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The 'politically incorrect' issue of whether or not a society such as a Australia has the right to control its population levels through immigration controls

Our Immigration Department should be closed

We only have one planet, Earth! Our economy is dictating government decisions, Our economy needs to be based on appropriate 21st century technology using available labour including that of its ageing population, rather than indefinite expansion using immigrants none of whom are expected to remain young indefinitely.

ABC Radio National's Breakfast program attempts to bury debate on immigration reduction

How to end Australia's dependence upon population-growth driven financial speculation

The collapse of the global house of credit-cards and consequent stalling of demand for our mineral wealth is beginning to show up how truly unproductive our economy has become after decades of 'reform'. How can we begin to repair the damage?

Australia and UK admit unemployment-immigration connection. Canada says nothing.

In the wake of the market meltdown and the looming global recession, even those governments most ideologically pre-disposed to porous borders and generous immigration quotas now seem willing to slam on the brakes.

This was originally published in Immigration Watch Canada ( on 20 Oct 08.
See also: "Opposition leads calls to slash immigration in 2009" in Courier Mail of 21 Oct 08, "More want migrant intake cut" in SMH of 12 Oct 08, "Sydney predicted to reach 6 million" in SMH of 20 Oct 08, "Dissatisfaction with immigration intake rising" on the ABC of 13 Oct 08, "Rents to soar in Melbourne on lack of housing" of 10 Oct 08.


Analyzing the 2008 US Presidential election

The energy advisors for both Barack Obama and John McCain have displayed some rudimentary grasp of peak oil, however neither shows any understanding at all of the consequences of additional millions of people on resource depletion and already dangerous ecological degradation.

See also: An immigration policy bought and paid for? of 24 Feb 08 by Tim Murray, Obama's Chicago Boys of 12  Jun 08 by Naomi Klein.

Immigration equals tar sands for greenhouse gases in four years: by Brishen Hoff

Here is the data short and sweet. How the green house gasses generated by each yearly crop of immigrants to Canada accumulates to equal the GHG emitted by the ecologically monstrous Alberta tar sands development over a four year period. And yet the Greens, the social democrats, and the liberals are saying nothing about the environmental costs of immigration.

Will mass immigration mean mass starvation?

Canadian mass immigration apologists would have us believe that the frightening loss of farmland to development is simply a matter of poor land use planning, and that absurd levels of immigrant can be jacked up even further without ecological cost if "smart growth" strategies are followed. History has proven that claim a delusion and a lie.

Truth and immigration

James Bissett, former head of Immigration Services and former career diplomat, hopes that the parties contending for Government at the national elections scheduled for 31 October, most of whom are attempting to out-bid each other in promises to increase Canada's already record high immigration rate, don't keep their promises.

Original article Published in Ottawa Citizen on 18 Sep 08.
See also by James Bissett: "Immigration must be an election issue" of 13 Sep 08.

Canadian electors given Clayton's choice in regard to immigration

In Australia both major political parties support record high immigration. This ensures that it is rarely questioned in Parliament or in the news. In Canada, the situation is even worse1. Dan Murray reports that Canadians face a 'choice' at the Federal elections scheduled for 31 October of four out of five major parties which see nothing wrong with Canada's record high and growing immigration rate and none which are campaigning to reduce it.

Originally published on Immigration Watch Canada ( on 14 Sep 08.
See also: "Truth and immigration" by James Bissett former Head of Canadian Immigration Service in the Ottowa Citizen of 18 Sep 08.

Australian Greens leader questions population growth

On 16 September Greens Senator Bob Brown asked of Senator Chris Evans, who as Immigration Minister on 16 May, increased further Australia's already record high immigration numbers at the behest of business leaders: Did his Government have a population policy? Senator Evans admitted that his Government did not.

Canadian Green candidate raises question of immigration

Brian Gordon, endorsed candidate for the Green Party of Canada has argued that Canada must conduct a 'sustainability audit' to determine how many people Canada can realistically support if it produces all of is own necessities, ceases the destruction of old-growth forests and excludes the usustainable mining of tar sands and coal.

Original article Immigration: How Much is Enough for Canada? published on 6 March 2008. The standard of much of the discussion that ensued was very high.
See also: Is there intelligent life on Planet Green? of 9 Sep 08, Is it reactionary to oppose immigration? of 19 Dec 07 on; Will "the great immigration debate" take place? of 21 May 08 on; Have the Greens lost the plot on immigration? of 11 Jul 08 on Online Opinion.

Immigration must be an election issue

James Bissett, former head of Immigration Services and former ambassador, argues that Canada's current record high rate of immigration should be an issue at stake in the national elections now under way.

Originally published on Immigration Watch Canada (

Parable of the Co-Dependent Green Wife

The planning departments of every jurisdiction in North America seem to be captured by the philosophy of growth management, a defeatist attitude that also pervades the environmental movement. Growth is inevitable, so let's "manage" it. This ignores that fact that the tap has a spigot, and its spigot is controlled by an elected government with an immigration policy. In the following parable, a packrat husband can be compared to runaway immigration gone wild.

Victorian state Liberal leader counsels opportunism instead of confronting population growth

Melbourne is groaning with population overload but the leader of the alternative state government will not hear from party members asking for a sensible population approach.

