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Save the kangaroo

ACT Roo killings: Who profits? Behind the Earless Dragon mask

Human Population growth impacts on wildlife: The endangered Earless Dragon is being used to justify killing thousands of Eastern Gray kangaroos in Belconnen and Majura, but the motive is really developers' profit. As grasslands are turned into building sites, as human population growth is encouraged.. Kangaroos are in the way, as is democracy, so both are being buried. See also:Kangaroo articles

Kangaroo rapers of Mitchell (Qld) and the E.coli time bomb

The Australian outback town of Mitchell lies in the Western Downs region of southern Queensland on the Warrego Highway just shy of 600 km west of Brisbane on the way to Charleville. Situated on the Maranoa River, the town of Mitchell was named in honour of the 19th Century explorer, and the town emerged as a pastoral town out of the farming of grains, beef and sheep. Tourism has become a strong drawcard to Mitchell and especially to its Great Artesian Spa.

But more recently, Mitchell's fame has been lowered to infamy with it taking on a reputation for becoming the home of the kangaroo slaughter trade.

Fitzgibbon's Massacre - 9th May 2009

Australia's Defence Minister, Joel Fitzgibbon MP, has just been handed $26,950,000,000 to unjustifiably escalate Australia's military aggression. This at a time when Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan says the world economy is gripped by the worst recession in 50 years.

Hypocritically at the same time, Fitzgibbon has rejected spending just $3.5 million in order to avoid slaughtering thousands of Australia's grey kangaroos fenced in on Defence land just outside Canberra. Fitzgibbon has condoned the senseless slaughter of 4000 of a population of 9000 trapped kangaroos be shot in secret, just last Saturday, 9th May 2009.

It is clear that the government is interested in "managing" wildlife such as kangaroos out of existence

Defence has produced pseudo-science to justify a massive kangaroo slaughter at Majura in Canberra. It is clear that the government only protects human interests and is interested in "managing" wildlife such as kangaroos out of existence, and have their habitat replaced by housing and human structures!

If our governments have their way, kangaroos would be confined to sanctuaries and zoos. Maybe this is the only place our descendants will be able to see our “wildlife”.

ACT Environment Commissioner unqualified to condemn kangaroos

ACT Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment, Dr Maxine Cooper, is ACT's inaugural full-time Commissioner in the role, yet what relevant environmental qualifications and experience does the incumbent have, or indeed lack, to be officially condemning another local indigenous popluation of Australia's iconic marsupials, our kangaroos, to slaughter for pet food?

Majura kangaroo killings: Another Belconnen Cover-Up?

Defence Dept Secretary, Mike Kelly insists there are too many kangaroos at Majura Training Area in Canberra. He wants to kill up to 6,000. He says they are starving and degrading rare grasslands. But there is no proof of either claim and the stats are unreliable. This looks like the same ugly pattern as we saw in Belconnen May 2008...see also ABC video footage (5th one down) of protests today 15 April against Majura killing proposals and attend protest Thursday 16th April in front of Canberra Centre shopping complex at 12 noon.

See also: "Majura demonstration in Canberra" on, "Another Slaughter of kangaroos planned" of 14 Apr 09 on Quaker Concern for Animals web site.

FATE program, NSW - major counting flaws

How can the FATE program, ironically acronymed as Future of Australia's Threatened Ecosystems (which is just a fancy way of getting shooters onto farmers' property to commercially shoot kangaroos because they are running out of kangaroos in other areas), have such sloppy population counting methods and expect it to be 'sustainable'?
An FOI report reveals how junk science is driving our national icon to the brink....

Red Plague Grey Plague - Kangaroo [numbers] myths and legends -by Dr Auty

There is another drive for a big kill of kangaroos in Majura ACT (in rare-grassland fragments coveted by developers near the new airport). Conventional wisdom is that kangaroo numbers have increased in Australia since European settlement due to cessation of predation by Aborigines and dingoes, as well as increased availability of water. It seems probable, however, that at the time of settlement kangaroo numbers exceeded the present population at least threefold. Dr Giles Auty estimates their pre-1788 number at around 200 million.

Urgent moratorium on ALL AUSTRALIAN NATIVE ANIMAL KILLING needed (due to fires/floods)

There are far too many threats to our native animals' existence. The recent bushfires and floods have decimated wildlife in two states. It's time for our government to change its policy of giving licences to kill 'protected' wildlife and regarding them as 'renewable resources to harvest sustainably.' We call for a moratorium on the killing of ALL Australian native animals. Australia has the worst record in the world of wildlife extinctions. Time to change our attitude and our laws before we lose them all. Without biodiversity we will perish.

