Anarchism – escaping the dialectic juggernaut of Left and Right

A late 20th century post-leftist school of anarchist thought identified and rejected the contrived ethic and dependency for work as a perversion inculcated to support the industrial process as well as the banking and speculative parasites that feed upon the torrents of essentially pointless activity.

Anarchy comes from the Greek word anarchia meaning no ruler. In modern terms it means having no Government or State controlling social affairs. More broadly, and I think more accurately, it means being without authoritarian and/or coercive social control – public or private.

Decision-making occurs by broad inclusion and overall consensus of the entire social group, without manipulative or dominating interference by systemic hierarchy or oversight. Depending upon the issue, inclusion in a particular process might be meritously demarcated on grounds such as clan, gender or age. The ideal to be maintained is to fully include all who can usefully contribute to, or who are meaningfully affected by, the issue and decision in question.

Anarchism Links

A general reference:


For a diverse discourse upon the monster in the machine:

General reference:


For a diverse discourse upon the monster in the machine:

Two suitably orienting ones to begin with might be: an Australian Anarchist web log.

: is an online project by and for anarchists in the Australasian/Oceania region, intended to help anarchists with their own online projects. On this site there are blogs, bulletin boards, mailing lists, anarchist email and domain hosting services, sites dedicated to anarchist history, theory and practice and more. is hosted by xchange, Australia’s oldest anarchist internet presence ... Membership of xchange is open to all anarchists and we encourage participation at all levels. We need moderators, web page developers, programmers, and more… If you don’t know how to do something, we’ll teach you. (from the )

(includes a helpful guide to the far-left Marxist organisations as of May 2008)