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Feigned indignation over Syrian chemical deaths a cover for invasion plans

See also: Defeated NATO Dangerously Desperate in Syria -- Did the West Gas Thousands to Rescue Failed Syrian War? of 25 Aug 2013 by Tony Cartalucci, Head of International Commission on Weapons of Mass Destruction (Hans Blix) questions chemical attack allegations in Syria of 22 Aug 2013, Information Minister: We have incontrovertible proof that terrorists used chemical weapons of 24 Aug 2013 on SANA, General Command of the Army: terrorists' possession of chemical materials is clear-cut evidence of their use of chemical weapons of 24 Aug 2013 on SANA.

Misreporting: Syria, rebels deny using chemical weapons as NGO says 355 people died of 'neurotoxic symptoms' of 25 Aug 2013 on the ABC (includes embedded speech by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd feigning moral indignation), Thousands fell victim to Syria's chemical poisoning, say doctors in the UK Telegraph of 23 Aug 2013, Don't rush to conclusions on Syria: Kevin Rudd of 25 Aug 2013 in the Australian (the content, including much of the same embedded speech mentioned above, is contrary to the somewhat more objective headline).

Anyone informed about the Syrian conflict would know that the Syrian Government has nothing to gain by killing, in cold blood, hundreds of unarmed Syrians. The fact that the Syrian Government, without the help of a foreign occupying army, has withstood the insurgency for over two years now, is surely proof that it enjoys the support of the Syrian people. No Government, as hated by its own people as the Western newsmedia claims the Syrian Government is, could hope to crush a popular uprising by those people for more than a fraction of the time that has elapsed. Indeed in June, it was revealed that a study by NATO (which is helping to orchestrate the terrorist war against Syria) found that 70% of Syrians supported the Syrian Government.

The real new leader of the ALP - 26 June 2013

What really drove the so-called leadership crisis in the Federal Government, which has gone on for about three years? Tonight, as Julia Gillard steps down, who really benefits, and how?

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