Justin Madden

Planning Minister Gatecrashes Parliamentary Enquiry Committee and Hearing Abandoned

Original newsletter sent out by Julianne Bell from Protectors of Public Lands, reporting on the Hearing of the Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration. Dear Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc. members and friends I. Planning Minister Gatecrashes Parliamentary Enquiry Committee and Hearing Abandoned See television tonight - all stations - for footage of fracas in Parliament today when Planning Minister Madden gatecrashed the hearing of the Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration. Madden's staff member Peta Duke was subpoenaed to attend but was apparently instructed by the Attorney General NOT to attend. ALP MP Matt Viney disrupted proceedings and effectively took over upon which the Chair Gordon Rich Phillips left and then Peter Kavanagh which meant that there was no quorum so the meeting collapsed. Following an interview with Madden there were excellent interviews with Peter Kavanagh, David Davis and Greg Barber. Community reps - Mary Drost for Planning Backlash. Brian Walsh for Kew Cottages Coalition and me for PPL VIC - made brief statements including our dismay at revelations that public consultations over planning developments were revealed as sham and that the farcical procedings today were an insult to Parliament and hence to Victorians. See the for the "Inquiry into Victorian Government Decision Making, Consultation and Approval Processes" On 3 March 2010, the Committee agreed to the following resolution: To inquire into and report on Victorian Government decision making, consultation and approval processes, and any knowledge and/or involvement of Ministers, Ministerial staff and/or Victorian Government officers since 1 December 2006 and in particular issues arising from media plans prepared within the Victorian Government since 1 December 2006. The Public Hearings were scheduled for today in relation to the Inquiry and in particular the Windsor Hotel redevelopment planning process. These included the hearing with Ms Peta Duke Media Advisor to the Minister. Note that the Committee is inviting any individuals and organisations who wish to express views on the terms of reference. See instructions on website. Submissions will close on Friday, 26 March at 5.00 p.m. See Press Release: Press release of Wednesday, 3 March 2010 Contact: Inquiry into Victorian Government Decision Making, Consultation and Approval Processes Council Committees Office Department of the Legislative Council Parliament House Spring Street East Melbourne, 3002 Phone: (03) 9651 8696 Fax: (03) 9651 6799 Parliament Home | Hansard | Legislative Council | Legislative Assembly | Committees | Search II. The Government attempts to resusistate the GAIC Bill by referring it to the Dispute Resolution Committee 2009 The Lower House has given notice that they will attempt to refer the GAIC Bill 2009 to the Dispute Resolution Committee. Apparently it is a matter of dispute as to whether a defeated Bill can be referred to The Dispute Committee. Michael Hocking of Taxed Out raised the question and provided us with the notice. LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF VICTORIA NOTICE PAPER — No 153 Tuesday 9 March 2010 The Speaker takes the Chair at 9.30 am BUSINESS TO TAKE PRECEDENCE STATEMENTS BY MEMBERS — Under SO 40 GOVERNMENT BUSINESS NOTICE OF MOTION 1 MR CAMERON — To move, That the Planning and Environment Amendment (Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution) Bill 2009 be referred to the Dispute Resolution Committee for consideration under s 65C of the Constitution Act 1975 and that a message be sent to the Legislative Council informing them accordingly. $FILE/10NP153.pdf Dont Forget - Tune into the TV Tonight. Channel 10 at 5 pm, Channels 9 and 7 at 6 pm Channel 2 at 7 pm. Regards Julianne Bell Secretary Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc. PO Box 197 Parkville 3052

Parliament House VIC - Save the Bush Rally 24 Feb 2010

"Save our Bush" Rally
Wednesday 24 February from 12-2pm
on Parliament House steps

The Rally aims to draw public attention to the destruction of our native bushland by the State Government's "growth-at-any-cost" policy of building freeways -- instead of promoting alternative modes of transport.

The Rally will coincide with a motion to the Legislative Council by the Greens MP, Sue Pennicuik, opposing construction of the Peninsula Link -- which would destroy much of The Pines Flora & Fauna Reserve (220 hectares) near Frankston.

Other important areas of native bushland and wetlands due to be bulldozed for roads in Greater Melbourne and beyond include:

* Browns Mountain (S-W Victoria)

* Coomoora Woodland Flora & Fauna Reserve (Keysborough)

* Belvedere, Witternberg & Pobblebonk Reserves (Mornington Peninsula)

* Devilbend Reserve (Mornington Peninsula)

* Westerfield Heritage Reserve (Mornington Peninsula)

* Bushland in the Cities of Banyule and Kingston

Comedian Rod Quantock is M.C. and the rally will include speakers, entertainment and press coverage.

Join the Rally to Save our Bush and bring as many others as possible!

Please also circulate the attached poster!