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2013 elections

Belated 'support' for former Prime Minister Julia Gillard a ploy to help Abbott win?

Andrew Holden, Age Editor-in-chief

The Age newspaper, owned by Fairfax Media limited, reported on 4 September that Roger Corbett, 4 chairman of Fairfax Media said that Julia Gillard should have remained Prime Minister in preference to the "discredited" Kevin Rudd.

Mr Corbett said, "His colleagues sacked [Kevin Rudd] because they judged him to be incapable as Prime Minister."

Syrian Girl refutes chemical weapons lie, calls upon Australians to attend rally against war tomorrow

Informative: Putin: US should present Syria evidence to Security Council of 31 Aug 2013 on RT, WMD Hype: Syrian Government will not Use Chemical Weapons against its Own Citizens of 31 Aug 2013 on Global Research, UN: Rebels -- Not Syrian Government -- Used Chemical Weapons in May 2013 on Global Research, US intel report stops short of confirming Assad is responsible for chemical attack of 31 Aug 2013 on RT, Washington's threats to attack Syria unacceptable -- Russia of 31 Aug 2013 on RT, US Evidence against Syria are a Bad Joke of 31 Aug 2013 on Syria News, The Syria 'Chemical Weapons' Media Hype: Pushing for Military Intervention of 31 Aug 2013 on Global Research, Turkish Police find Chemical Weapons in the Possession of Al Nusra Terrorists heading for Syria of 31 Aug 2013 on Global Research, Foreign Ministry: Kerry's presentation is based on old stories published by terrorists of 30 Aug 2013 on SANA, America Totally Discredited of 30 Aug 2013 by Paul Craig Roberts, Will Obama Doom Himself As A War Criminal of 30 Aug 2013 by Paul Craig Roberts.
Lies: Foreign Minister Bob Carr says international response on Syria is warranted of 31 Aug 2013 on ABC News, Syria's darkest hour: Hundreds of children's bodies piled high after nerve gas attack near Damascus leaves up to 1,300 dead of 31 Aug 2013 on the Daily Mail, Syria: What options does US have? of 30 Aug 2013 on the BBC (including video), Make Assad Pay of 29 Aug 2013 by Roger Cohen in the New York Times, Reinforce a Norm in Syria of 28 Aug 2013 by Nicholas D. Christof in the New York Times (Twitter comment: "A sizable portion of the 9% of Americans who want to bomb Syria write for the NYT op-ed section"), Rudd: The burden of proof lies with Syria of 25 Aug 2013 on ABC News.

Whilst the UK Parliament has acted to prevent that country's armed forces from participating in the planned act of war against Syria, the United States is apparently still prepared to take action "on its own" in the face of the evidence and ovewhelming domestic and international opposition.

We must act to stop this outrage!

Where: Outside State library, 328 Swanston St, Melbourne
When: 2:00PM, Sat 31 August.                            Be there!

Kevin Rudd

The failed former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was recently put back in office as a result of a putsch orchestrated by the Fairfax newsmedia's Age newspaper after Prime Minister Julia Gillard tried to make it possible for the voting public to properly hold to account all candidates contesting the forthcoming Federal elections.

Julia Gillard's attempt to enable effective scrutiny of candidates threatened vested interests

Update, 12 July 2013: The Stalking of Julia Gillard by Kerry-Anne Walsh published by Allen and Unwin has already been reprinted 3 times, such is its public reception! Kindle edition (AU$9.99) also available. See also comment of 30 June by Barry Tucker of the Truth in Media Resource Centre.

Julia Gillard, almost uniquely amongst leaders of either the Labor or Coalition parties, tried to make it possible for the voting public to properly hold to account all candidates contesting the forthcoming Federal elections. That is why the ruling elites, its newsmedia and its glove puppets in the Federal Parliamentary Labor caucus felt threatened by her and removed her from office. (Article was originally published on 28 June 2013.)

See also: PM of great value discarded of 5 July 2013 - comment in response to poem Julia Gillard through the mass media looking-glass by brolga-brolga, Kevin Rudd's Press Club speech: full transcript of 12 July 2013 by PostGrowthEra.

Update, 5 July: Victorian Women's Trust condemns sexist treatment of former PM by mass media.

Stable Population Party Melbourne Launch 2013

Saturday 29 June 2013 was the Melbourne launch of the Stable Population Party Australia.
Its leader, William Bourke, gave the following interview.

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