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Neo-nazis protesting against
the elected President
Yanukovych in February.
As with all the recent major geo-political conflicts, the Western corporate and government newsmedia is concealing the truth about Ukraine, including the Crimean Peninsula in the Black Sea. The protest movement which preceded the coup against the elected government included anti-semitic and russophobic neo-nazis. Given the destruction and mass murder the United States and its allies have inflicted on Iraq, Libya and , in recent years, the Russian Government of President Vladimir Putin has good reason to fear a country on its borders falling into the hands of such right-wing extremists openly in league with the United States and Europe against Russia.




">'Poroshenko lost lands this winter, he needs this ceasefire for change of strategy'

on YouTube, 12 Feb 2015.


">Adventures of militia commander Motorola in Donbass

on YouTube, 19 Nov 2014.

The above has been copied from the page. It is a short interactive video which has different outcomes depending upon which choices the viewer makes. Whilst the subject matter behind this video is grim – the war inflicted upon the Russian speakers of East Ukraine by the Kiev regime – and may become even more so should Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk of the achieve his wishes of having the NATO powers intervene to support an all-out invasion of Novorossiya, the video retains wit and good humour.

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(2/5/2014) – Guest column, by , which is critical of Vladimir Putin, on ; (17/5/2014) — an appraisal of the handling of the Ukraine provocation by Vladimir Putin and the BRICS nations, including China and Iran. This appraisal is more critical and more apprehensive than that given by other dissident news services,
(16/5/2014), , (15/5/2014), (15/5/2014), (15/5/2014), (14/5/21014), (14/4/2014) by Professor Michel Chosudovsky, , , , , , , , , , and on
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The Syrian Girl provides her insightful in an .

President Putin has acted to protect Russia's strategic interests on the Crimean peninsula in the Black Sea. Citizens of the Crimea and the eastern mainland region of Ukraine including the cities of Kharkov and Donetsk have repudiated the new government and are openly protesting against it in the streets. The Crimean regional parliament has refused to accept the legitimacy of the local government appointed by the mainland putschists.

To learn the truth about the Ukraine it is necessary to read genuinely alternative news sources including , , , , and related video and audio resources.

The broader historical context

However, even the reporting by these alternative newsmedia is not altogether without flaws and shortcomings. Very little on the web" id="txtSubj1">1 seems to properly account for the deeper historical context from which the current conflict has emerged:

After the devastation of the Russian Civil War, the government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) encouraged a national renaissance in literature and the arts. However this was reversed by the dictator Josef Stalin, who succeeded Lenin" id="txtSubj3">3 in 1924. According to Wikipedia, Stalin in the 1920s and 1930s and he deliberately imposed famine upon Ukraine in which up to 10 million died. Consequently, it should hardly be unexpected that in 1941 some Ukrainians erroneously saw the Nazi invaders, who planned to starve 25 million Ukrainians" id="txtSubj2">2 and other Eastern Europeans untermenschen in order to create lebensraum for Germany, as liberators.

Links to such resources and, where appropriate, additional commentary, will be provided on these pages as events unfold. The first is of 18 May 2014


" id="fnSubj1">1. ">⇑ An exception, is John Simkin's historical web-site .

" id="fnSubj2">2. ">⇑ 25 Million is the figure given in Max Hastings' (2011).

" id="fnSubj3">3. ">⇑ Whilst it has become "accepted wisdom" that Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the former Soviet Union (aka USSR) was a brutal dictator, this is contrary to the historical evidence. Wherever free and open discussion is allowed and evidence to the contrary is -173372">presented, as it was on the forum discussion web-site of Australian academic John Quiggin on 27 April 2012, those who uphold such lies will be either silent when the contrary evidence is presented, or else lose the argument.

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" id="fnRus1">1.">↑ Notwithstanding the hysteria of Western leaders and the newsmedia Crimea is legally, and by the principle of self-determination, part of Russia.