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Could socialism have resolved humankind's conflict with its environment?

Socialists aim to transform society so that the means of production and necessary infrastructure are commonly owned property rather than the property of private individuals. The most foremost theoretician of Socialism was, of course, Karl Marx. Since Marx's death in the late 19th century, the socialist movement has diverged into a lrge number of different curents. The main currents are Social Democracy, Stalinism and Trostkyism.


Video: Tucker Carlson opposes United States' war against Iran, high immigration, ...

Except for his unfortunate argument over abortion with Sonia Ossorio (pictured right), President of the New York City Chapter of the National Organisation for Women (NOW), I found myself in almost complete agreement with Tucker Carlson in his 24 July episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight (38 minutes in length). This episode includes debate and discussion of a number of important developments and issues in United States politics - border control, abortion and the ongoing attempts by the establishment, supported by the Democrats, 'leftists' and even much of the Republican Party, to oust President Trump. Carlson interviewed and debated Jeff Weaver a spokesperson for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a socialist in the Democratic Party. Also, early in this episode, Tucker Carlson (pictured left) argued strongly and in great detail why he was opposed to war against Iran.

Buried history: How the spread of the Russian Revolution to Germany could have stopped Hitler

The Russian revolution of 7 November 1917, one hundred years ago today, was a profound political upheaval which put in power political leaders resolved to remove poverty, exploitation, unemployment, economic chaos, and war from Russia and the rest of the world. The Russian revolution and sympathetic revolts in Germany in 1918 helped finally bring to an end the First World War, in which 18,000,000 died.

Had the revolution spread to Germany, Hitler's Nazi Party could not have seized power in 1933 and the Second World War, in which an estimated 60 million died, would have most likely been prevented.

Title previously was: How the Second World War almost didn't happen

2015 Christmas Poem: "Santa's Socialism"

Santa, counting his orders and sorting them through
Said “ To me for some reason it’s not ringing true !
Some kids are getting extravagant toys
Whilst some gifts are mere tokens for girls and for boys”

About Leon Trotsky

Leon Trotsky (1879-1940) led the Bolshevik insurrection of 1917 and subsequently became Supreme Commander of the Red Army. Joseph Stalin, who took power of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) in the late 1920's and ruthlessly suppressed his opponents, ordered Trotsky be killed by an assassin in 1940.

For all of Leon Trotsky's momentous accomplishments in his own life, much of his legacy has, largely for reasons over which he could have had no control following his murder in 1940, not assisted the advancement of humankind.

Trotsky's Biggest Blindspot

This forum is to discuss the issues raised in Sandy Irvine's 20 page essay Trotsky's Biggest Blindspot. It originated as a discussion about the Online Opinion article What will disaffiliation from the Labor Party achieve for the ETU? of 1 July 2008.

Reality Denial

If we want to strike a sensible balance between individual freedom, self-realisation, social cohesion, democracy and good community relations, we should be aware these noble aims can only coexist and thrive in optimal socio-environmental conditions that have stood the test of time. For too long we have worshipped the abstract world of economics rather than the concrete world of ecology that ultimately determines our real quality of life.

How mass migration has devastated the social fabric of Britain

The denial by socialist groups of the material limits of the environment is barely more rational than religious beliefs in life after death. This belief, and the support for high immigration which it entails, has helped the rulers of the UK, for their own selfish short-term ends, to turn their island into a crowded slum on the verge of a catastrophic social and ecological breakdown.

See also: Devastating demolition of the case for mass immigration by Sir Andrew Green in the Daily Mail of 31 Mar 08, The Collusion of the Left in the Neo-Liberal Agenda of Sep 06, Open Britain by 'open border' extremist Phillipe Legrain and introduction and comments on his own web site. A local copy of a posted comment is to be found here.

The Collusion of the Left in the Neo-Liberal Agenda

Alistair McConnachie, the head of the Glasgow based organization Sovereignty explains that in this article originally published in September of 2006 how the Left, driven by the ideology of "Equality" manipulates the lofty concept of solidarity to collude in destructive capitalism and ecological disaster.

The Original article is to be found here on the web-site See also: How mass migration has devastated the social fabric of Britain.

For socialists growth is still OK, so long as it is shared

As long as the claimed short term economic benefits of growth can be said to be shared equitably Canada's New Democratic Party remains unconcerned by the resultant ecological devastation.

Trotsky's Biggest Blindspot

Leon Trotsky showed great insight on many issues but his biggest blind spot concerned ecological sustainability, now the greatest issue of our times. His thinking reflected the technological cornucopianism that bedevils the socialist tradition.

Contents: Trotsky as case study, On Ecology, The New God, Bringing the Earth to heel, Regress of nature, The Paradigm of Industrial Cornucopia, The God That Failed, Limits to growth, Overshoot, Flawed Fixes, Capitalism and the Causes of Ecological Crisis, Overpopulation, Trotsky on Technology, On Farming, Trotsky on Lifestyles, What was to be done?, Endnotes

The original 20 page pdf document by Sandy Irvine can be downloaded from This document can also be viewed as a html document as "The Prophet Misarmed: Trotsky, Ecology and Sustainability" at

The demise of an Australian Marxist blog site

Why has an Australian Marxist web-site suddenly vanished from the Internet, almost without trace?

Argument with a socialist zealot

Arguing with socialists about population growth or immigration is as futile as debating these issues with the Vatican. Fundamentally, they have no understanding of limits. They would have us believe that growth can go on forever, that we need only manage it and share its fruits equitably, and if driven by the right technology, that we can open our borders to the world without ecological consequences.

Wayburn contra Hanson

Peak Oil, Overshoot, Crash, and Dieoff

No one has done more or better work than Jay Hanson to acquaint interested
persons with Hubbert's concept of Peak Oil. On his website, {1}, Jay has described Overshoot, Crash, and Dieoff well enough for all of us. This work does not need to be repeated. However, there is another side to Jay:

No population explosion in a classless society?

History records that Karl Marx had a fierce disregard for Thomas Malthus and his theory. Blaming the poor for their poverty was just not on for the socialist revolutionary from Trier, Germany. The system---capitalism---was to blame for everything. Dump capitalism, institute socialism, and people will presumably stop bonking. For Frederick Engels, socialism was like salt peter, it alone "makes possible that moral restraint of the propagative instinct which Malthus himself presents as the most effective and easiest remedy for over-population."

Fault with the Russian Revolution did not originate with Stalin

I think that your faith in the Russian Revolution is misplaced. Like many critics of Stalin, you don't see that the fault does not originate with Uncle Joe but with Lenin's concept of democratic centralism, a concept that made Stalin, Mao, Castro, and Ho Chi Minh inevitable. Trotsky was a Stalinist who lost a power struggle. His firm resolution and ruthless determination to win was demonstrated by how he put down the workers at the
Kronstadt "revolt" ...

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