Catholic Church has failed to protect children from sexual abuse

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Why is the leading light of christianity (the Catholic church) simply unwilling or unable to develop and deploy a single universal policy on child safety and protection?

Why is this church unable to provide the same care and attention to those harmed by clergy abuse as it does to its own clergy members when they have been harmed?

Why is this church unable to achieve these basics, particularly in those areas regarding children?

These inabilities are called failure. Universal, total and complete failure in these most basic of human responsibilities.

Is there room in a society for a religion to be permitted to preach that it is the one true church and is the only true way to eternal life and to put forth its myriad views in regards all things social, sexual and reproductive in our society whilst it is incapable of deploying what is universally understood to be the first basic step or requirement in regards ensuring the protection and safety of children?

No person respects the current response of the catholic church to the clergy abuse issue. No person. Every. Every individual with an interest or thoughts on this matter will point out some aspect where it can be or needs to be improved or an aspect where the church has failed itself, christianity, and the people of each country on our planet and their children. Every individual. There is simply and only one word which describes the completeness and totality of this - failure.

What benefits can a failed church or religion bring to our society if it is unable to implement and uphold these few basics for the safety and benefit of our current and future children?

If this church is unable to bring these few basic human things into our society should we permit it to continue to exist in its current form? Or should we permit it to exist at all?

Do you agree with the Prime Minister on both of the following statements of his in regards matters pertaining to clergy abuse?

The Prime Minister on Muslims in regards wife beating and rape.

"Under no circumstances is sexual violence permissible or acceptable in Australia - under no circumstances."

"Australia will not tolerate these sort of remarks. They don't belong in modern Australia, and he should stand up, repudiate them and apologise."

The Prime Minister on children sexually abused and raped by Catholic clergy.

"This is a matter for the church and I respect the internal judgments of the church. I don’t stand outside the church and provide them with public lectures in terms of how they should behave..."

What are your plans and policies in regards the clergy abuse issue?

What are your plans and policies in regards the appalling figures in relation to the sexual abuse of children in our society?