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George Galloway

Video: Crosstalk- "Free speech threatened" Political, legal concepts & ramifications of Assange case

This discussion on Crosstalk asks whether in the prosecution or persecution of Julian Assange, the western world is seeing the death of journalism. Michael Patchett-Joyce, a barrister specialising in international and European law, brings some new views to the program. John Wight counters with some persuasive political analysis, as does ex-British parliamentarian, George Galloway. The issue of the courts and the 'public good' comes up. John Wight points out that this is an issue of class; the public good is really about the good of the establishment. Galloway says that, if Julian is extradited to the United States, there will be no juries and the US will not feel itself bound to any promises it may have made to Britain in this matter. Patchett-Joyce suggests that the case has a long way to go before a decision can be made about extradition. At no time does anyone mention Julian's cat, but we think this might be a picture of it.

The Debate - The West and the ISIL

From PressTV News Videos YouTube Channel

"The last people who should be returning to the scene of their former crimes are Britain, France and the United States of America." Those words were said by George Galloway, a British MP during a debate in the lead up to a vote on the UK participating in airstrikes in Iraq against ISIL. It came as no surprise that the vote went through, though concerns remain about how the very countries involved in the 2003 Iraq War and subsequent chaos which helped in forming ISIL, can beat their own Frankenstein. In this edition of the debate we ask: was the mission a never-ending creation of pretexts, however false, in order to justify an unending war in Iraq?

Confused about ISIS? Maybe that's what your leaders want. Video and transcript

"In Paris this week [week of September 20], the great and the gruesome came together to discuss the existential threat of ISIS, but the two countries actually doing something meaningful about that threat - Syria and Iran - were of course not invited. Confused? You won't be after you have heard our first guest, Hasib Risby, a commentator on the region and part of digital resistance." A very clear analysis of what is happening with ISIS, Syria, Iran, and the US in the Middle East, by George Galloway and Gayatri Pertiwi with Haseeb Rizvi. The original program (with no transcript) is at

The Metamorphosis of Bashar al-Assad

This article has been republished from the article of 28 July by Thierry Meyssan on Voltaire Net. See, also, other articles on candobetter about Bashar al-Assad and Syria, including What 'dictator' ever willingly faced such media scrutiny? of 11 June 2013. More information about Syria is to be found at the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) and Syria News. Includes Appendix: Anti-imperialists who feel obligated to depict the Syrian Government as corrupt.

Bashar al-Assad did not want to enter politics. He destined himself to be an ophthalmologist. However, upon the death of his brother Bassel, he returned from the United Kingdom where he was continuing his studies and agreed to serve his country and his father. On the death of the latter, he consented to be his successor to maintain the unity of the country. His early years of government were an attempt to change the composition of social classes in order to make a democratic system possible, a goal that nobody expected of him. Patiently, he dismantled the authoritarian system of the past and began to involve people in public life.

'Christian' President Obama sends guns to murderers of Syrian Christians

Update, 17 Sep 2013: Quite possibly, the description, below, of President Barack Obama as a "despicable lying hypocrite" may be completely wrong and unwarranted. (if so, my apologies) Please see comment Does President Obama want peace with Syria after all? and Press TV article Obama, Dempsey slap down neocons on Syrian false-flag of 16 2013 by Dr. Kevin Barrett.

(Includes embedded YouTube broadcast, George Galloway rips Obama for supporting the massacre at ancient Christian town of Maaloula and transcript.) For more news of the town of of Maaloula of which George Galloway speaks, see Patriarch Laham holds US responsible for terrorists' acts in Maaloula of 6 Sep 2013, ...

To help overcome public opposition to U.S. President Barack Obama's planned conventional war against Syria, the mainstream media, as well as fabricating lies such as the claims of the use of Chemical weapons by the Syrian Government, is concealing news of how members of the Christian community of Syria are being murdered by the Western-supported jihadist 'rebels' who are fighting to overthrow the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad. Many of the Syrian Christian community can trace their family roots back to the time of Jesus, In this embedded speech, just posted to YouTube, British Parliamentarian, George Galloway shows up U.S. President Barack and other Western leaders, who claim to be Christian, for the despicable lying hypocrites that they are.

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