Introducing "Biodiversity First"

Invitation to join "Biodiversity First" ( an international group which opposes human population growth and favours reduction of immigration to prevent the further destruction of the bio-diversity which is essential to sustain all life on this plant

from Brishen Hoff (President) and Tim Murray (Vice President)

No commitment to sustainable future by Rudd Government

"With the announcement by Minister, Chris Evans, that Australia is opening its doors to a massive increase in unskilled migration, the last vestiges of any appearance that the Rudd Government is committed to environmental sustainability or social equity have been swept aside", said Dr John Coulter, National President of Sustainable Population Australia, today.

Sustainable Population Australia media release, 17 May 2008

Debate on carbon trading needed

The greedy have become greedier. Contracts are signed to dig up and ship out WA’s minerals as fast as possible. …

Carbon trading has been held out by many environmentalists as a panacea for many of our grave environmental threats. However, in the light of the experience of Europe, an environmentalist from Western Australia questions its merit.

The Australian proposes apartheid 'solution' to Australia's labour shortage 'crisis'

In the article "Bring in the Chinese", of 14 May in The Australian newspaper Robert Leeson proposed what would effectively be an apartheid system involving imported Chinese labourers. These workers are said to be needed to build 'necessary' additional infrastructure. This would enable Australia to help China further pollute its environment and fuel global warming with our mineral exports.

Rudd government to conduct 'review' as 457 visas as annual intake set to reach 130,000

The ABC reports that the Rudd Government has ordered a review of the controversial 457 visa scheme following many years of complaints, from the trade union movement, of its abuse by employers.

What you can do: Visit AMWU's stop 457 visa exploitation page and send e-mail to the The Minister for Immigration.

Roads to wildlife extinction: Vic Government, SEITA, Eastlink, in Victoria's South East

The Victorian Government, SEITA and Eastlink, are persevering in plans to bisect the Mornington Peninsula Biosphere and other crucial habitat for wildlife. If maintained, this route will ruin a proposed wildife corridor (.pdf) leading to and from the Peninsula Biosphere, of profound significance to the rest of Australia.

The Human bottleneck

Perhaps the most urgent near-term issue for environmentalists is one that few yet talk about. It is what I call "the human bottleneck". This is a time when most species may disappear. Mark O'Connor has designed a graph to evoke this scenario.

Wildlife Campaigner: "SEITA preferred Frankston bypass route will severely impact wildife"

Maryland Wilson, President of the Australian Wildlife Protection Council, stated yesterday that the Southern and Eastern Integrated Transport Authority (SEITA) has failed to adequately address the concerns she raised on behalf of the Australian Wildlife Protection Council or the Coalition of Wildlife Corridors.

Residents organise against Frankston Bypass

1300 signatures against the Frankston Bypass planned by the Southern and Eastern Integrated Transport Authority (SEITA) have been collected on two petitions from residents of Frankston, on Port Phillip Bay South East of Melbourne.

See also Australian Wildlife Protection Council submission to the SEITA

No Mandate, No Sale - Demand Costa and Iemma debate electricity sale in Parliament

John Kaye, Green member of the NSW Legislative Council urgently needs your support in order to force NSW Premier Morris Iemma and NSW Treasurer Michael Costa to honour their previous undertaking not to proceed with the sale of NSW's publicly-owned electricity assets without first putting the enabling legislation before the NSW Parliament.

To help: click here

The deep intellectual, financial and political dishonesty of privatisation

'One of the most remarkable features of the ‘conservative turn’ experienced in the UK since 1980 is the paradoxical emergence of extensive re-regulation of economic activity in a period supposedly typified by drastic deregulation.'

see also: Why Privatisation is wrong

Why R&D alone cannot solve the food crisis

In a letter to the Sydney Morning Herald, in response to Achim Steiner's article "For future peace, step forward for the great agricultural challenge" Dr. Jane O'Sullivan of the University of Queensland's School of Land Crop and Food Sciences, questions whether "sustainable and profitable farming that generates food security" for 9 billion people is physically possible.

Evo Morales re-nationalises energy and telecommunications companies, denounces biofuel-driven starvation

The BBC news service of 5 May reported that Bolivia's left wing indigenous President Evo Morales has moved to renationalise Bolivia's foreign energy and telecommunications companies. These had previously been privatised behind the backs of the Bolivian people in a process of IMF mandated 'reforms' which began in 1985 under the guidance of shock doctor Jeffrey Sachs.

See also Morales sets Bolivia recall date from BBC News of 12 May 08, Morales: The Problem is Capitalism from La Prensa of 17 May 08, Bolivia's Red Ponchos call to arms Youtube broadcast about Bolivia's indigenous pro-Morales militias - 04 May 08

The demographic false alarm

Global warming and the demographic challenge of ageing populations are never far from newspaper headlines these days.

