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Exhibition documents erosion of childhood by overdevelopment and overpopulation

This really interesting exhibition testifies to the disappearance of accessible natural places for children, without consciously linking this to overpopulation and development.

ABC at it again!

ABC Breakfast Show host, Ross Solly, gives Property Council of Australia 20 minutes-plus free advertising at tax-payer expense to market industry hobby-horse.

Since when did our taxes go to fund the ABC as a national real-estate agent or an arm of the PCA?

Ross Solly

Gold Coast's new Council urged to reconsider growth targets

A Gold Coast planning seminar unanimously called for Gold Coast’s new Council to pull back on plans to accommodate an additional 150,000 homes over the next 20 years …

Who owns Port Phillip Bay?

Victorians need proper representation from their government and journalists need absolute freedom to report. Time to turn off the Corporate Machine. Time to stop Brumby's New Army of developers. Time to slow the monster down, Mr Brumby, Mr Paluka, Mr Pallas. Time to listen to your employers and the owners of the Bay, the Victorian people.

Property market propagandist, Wendell Cox, on ABC Counterpoint (again)

Michael Lardelli has threatened to seek out ABC's Counterpoint announcers in 10 years time, and set up loudspeakers in front of their houses ("or lean-to, or cardboard box or wherever they will be trying to survive"), and replay the mp3 file of the 15 April Counterpoint program for all to hear.

Academics debate What Population Australia and Our Region can Sustainably Support

Demographer, Peter McDonald's extreme projections of population implosion and his advocacy for population growth need wide scrutiny. Sheila Newman

North Bank redevelopment proponents decline invitation to debate

Queensland's Premier Anna Bligh, Deputy Premier Paul Lucas and the developer Multiplex have all declined an opportunity to convince the Brisbane public of the merits of their plans to cover the northern third of the Brisbane River adjoining the CBD with a high-rise residential apartment complex.

Why the Brisbane Mayoral elections should not have been 'boring'

The Brisbane mayoral election should have been anything but boring. Four candidates declared policies against population growth, but received next to no press coverage. These candidates for fundamental change ran right up against the major vested interests in the outcome of the Brisbane Council election. Those vested interests are the property development industry and its upstream and downstream dependents, which include the Courier Mail. Many group under the Australian Property Council umbrella. Choosing to structure themselves around continuously increasing population growth, naturally these industries prefer mayors who won't seriously challenge their objectives. Greg Rowell is employed by the Australian Property Council and “Can Do” Newman has been giving them what they want and telling Brisbanites that this is what Brisbane needs, for years now, in what the APC calls “the cooperative relationship between the State Government and Liberal Lord Mayor Campbell Newman."

See also "Courier Mail provides 'boring', yet unbalanced, coverage of Brisbane City Council elections"

Courier Mail provides 'boring', yet unbalanced, coverage of Brisbane City Council elections

Brisbane's Courier Mail newspaper recently posed the question "Have these been the most boring elections?". This triggered an exchange of e-mails which began when Independent Mayoral candidate James Sinnamon wrote an open letter to the Courier Mail's City Hall reporter.

OVERPOPULATION AUSTRALIA 2008 - Surprising admissions in McDonald & Withers latest beat-up for mass worker immigration

Australians are enraged by the undemocratic transformation of every aspect of their landscape, government and society. Does the reader need reminding that a criteria of facism is the close association of governments with big business? We are coming out of the induced euphoria that this is all about multiculturalism to realise it is about exploiting all of us, with no heed to the destruction of our life-support system.

Developers should not be rewarded for donations scandal

Calls by developer lobby groups to cut local councils out of planning decisions are a shameless attempt to
cash-in on a scandal created by political donations from the development industry itself. It is developer donations that are the problem, not local democracy.

Labor dodging election backlash with Wollongong Council sacking

The appointment of an Administrator to take over Wollongong City Council for the next four years
is all about Labor avoiding being held accountable for the way some of its members have corrupted the Council.

New South Wales Greens demand residents have a say in who runs their Councils

With local government elections scheduled for mid-September this year, the state government has been busy sacking councils to try to divert attention away from its Ministers’ relationships with property developers.

See also Election Should Be Called For Wollongong Council

Overpopulation, immigration, multiculturalism and the White Australia policy

On December 4, 2003, Australia’s population was estimated at 20 million and projected to reach about 30 million by 2050. Slightly less than 50 per cent of this growth rate resulted from net overseas immigration. By 5 November 2007, Australia’s population had ballooned by more than one twentieth of itself (or 5.66 per cent) to 21,131,216 and was projected to reach 34 million by 2050. In fact, with that growth rate of 1.5 per cent per annum, it is on course to double within less than 50 years. Annual immigration has been responsible for more than half this growth, even though the birth-rate had increased in a context of misleading pronatalist propaganda.

Ground level view of Melbourne 2030 in action

"Nothing is being considered in this terrible process except the accommodation and totally introspective comfort of more and more people."

Victoria, like the rest of Australia, is becoming a concrete desert, reflecting, producing and absorbing heat. Melbourne 2030 and all population growth and development intensification, intensive or sprawl, is a recipe for cooking our planet. We are turning our environment into a frying pan. Please send to smnaesp|AT| your short observations on what is happening around you as our leaders allow democracy and ammenity to be over-ridden by development for the enrichment of a very few.

Housing Affordability - the latest excuse to destroy the environment of South East Queensland

The Queensland Government's so-called "affordable housing strategy", signed in July with no community consultation, establishes an Urban Land Development Authority with sweeping powers, including the power to amalgamate land, to acquire land in its own right, and to on-sell their land with development rights to particular private developers.

Does Anybody Know What Melbourne 2030 Is Producing?

Spiralling land speculation and over-development necessitate a decision being made now. [Potential developments threaten] open potable water catchments, and significant landscape, soil and conservation areas. There isn’t any planning tool available to effectively stop this burgeoning ad hoc development. Multiply the effect across Victoria….


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