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Will Rudd Government's high immigration program turn Australia into Argentina?

Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine shows how the application by a murderous military dictatorship of neo-liberal economic policies in the 1970's and 1980's transformed Argentina from being amongst the advanced nations of the world into an impoverished Third World nation. However, this may have only been the last nail in the coffin. Was the principle underlying cause Argentina's sustained programme of immigration, not from the Third World, but from Europe?

See also: The Case Against Immigration (pdf 1.4M) by Roy Beck,, The rich get richer whilst the Australian middle-class is out-sourced of 9 Jul 08, Online Opinion forum Greens lose the plot on population issues of 11 Jun 08, Larvatus Prodeo discussion Will “the great immigration debate” take place? of 21 May 08. The cost of multiculturalism of 1992.

Peak oil prices cause South Australian Farmers to call for 'fair market forces'

South Australian Farmers call urgently for fair market forces so that producers can earn a fair return for their effort and ensure their future viability in face of "peak oil prices".

See also French Farmer Youth fight petroleum hikes: riot police and Orwellian Waterworks: big-agribusiness and Victorian Gov

Peak Oil: India, Australia, London - it's a short road to poverty for many

India: Oil prices to increase by 11%; Diesel goes up by 9%; Cooking gas goes up by 17%
Australia: Almost 20% of workers would face ruin within the week if they lost their jobs
London: 10,000 to 40,000 workers in financial industries face job loss this year

The question remains: What accounts for David Suzuki's silence?

In 2006, David Suzuki told Australians the truth, that is, that their country was over-populated. Why won't he tell his fellow Canadians the truth about their country?

Victorian treasurer mentions population growth

Victorian treasurer mentions population growth and then tells us the role of governments is not to govern, but to manage the affairs of the state with policy provided by lobbyists.

Channel 7 markets unlivable Melbourne to a helpless audience

On the Channel 7 Today Tonight program 16 April 2008 the audience was told that by 2030 Melbourne would be "unrecognisable" and that owning a house and garden would a "thing of the past."
It seems obvious to us here at candobetter that no group should be granted a commercial broadcasting license to market dystopia.

Submission to Australia 2020 Summit says we cannot afford more population growth

"I'm writing to express my concern about the continued high rate of population growth in this country."
Submission to Australia 2020 Summit from Jennie Epstein of Victoria

See also: Submission to 2020 summit: End Population Growth, not just manage it

Academics debate What Population Australia and Our Region can Sustainably Support

Demographer, Peter McDonald's extreme projections of population implosion and his advocacy for population growth need wide scrutiny. Sheila Newman

Australia and Canada: two demographic bulimics?

Australian poet and writer Mark O’Connor reveals astounding similarities between the dire ecological problems faced by both Canada and Australia.

Your help needed to prosecute for wildlife massacre in Northern NSW

Two hectares of endangered Swamp Sclerophyll ecological community has been cleared on private property at Dulguigan, near Murwillumbah, in northern NSW. This vegetation was the roosting habitat for about 6,400 (December 2006 count) Grey-headed flying-foxes and Black flying-foxes (both of whom are listed as vulnerable species in NSW), and functioned as a maternity site. Details in body.

Tell of outstanding cases and neglect by government departments. Register, Log in and Write.
Under current law people who harm protected habitat and species are criminals. Yet they almost always go unprosecuted, despite the widespread support for wildlife among the common people of Australia.


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