Some governments are so worried they are now bribing parents at taxpayers’ expense to have more children and calling for more immigration to support us in old age. It seems the message is contagious.


NSW Government's disregard of public opinion on electricity privatisation

The NSW rural newpsaper the Northern Daily Leader of 9 May 08 reported local state Independent member for seat of Tamworth Peter Draper's observation that the NSW Government appeared totally impervious to public opinion on the privatisation of electricity assets.

See also: Why Privatisation is wrong

Trotsky's Biggest Blindspot

Leon Trotsky showed great insight on many issues but his biggest blind spot concerned ecological sustainability, now the greatest issue of our times. His thinking reflected the technological cornucopianism that bedevils the socialist tradition.

Contents: Trotsky as case study, On Ecology, The New God, Bringing the Earth to heel, Regress of nature, The Paradigm of Industrial Cornucopia, The God That Failed, Limits to growth, Overshoot, Flawed Fixes, Capitalism and the Causes of Ecological Crisis, Overpopulation, Trotsky on Technology, On Farming, Trotsky on Lifestyles, What was to be done?, Endnotes

The original 20 page pdf document by Sandy Irvine can be downloaded from This document can also be viewed as a html document as "The Prophet Misarmed: Trotsky, Ecology and Sustainability" at

New Zealand Government re-nationalises railways and ferry services

The selling off our public rail system in the early 1990s and the running down of the asset afterwards has been a painful lesson for New Zealand
- Finance Minister Michael Cullen

As the NSW Labor government, in defiance of the wishes of the NSW public without any electoral mandate, and cheered on by the corporate newsmedia, presses ahead with its plans to privatise NSW's electricity assets, the New Zealand Government is moving in the other direction and has renationalised its rail network.

Keating confused on power sell-off facts

Paul Keating, although a financial consultant concerned with the sell-off of NSW's electricity assets, has displayed woeful ignorance of the reality of the NSW electricity sector according to John Kaye, NSW Greens MLA.

Newspeak on the asset stripping of Australia

When you take a public asset without permission and give it to private individuals, that is not 'reform' it is theft. Taking something without the owners' permission is stealing.

We need a population policy

Article in the the Newcastle Herald suggests we need a sustainable economy and smaller population in Australia if we are to have a worthwhile future.

Iemma defies Labor conference, unions and public in push to privatise NSW electricity

The arrogant contempt in which democracy is held by many of Australia's political and business leaders and much of the newsmedia could not have been made more clear by the determination of the New South Wales Government of Morris Iemma to proceed with its plans to sell off publicly owned electricity assets.

See also: NSW electricity links

mike's picture

The challenges of powering down

Why free markets don't have a chance in hell of saving us from the current crises.

See also Mike Stasse interviewed on U-tube, John Quiggin's failure to grasp the resources shortage crisis

Economists talks about direct connection between overseas immigration and economic growth

On the 1st May 2008, ABC Radio's PM program had a story about the latest slump in building approvals.

Negative building figures continue
PM - Thursday, 1 May , 2008 18:14:00
JASON ANDERSON: This is a shocking situation and one that unfortunately by the time the real depth of the impact in terms of lower middle income households becomes apparent, it's going to take two or three years even if we get some policy response.

Centro Properties Group Ex-chairman didn't see 'debt bombshell' coming

How could someone in charge of borrowing billions from banks, to deploy energy and resources for multi-million dollar developments, be so energy and resources naive that they did not see the energy-linked "debt bombshell" coming?

Exhibition documents erosion of childhood by overdevelopment and overpopulation

This really interesting exhibition testifies to the disappearance of accessible natural places for children, without consciously linking this to overpopulation and development.

ABC at it again!

ABC Breakfast Show host, Ross Solly, gives Property Council of Australia 20 minutes-plus free advertising at tax-payer expense to market industry hobby-horse.

Since when did our taxes go to fund the ABC as a national real-estate agent or an arm of the PCA?

Ross Solly

Skilled migrants causing problems

Skilled migrant workers from non-English speaking countries are adding to the problem they were meant to assist

Shared accommodation a necessity and no longer a choice for many in Brisbane

One of many reports about the ongoing and worsening rental crisis in Brisbane, is the article "Wanted: a Room to rent," in Brisbane's Courier Mail newspaper of 29 April 2008. The article reports trends where both co-tenancy and room-by-room tenancy is increasing.

See also: "Rent gouging threatens Brisbane inner city retail community", "The Courier Mail beats the drum for more Queensland population growth"


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