carbon emissions

France & Australia - per capita and national oil consumption 1965-1997

This is a supplement to a comment about population growth and consumption in Europe. The comment suggested that Europe was decreasing its consumption whilst growing its population. Graphs comparing per capita and National petroleum consumption in Australia and France, also showing population numbers and rate of growth.

Yes, Europe's population is increasing but at nothing like the pace of Australias. Basically it is increasing at a decreasing rate. Several EU countries had big population policies after the second world war but, sensibly, with the first oil shock, they abandoned these. Gough Whitlam tried to do the same in Australia but was ousted, very conveniently for the growth lobby.

France and the other countries of the EU reined in immigration numbers and the French and other EU nationals dropped their family sizes overnight in 1973.

EU countries stopped subsidising new housing and most of the housing industry went bust within the next two years.
In Australia Whitlam tried to do something similar but was thrown out of government.

Unfortunately Australia developed a system with no effective feedback when consumption and debt are at a dangerous level. The French and other EU (also Scandinavian systems) have much better bio-social political feedback to affect policy.

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