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Journalism is not a crime. Or is it? Look at the ABC.

Al Jazeera is posting this slogan on its English speaking broadcasting channel in Qatar. The argument that Al Jazeera represents freedom of the press in the Middle East is a good one. Al Jazeera demands that diversity of thought and opinion be cherished and demands press freedom. This is of course true.

There is a difference between these ideals and what the ABC has done with the two of the most important issues in Australian history. Climate change and population growth.

My demands for diversity of thought and opinion from the ABC between 2007 and 2011 failed because the ABC is a corrupt organisation. I want to remind everyone of the unlawful conduct of a broken ABC which has supported both the Carbon Tax legislation and suppression of open debate on population growth. This is what happens when Australian journalists abuse their power and government is not prepared to make them accountable.

Ukraine: media lies

Obama says G7 to discuss Russian aggression in Ukraine (7/6/15) | Reuters

Contrary to what is implied by the article's headline, its content does not explicitly claim that Russia is guilty of aggression against Ukraine, let alone provide proof. Rather than making such a claim, the content of the article merely reports President Barack Obama's utterances about the Ukraine conflict:

U.S. President Barack Obama said ... that leaders would discuss how to stand up to Russia's "aggression" in Ukraine ...

Note the quote marks around the word "aggression". It's as if 'reporters' Noah Barkin, Michelle Martin and Paul Carrel did not want to be seen, by more conscionable readers, to be personally endorsing the lies coming out of Obama's mouth. It's unfortunate that they 'neglected' to also include quote marks in the heading. The above lie is repeated, coming directly out out of President Obama's own mouth, in the next paragraph:

ABC traitors relentlessly continue their taxpayer funded Population Growth Denial

Ref: RN Breakfast interview with Joe Hockey on 26 February 2015

Traitor: "A person who betrays someone or something, such as a friend, cause, or principle." Substitute "a nation of people" for "friend".......

Fran Kelly's interview with Joe Hockey provides yet another example of the "don't mention the population growth" policy of Government, all the major political parties and the ABC. This betrays the principles set out in the ABC Code of Practice. This betrays a cause, which is impartial discussion of humane and sustainable solutions for Australia and its international conduct. This betrays a nation of people.

Ex- CNN Reporter: I Received Orders to Manipulate News to Demonize Syria and Iran

Update, 27 Sep 2013 : CNN's fake translation of Iran President Rouhani's statement regarding Holocaust (also added as an Appendix). (This article was originally published 31 March 2010.) From Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), 30 Mar 2013.

PRAGUE, (SANA)- Ex-CNN reporter Amber Lyon revealed that during her work for the channel she received orders to send false news and exclude some others which the US administration did not favor with the aim to create a public opinion in favor of launching an aggression on Iran and Syria.

See also: WARNING: "Final" Psy-Op Vs. Syria Begins of 29 March 2013 by Tony Cartalucci, Syrian Conflict: The Price of Defying the West and Obstructing a US-Israeli Attack on Iran of 28 Mar 2013 by Tony Cartalucci (also here), How Obama Chose War Over Peace in Syria of 28 March 2012 by Shamus Cooke. Follow Amber Lyon on Twitter

BBC Rides with Al Qaeda in Aleppo, Syria

Earlier this evening, Australia's Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) television news featured a chilling report by BBC journalist Ian Pannell who rode with a group of Syrian rebels as they attacked the town of Alleppo in Syria. The report featured groups of captives being threatened at close range with automatic rifles. At one point a gun seemed to discharge and wound one of the captives. Ian Pannell did not inform his viewers of the fate of the captives. Shortly after I found on Land Destroyer a comprehensive dissection of the deception and hypocrisy in Ian Pannell's report. It is republished here.

By Tony Cartalucci. Originally published on Land Destroyer

Michael Moore pushes NATO propaganda against Syria

Michael Moore, producer of Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004), Sicko (2007), and Capitalism: A Love Story in his YouTube broadcast of 20 March 2012 entitled WHAT IS GOING ON IN SYRIA? has shown himself to be an apologist for NATO military aggression.

Michael Moore, producer of Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004), Sicko (2007), and Capitalism: A Love Story in his YouTube broadcast of 20 March 2012 entitled WHAT IS GOING ON IN SYRIA? has shown himself to be an apologist for NATO military aggression and a phony progressive. Michael Moore lies about Syria on YouTube. Broadcast dated 20 March is entitled WHAT IS GOING ON IN SYRIA?. Note how there is no mention of Libya in which more than 30,000 were killed during NATO's invasion last year in this broadcast, nor any other broadcast on YouTube by Michael Moore which concerns Libya.

