up habitat, but you know...

Ways to put our natural environment on the election agenda by Jill Redwood

Election: Less than three weeks to go. ...Two of the three major parties are set to reduce environmental protection if they get in. Grass roots groups (like SERCA, EEG and MyEnvironment) have been flat out trying to get the environment up as an issue. Lib-Labs are loathe to put a spotlight on the environment because it’s too politically painful for them. It reeks of ruthless destruction and shameless corruption. The carbon price is the nearest we seem to get. Join the protests every Friday night at 437 Bourke St, Melbourne.

The real new leader of the ALP - 26 June 2013

What really drove the so-called leadership crisis in the Federal Government, which has gone on for about three years? Tonight, as Julia Gillard steps down, who really benefits, and how?

The Animal Justice Party – a party with a difference

They have no policies on economic growth, education, economic reform, taxes, workers, health, jobs, senior Australians, immigration, asylum seekers, Aboriginal affairs, globalisation or Australian businesses. Their clients are the animals we share our society with. They are the farm animals, wildlife, pets and working animals.

Policy coming soon on the environment, and one needed on population.

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