How growth has degraded the quality of life in Canada

Whilst economists misuse indicators such as the GDP to ”prove“ that an increase in real in come has coincided with massive population growth in Canada in recent decades, the reality is, as intuition and common sense should have warned, that Canadians on average are worse off as Brishen Hoff, President of Biodiversity First shows.

See also: Living standards and our material prosperity 6 Sep 08 concerning the quality of life in Australia

Peak oil prices cause South Australian Farmers to call for 'fair market forces'

South Australian Farmers call urgently for fair market forces so that producers can earn a fair return for their effort and ensure their future viability in face of "peak oil prices".

See also French Farmer Youth fight petroleum hikes: riot police and Orwellian Waterworks: big-agribusiness and Victorian Gov

Cause for alarm - Australia's population growth and the irresponsibility of those who drive it

If Australians starve and more become homeless due to their population having overshot petroleum, water and food production resources, how will the politicians, media and lobbyists who actively drove this situation be held responsible? Critique of Tim Colebatch article, "Population grows at record rate" (Age, 6/6/2008)

Sea Shepherd appeals for Greenpeace's cooperation in fight against whale slaughter

In the last whaling season, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society with its one fast ship, the Steve Irwin prevented Japanese whalers from catching 50% of their quota. Captain Paul Watson has appealed to the GreenPeace Foundation for their cooperation in the 2008-2009 Antarctic summer whaling season in order to be able to save 80-100% of the planned Japanese whaling quota.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society media release, 5 Jun 08

See also: Queensland to give green light to shark extermination of 1 Jun 08

What you can do: Donate to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Nearly all funds go to saving whales and other endangered marine species and little is spent on bureaucracy.

Peak Oil: India, Australia, London - it's a short road to poverty for many

India: Oil prices to increase by 11%; Diesel goes up by 9%; Cooking gas goes up by 17%
Australia: Almost 20% of workers would face ruin within the week if they lost their jobs
London: 10,000 to 40,000 workers in financial industries face job loss this year

Angry community protests force Melbourne Council to reverse support for East-West Tunnel

Several hundred protestors objecting to the destruction of local parklands and sports fields necessitated by the planned construction of the East-West link tunnel forced the Melbourne City Council to reverse its previous stance in favour of the tunnel.

Oil Peak Europe: France "We need a Marshall Plan."

Nicolas Hulot: “France needs a Marshall Plan, at the level of France and Europe, to orientate massively our investments in our economies for this transition, and for mutual cooperation."

WorkChoices "Fairness Test" backlog beyond belief: another Howard legacy

Workplace Authority Director Barbara Bennett promises to clear the backlog of 121,324 of Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs) in five-to-six months.

Can Brisbane become livable again if its population is not stabilised?

The West End Community Association ( is fighting the state Government and the Brisbane City Council to prevent their neighbourhood from being turned into a crowded, congested, and polluted high-rise slum. Darren Godwell, a leader of WECA, believes that this can be prevented if more a more thoughtful approach to planning is adopted and decisions are left in the hands of local communities.

Residents vow to stop destruction of their community with civil disobedience, if necessary

“The opposition of local communities on both sides of the river to the Lord Mayor’s ill conceived toll bridge proposal has been clearly and repeatedly expressed, most forcefully in thousands of public submissions during the now notorious project consultation process.”

Stop the Hale Street Bridge Alliance Media Release, 1 Jun 08

Iraqi oil unionists face exposure to sectarian violence

The Iraqi Oil Minister has ordered the transfer of eight Oil Union activists to a suburb notorious for sectarian killings.

The leader of the Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions Hassan Jumaa Awad has appealed for International support against this blatant victimisation of opponents of the Oil Law by which it is planned to privatise Iraq's oil wealth.

Christine Milne : Five things Mr Rudd can do today to reduce oil price impact

Australian Greens climate change spokesperson, Senator Christine Milne, today rejected Prime Minister Rudd's extraordinary claim to have done all he can on fuel prices, highlighting five decisions his Government has made that have a negative impact and should be reversed.

Greens media release of 23 May 08. Our comments: Why no mention of population?

For socialists growth is still OK, so long as it is shared

As long as the claimed short term economic benefits of growth can be said to be shared equitably Canada's New Democratic Party remains unconcerned by the resultant ecological devastation.