NATO plans for dirty tricks in Syria and a global disinformation campaign

According to a report on, at two recent meetings in Qatar and a further meeting in Riyadh, operatives of the Arab dictatorships and NATO met to coordinate a disinformation campaign including interference with satellite broadcasts to conceal a coup against the Syrian Government. As the article notes, the actions proposed, including the planned complicity of the international newsmedia violate intentional law. Nazi German propagandists were tried at Nuremburg for committing similar crimes.

Previously published in Land Destroyer as URGENT: Expose NATO Dirty Tricks in Syria BEFORE They Happen and originally on as NATO preparing vast disinformation campaign on 11 June 2012.
Includes an appendix, War propaganda from Australian newspapers which violate international law.

Carr tries to justify Australian support for NATO war against Syria

Australia's new Foreign Minister Senator Bob Carr continues his predecessor's enthusiastic volunteering of Australia in the Coalition of the Willing, this time against Syria. Between 1991 and now, the Coalition caused the deaths of possibly 1,500,000

Disinformation comes no less from 'left wing' sources than the Murdoch newsmedia

Whilst the Murdoch newsmedia has, in the past, been able to manipulate political, economic and military outcomes in Australia, the US, the UK and across much of the rest of the world with its messages of hate and misinformation, it is no longer able to wield as much influence for harm as it was formerly able to. Much of the work, which was formerly handled by the likes of the Murdoch newsmedia is now handled by the supposed 'alternative' and 'left wing' newsmedia

Why Australia's presence in Afghanistan is untenable

An Australian lawyer criticises Australia's participation in war in Afghanistan. Australia's participation in the Afghan war has helped bring world Opium production to record levels, with Afghanistan leading the way. The justification for this war was given in 2001, and remains the justification for the war, which is set to become Australia's longest war, nearly 10 years later. This justification has never been scrutinised by Australia's mainstream newsmedia nor what passes for Australia's 'alternative' or 'far left' media. In this article, that case for war is comprehensively examined.

Contents: Introduction, A Brief History, Carter and Brzezinski, Oil and Gas, The Legality of the Afghanistan War, (What is the Real Reason?: 1. Oil and Gas, 2. Geopolitical Ambitions, 3. Drugs), Conclusion, Footnotes. Article originally published as PDF (180K) on

See also: My submission to the Human Rights Consultation on National Security of 7  Sep 09 by James Sinnamon. Submission is on an 8.2K pdf file and is linked to from the National Security and Terrorism Public Submissions page.

Humanitarian Neo-colonialism: Framing Libya and Reframing War - Creative Destruction Part III

"World opinion" has accepted an act of overt military aggression against Libya, a sovereign country guilty of no violation of the UN Charter, in an act of de facto neo-colonialism, a 'humanitarian' war in violation of basic precepts of the laws of nations. Much of the credit for so moulding international public opinion can be claimed by Gareth Evans the Minister for Foreign Affairs in the former Australian 'Labor' Governments of Paul Keating and Bob Hawke.

   by F. William Engdahl. Originally published on Global Research on 4 May 2011 See also: Libya: NATO Transitions To Terror Bombing Phase Of War of 3 May 11 by Rick Rozoff

SKEPTICISM: The Agendas Behind the Bin Laden News Event - When the Lie Becomes the Truth...

The US government's bin Laden story was so poorly crafted that it did not last 48 hours before being fundamentally altered. Indeed, the new story put out on Tuesday by White House press secretary Jay Carney bears little resemblance to the original Sunday evening story. The fierce firefight did not occur. Osama bin Laden did not hide behind a woman. Indeed, bin Laden, Carney said, "was not armed."by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Originally Published on Global Research on 4 May 2011.

See also: Bin Laden Home Videos Released ... Why Does the Terrorist Kingpin Look Better Than He Did in 2001? of 7 May 11 on Global Reserch

Osama bin Laden’s Second Death

If today were April 1 and not May 2, we could dismiss as an April fool’s joke this morning’s headline that Osama bin Laden was killed in a firefight in Pakistan and quickly buried at sea. As it is, we must take it as more evidence that the US government has unlimited belief in the gullibility of Americans [and Australians - Editor].- by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Published on Global Research on 2 May 2011.

Why does Australian Peak Oil authority object to discussion of the justification for Iraq and Afghan wars?

On 18 May 2009 a site visitor objected to the controversy surrounding 9/11 being raised on this web-site.

As that site visitor is considered an authority on the question of petroleum and other fossil fuels and is moderator of the Australian Yahoo Group Running on Empty, Oz (roeoz) concerned with Peak Oil, I would have thought he would have been interested to know that many authoritative people don't accept the version of events used to justify the wars that have ravaged much of the oil-rich regions of the world.

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