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Rees 'State Plan' an edict of fascist exploitation of the NSW environment

The NSW Government 'State Plan' to which all of NSW Government policy hinges, reflects a fettish for short term economic stimulation. To the incumbent Premier Rees, 'jobs, jobs, jobs' can only be good, irrespective of which unsustainable industry they are in, or how short term they may be. The State Plan is all about jobs at all costs. The triple bottom line has gone out the door. Rees Plan ranks the environment a priority level 4 and deems native forests only valuable for exploitation and their utility benefit to humans. [SOURCE: ]

Read Priority E4 (the '4' means it is ranked 4th): "Better outcomes for native vegetation, biodiversity, land, rivers, and coastal waterways. A healthy environment provides the basis for our primary industries, tourism and recreational activities.". It is all about how to utilise the natural environment, not to protect it.

This priority links to priority E8: "More people using parks, sporting and recreational facilities and participating in the arts" and to priority E1: "A secure and sustainable water supply for all users" and to priority P1: "Increased business investment."

It professes motherhoood biodiversity targets like:
* "By 2015 there is an increase in native vegetation extent and an improvement in native vegetation condition
* By 2015 there is an increase in the number of sustainable populations of a range of native fauna species
* By 2015 there is an increase in the recovery of threatened species, populations and ecological communities
* By 2015 there is a reduction in the impact of invasive species."

Apparently its delegated agency DECC (Department of Environment and Climate Change) keeps a scorecard, but the latest is dated 2006, three years ago.

Rees' ideology on the environment is clearly one of anthropocentric utility, if not more 19th Century abuse and exploitation, or otherwise simple neglect.

The State Plan has quashed local democracy when it comes to the environment.
Since the Carr Era, the NSW Labor Government has steadily introduced change after change to planning legislation that voids any local say in large development. It introduced a new Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act back in 2005 for what it described as 'Major Projects/Developments' giving the Minister of Planning ultimate authority for approval. Any large project deemed to be 'critical infrastructure' the Minister can overide local governments and approve. This can be a new mine, a power station, new pipeline , a new highway, a new desalination plant, whatever - even if it goes through high conservation value forests. The Minister can justify approval on the basis of being "essential for the State for economic, environmental or social reasons." The concentration of power in planning is with the Minister for Planning.

Environmental assessments have become watered down and Environmental Impact Statements virtually nonexistent. Public rights to appeal in the process have been removed, making NSW effectively an authoritarian state when it comes to land use development. Developers are having a field day. NSW coastal land is being subdivided and developed like never before.

The following quote criticising [hailing] the authority of the State rings a cord in NSW and the view of the Labor Government. Pity it came from someone even worse - Hitler - because it is so true:

"In their eyes the will of the people has no part whatever in the whole affair. For them the fact that the State exists is sufficient reason to consider it sacred and inviolable....The State no longer exists for the purpose of serving men but men exist for the purpose of adoring the authority of the State, which is vested in its functionaries, even down to the smallest official. So as to prevent this placid and ecstatic adoration from changing into something that might become in any way disturbing, the authority of the State is limited simply to the task of preserving order and tranquillity. Therewith it is no longer either a means or an end. The State must see that public peace and order are preserved and, in their turn, order and peace must make the existence of the State possible. All life must move between these two poles."
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Prime Minister issues apology for wildlife holocaust

(Photo of the last wolf in Newfoundland from

Crystal ball

As the fog clears from my crystal ball I can see a press conference convened by the then Prime Minister of Canada in 2040, Mr. Jagrup Singh, as he takes the mike to issue an apology on behalf of 55 million Canadians and the federal governments of the previous five decades. It is an apology to the extinct wildlife of Canada that the mass immigration policies favoured by all political parties extinguished, policies kick-started by the Brian Mulroney government and most particularly by Immigration Minister Barbara MacDougall in the early 1990s. In retrospect, the one percent per year immigration growth target proved to be the death knell for farmland, wetlands and wildlife habitat in Canada.

Compromising Enviro NGOs to blame

Prime Minister Singh explained that the massacre occurred because governments of the day took the advice of environmental NGOs like the Sierra Club and the David Suzuki Foundation who advised them that “smart growth” strategies, that is, land use planning, would defend wildlife and farmland from any ecological consequences resulting from runaway population growth and economic development. We could invite the world here and have our cake and eat it too.

In fact, the most famous Canadian intellectual of the time, Dr.William Rees, was quoted as saying that there was “no necessary connection between immigration and biodiversity loss” and if immigrants were settled in dense urban zones strictly defined by planning boundaries then “Greenfield” acreages “would never be compromised.”

We cannot have our cake and eat it too

But Dr. Rees was proven wrong. We couldn’t have our cake and it eat it too. Not even at the beginning of the millennium. Smart growth was a failure from the start. Portland, Oregon was to be its poster child. Instead it was a showcase of its limitations. When the sheep-pen is bursting with people, the wolves are waiting in the wings to extend the urban boundaries and develop the surrounding greenbelts. And those who live in dense neighbourhoods have a footprint that reaches out to impact wildlife living in the hinterland. The residents of highrises consume more than twice the energy of rural residents. Ultimately it is not where Canadians live, but how many of them there are, that proves decisive for the environment. That was the autopsy report for Canada’s wildlife.

Too late

Prime Minister Singh’s apology followed a long Canadian tradition of mea culpas. First it was to the Japanese Canadians for their internment during the War. An apology plus cash. Then the Chinese Canadians got an apology plus cash for the Head Tax. The Liberal government of 2005 gave 2.5 million dollars to Italian Canadians who were negatively impacted by the War Measures Act during the Second World War. And then Ottawa apologized for the Komagata Maru incident. Then there was an apology for the treatment of First Nations children in residential schools. Finally in the year 2020 the Ukrainian Canadian community received an apology for the disgraceful internment of 5000 Canadians of Ukrainian descent during and after the First World War.

Now in 2040 Canada’s wildlife get an apology too. Posthumously.

Who is going to give us a posthumous apology, when we are the authors of our fate?

Recently extinguished species in Canada
(Source: )

Sea-mink Extinguished by fur-trappers from

"According to the Species at Risk Act, the following animals are extinct.


* Dawson Caribou, Rangifer tarandus dawsoni, 1984
* Sea Mink, Mustela macrodon, 1894
* Newfoundland Wolf,Canis lupus beothucus, 1911
* Banks Island Wolf,Canis lupus bernardi, 1920
* Cascade Mountains Wolf,Canis lupus fuscus, 1940


* Passenger Pigeon


* Blue Gill
* Benthic Hadley Lake Stickleback
* Deepwater Cisco, Coregonus johannae, 1952
* Lake Ontario Kiyi, Coregonus kiyi orientalis, 1964
* Limnetic Hadley Lake Stickleback
* Blue Walleye


* Rocky Mountain locust, Melanoplus spretus, 1902


* Eelgrass limpet, Lottia alveus"