Policies that would be in the interests of the vast majority of Victorians of this and future generations

2014 stand for. We believe that the implementation of the polices listed below would serve the interests of Victorians and would be supported by the overwhelming majority of Victorians if they were asked. however, few of thel of the policies listed below, are publicly supported by any of the major parties contesting the Victorian State elections to be held on 30 November 2014.<.p>

We expect that there will be candidates from other small parties and independent candidates, who support these policies. Where becomes awaer of such candidates, we will do all that we can to promote the and support them.

1. End privatisations of all assets in which large numbers of Victorians have a stake, for example the Port of Melbourne, public buildings and public land.

2. Reverse previous privatisations of assets in which Victorians had a stake in running, as examples electricity, public transport, coalfields, etc. as the means to do so are acquired.

3. Open source software: Government departments, statutary authorities, TAFE colleges and schools to use free open-source software based on open standards in place of proprietary software such as Microsoft.

4. No cooperation with NSA ostensible "anti-terrorist" surveillance program.

5. Public transport to be extended provided to make fewer dependant upon private cars.

6. Effective town planning so that very few Victorians are not within easy cycing or walkind distance from their places of work.

7. End the encouragement of population growth.

8. Protect remaining Australian wildlife habitats. Regrow bushland wherever possible.

9. End wasteful package including aluminium cans. All beverages to be sold in standardised containers for which a deposit is to be paid and refunded. Containers are to be made of glass wherever possible.

10. Remove secrecy from government wherever possible. No Government to sign any contract with private corporations which is "commercial, in confidence" such as the contract to build teh east-west Link.

11. Direct Democracy as it is practised in Switzerland.