See also: Blame it on Labor, not migration: Baillieu by Paul Austin in the Melbourne Age of 25 Aug 08, City of 8 million 'unliveable' by Cameron Houston and Royce Millar in the Age of 5 Sep 08

One Year After the Publication of The Shock Doctrine, A Response to the Attacks

Naomi Klein responds to recent attacks upon her work by the 'free market' think-tanks whose insidious subversion of democracy in the service of their corporate benefactors was lucidly exposed in her book The Shock Doctrine published one year ago.

Original article at

See also: Online Opinion discussions in which The Shock Doctrine is discussed: NSW power without pride and Winning the war in Iraq.

Two of the articles to which Naomi Klein's article is in response to are The Klein Doctrine - The Rise of Disaster Polemics (663K PDF file here) published by The Cato Institute on 14 May and Dead Left by Jonathan Chait published in The New Republic of 30 July 08

US environmentalist takes equivocal stance on immigration in Lou Dobbs interview

During an interview with CNN's Lou Dobbs, Robert Engelman of Worldwatch Institute (, whilst acknowledging the threat posed to the future of the U.S. and our planet by overpopulation, understated the contribution to it by immigration, both illegal and legal.

Population growth threaten's UK's future

Britain is severely overpopulated. “In an era of growing food and energy shortages, population growth of this magnitude is simply storing up trouble for the future. "

Renewable energy - show me the money..

A map of the earth's sunniest locations reveals that Australia is truly a sunburnt country, with plenty of solar energy to spare.
But despite this natural advantage and some cutting edge research being done by researchers at the University of NSW, the investment that could establish Australia’s ‘solar energy empire’ is sadly lacking.
In the words of Professor Julius Sumner-Miller.. why is it so?

Immigration to U.S. increases global greenhouse gas emissions

Once again Canadian Green Party leader Elizabeth May was wrong in her contention that immigration was a "trivial aspect of the world's and the country's environmental problems", as only 3% of the global population was on the move. So "stop beating up on immigrants." Well this report by the Centre for Immigration Studies reveals that immigration to the United States is putting the whole world, not just the US, in deep trouble. There is a message for Canada and Australia here too.

Bloomington USA - An oasis of sanity in a sea of growthist madness?

Could this be happening in the Land of MORE, MORE, MORE? Bloomington, Indiana supports a steady-state economy! You heard it right….

Tiny Lampedusa struggles with tide of clandestine immigration

Lampedusa is a tiny Italian island near Malta. It is located 205km from Porto Empedocle in Sicily, 167km from Tunisia and 167km from Libya. It has only 6,000 permanent inhabitants. With the recent failure of Libya to honour an 2004 agreement the Island's resources are being overwhelmed by clandestine immigrants from Africa en-route to Europe.

Property analysts again confirm immigration used to inflate housing prices

In an article Brisbane house prices tipped to fall 10 per cent in the Courier Mail of Thursday 31 July 08, property analysts differed over to what extent Australia's current record high immigration rate can counter the reduction of demand for Brisbane's hyper-inflated housing caused by the credit crisis.

See also: Brisbane's housing unaffordability crisis spun by ABC to promote property lobby interests of 23 June 2008.

Brumby's call for 'pause' in rate of population growth insufficient

Brumby is helping those at the top-end of town, and will reduce the livability of Victoria, and climate change is being ignored despite the evidence that we are headed for the WORST CASE SCENARIO!

Open letter to John Brumby on his admission that Victoria has an overpopulation problem

On 28 July Premier John Brumby came out and said that he thought that Victoria had reached its population limit. Candobetter comments on Mr Brumby's statements and asks the Premier of Victoria for more details in this open letter.

See also: Brumby's call for 'pause' in rate of population growth insufficient of 1 Aug 08, Premier John Brumby warns of dangers in growing too fast in the Herald Sun of 28 July 08, Brumby 'blaming' migrants in the Age of 2 Aug 08

Canadian media gushes when couple has 18th child

On Saturday July 26th, 2008, in a story that was repeated in many other news outlets, The Canadian Press reported that a Romanian immigrant couple in Abbotsford, British Columbia had their 18th child in 23 years, 13 of whom have been born since they came to Canada in 1990.

See also: Pronatalist Policy in Australia: 1945-2000 of 28 Jun 08 by Sheila Newman

Paul Sheehan hits the nail on the head

How is increasing the population by a million people every three years going to contribute to lowering Australia's carbon footprint? Don't ask big business, or the ALP machine, both addicted to "growth" defined by corporate fundamentalism, which means higher per capita consumption and more consumers.

So says Paul Sheehan of the Sydney Morning Herald, in an unusually frank and honest article in today's edition.

Migrant workers - short-term solutions that make problems worse

How can the 'solution' demanded by employers to solve the claimed 'problem' of wages inflation (but not housing inflation, water scarcity, traffic congestion, hospital waiting lists, destruction of natural habitat, destruction of agricultural land, etc, etc) do anything other than make our overall circumstances worse?

Why is Naomi Klein uncritical of mass immigration to the First World?

The disempowerment of the modest middle classes and the poor in the industrialised world is, through mass immigration, extending the third world into the Richworld, and shoring up the exploiting classes and their corporate servants - the banks, property developers, international tourism, the military, the mass-media - the whole globalisation machine.


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