Picket parliament Friday 6 June to save the Mary river!

Join Independent State Member for Maryborough, Chris Foley and others at a rally at Parliament House, George St, Brisbane on Friday June 6 at 11am.

See also:,

Italian woes: a nation in conflict

An Italian environmental campaigner describes her difficulties in raising the issues of population growth. The situation in her country has been getting steadily worse under the previous governments which maintained a lax attitude towards the problem of immigration, while at the same time encouraging couples to have more children.

Costa's budget puts paid to privatisation assumptions

If NSW Treasurer Michael Costa can borrow in order to build transport, health and educational infrastructure, why can't he borrow in order to build electricity generation?

NSW Greens media release, 3 June 08

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Peak Energy, and Limits to Growth in Australia

There is so much nonsense in the media today about the reasons why petrol (and diesel of course) is so expensive, it's mind boggling. Surfing the media's web blogs' tailing articles on petrol prices quickly exposes the man in the street's ignorance of the truth. Not that we can point the finger at 'people', the media (outside of publications like this one) is doing very little to educate or inform their readers or viewers.


Is the human race running a fever?

Governments have stolen the word 'sustainability' and made it mean 'economic business as usual'. More objective definition of sustainable, however, suggests that our vast populations and range of economic activities cannot last for long. And the economic signs aren't good either.

John Locke in Ellen Meiksins Wood's The Origin of Capitalism

It is amazing that so many of us accept that it is our lot to work for others and to pay rent. Was it always so or did this come about through sophistry?

Queensland to give green light to shark extermination

Although over 90% of the world’s sharks, vital for the ecological integrity of marine eco-systems, have already been eradicated, the Queensland government plans to issue licenses for the finning of an unlimited number of sharks from the Great Barrier Reef.

Original media release from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society of 16 May 08.
What you can do: sign the petition, e-mail ThePremier[AT],

See also: Greens call for protection of shark stocks of 4 Jun 08.

George Soros on world recession, housing prices, oil prices - May lecture

George Soros: There is a "need to improve the quality of regulation. It is not enough to regulate the money supply; you also have to regulate credit."

Common sense on immigration from Dr Bob Birrell

MOVES to allow an extra 31,000 migrants into Australia each year will place huge pressure on already over-crowded cities, according to one of the nation's top population experts.

Monash University's Dr Bob Birrell said the jump in the migrant quota would worsen the housing crisis and environmental problems.

Belconnen Kangaroo massacre

These healthy kangaroos, relaxed, uncrowded, in lush surroundings are all dead - order of Australian Capital Territory government.
Housing estates due to go up around the area. (Does anyone know which developers?)

See also: Australian Political Hypocrites Order "Final Solution" on Kangaroos on 20 May 08 by Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Kangaroo cull: necessary evil and the greater good of 27 May 08 by Adam Henry on Online Opinion with comments.

French housing market collapses

It is predicted that a new house will have to be on the market for a year before it sells now in France.

French Farmer Youth fight petroleum hikes: riot police

In Lille, France, about 40 youths calling themselves "Jeunes agriculteurs" (Young Farmers), pulled a tractor through the town on a rope to educate the public on the impact that petroleum hikes are having on food production and farmers. More robust simultaneous actions in other French towns came into conflict with police...also in Bulgaria. And all-night gas queues in Taiwan. See also Peak oil hits French fishing industry

Sydney's housing crisis - a different view

IN ITS obsession with property prices and housing affordability, Sydney has overlooked a startling fact: the city is awash with empty buildings. The number of unoccupied residential dwellings in Sydney counted by census workers in 2006 was 122,211, with the highest number found in the inner city. That does not include the thousands of empty warehouses, pubs, churches and shops.

Orwellian Waterworks: big-agribusiness and Victorian Gov

The Foodbowl group describes among its aims "To support the transition of small farming enterprises to world-competitive, sustainable agribusiness enterprises with a variety of models that maintain and enhance community cohesion." But were they invited? Were they asked? Apparently not.

Update, 2 June: Country Womens Association (CWA) Reject the North South Pipeline

What you can do: visit and join their mailing list.


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