Contraception and Population

There is an opinion I hold on contraception which I thought was pretty radical. I mentioned it to someone I knew some years ago and he said it was unrealistic. But recently I mentioned it to another friend, and she seemed to think that people might be interested in it. So here it is. Instead of telling our young people to remove their heads from nude selfies how about we suggest that intercourse should be for procreation only? If life is precious, is not the creation of life just as precious? Has not our treating sex as a pleasurable entertainment led to all sorts of problems? Including a generation of young people increasingly addicted to porn (apparently)? What have we got to lose? Better intimate relationships, more beautiful and meaningful intercourse, and such relationships more likely to be between people who really love each other? Now I am not suggesting that everyone will be able to live up to the standard, but I am suggesting that the standard should be held up as an aspiration. It will have other benefits too - we will not need the pill, and thus stop the estogen polution that is building up in our waterways. Also it should reduce the production of condoms and the waste products associated with that.