FOI reveals massive heavy metal contamination at former Defence site, Canberra

We were told that the 514 kangaroos at Belconnen Naval Transmission Station could not be relocated to other properties and had to be 'culled.' The reason given was that the kangaroos were a threat to certain endangered species - the Golden Sun Moth, Gininderra Peppergrass and Striped Legless Lizard. Yet cows were grazing in adjacent properties - were they not a threat to these species too? The RSPCA demanded the cull as relocation could risk their death. The RSPCA insisted the kangaroos were starving even though local activists said they looked in good condition throughout the year. So what was really going on....?

See also: "Defence kiboshes Belconnen grassland refuge plan" of 30 Sep 08, "Defence to clean up Belconnen site" of 30 Sep 08, Remediation of the Belconnen Naval Transmission Station" of 22 Oct 08, "Belconnen Kangaroo massacre" of 30 May 08.

FATE program, NSW - the last nail in the coffin for our kangaroos and wildlife

UNSW is about to implement a program ironically called FATE whereby NSW farmers will be paid to allow kangaroo shooters to come on their land and shoot kangaroos. The last thing kangaroos need is less protection. Already they are copping it from every direction. With populations crashing across the country, this is the last thing they need. Professor Archer, take your FATE program and bury it!

The real cause of Victoria's raging bush fires

While people blame greenies, global warming and arsonists for the fires devastating Victoria, there is a more obvious cause that for some reason, people don't want to admit - European farming techniques are turning our country into a desert ..... time to change our diets, or we can expect more fires until there is nothing left!

Children in Epping tread where adults and politicians fear to go

What has happened to us that we have to get children to express our deepest values and concerns because we have been conditioned to repress them for political reasons?
(Pic:Gavin Jennings, Victorian Min Environment)

Open letter to Gavin Jennings regarding the stranded kangaroos at Mill Park and South Morang

These animals are victims of planning failure, and our governments now are only interested in the economy! More than ever we have to recognise that we need green wedges, conservation corridors as buffers against further biodiversity losses and climate change.

Wake up Australia! - Kangaroos fast disappearing; Gov complicit

State government data pertaining to kangaroo densities across the Kangaroo Management Zones, shows that kangaroos are now 'quasi extinct' across most of NSW, South Australia and Queensland. video

See also: Open letter to Gavin Jennings regarding the stranded kangaroos at Mill Park and South Morang of 24 Oct 08

Hunt for Western Australian kangaroo bashers

That two socially immature males would cruelly bash and kick unconscious a kangaroo, whilst capturing the sickening spectacle on video in an apparent attempt to impress their social peers, should hardly come as a surprise in a country which stigmatises the magnificent kangaroo as a pest, unlike, for example, South Africa, which nurtures and celebrates its own herds of wildebeests.

See also: Nationwide hunt for kangaroo basher (Western Australia Today) of 11 Sept 08, RSPCA launches nationwide hunt for kangaroo basher (ABC) of 11 Sept 08, RSPCA, police hunt for roo thug.

AWPC Kangaroo trail map restores respect for gentle and beautiful creature

AWPC launches first-ever "Kangaroo Tourism map" to help overseas tourists and those many Australians who would love to observe different kinds of kangaroos in the wild rather than kill them for cash

Belconnen Kangaroo massacre

These healthy kangaroos, relaxed, uncrowded, in lush surroundings are all dead - order of Australian Capital Territory government.
Housing estates due to go up around the area. (Does anyone know which developers?)

See also: Australian Political Hypocrites Order "Final Solution" on Kangaroos on 20 May 08 by Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Kangaroo cull: necessary evil and the greater good of 27 May 08 by Adam Henry on Online Opinion with comments.

Belconnen Roos - Current herding method

Reports are coming thick and fast from the field in Canberra where a group of wildlife people are monitoring a grotesque debacle in an ill-advised kangaroo-culling exercise.

Time to say hoor-roo to the Kangaroo Industries Association

If a farmer built a housing estate in his front paddock and chased all his stock out onto the road, would he count the pile of corpses and conclude that there had been more cows in his front paddock as a result? This is what the Kangaroo Industries Association of Victoria seems to be doing.

Wildlife Campaigner: "SEITA preferred Frankston bypass route will severely impact wildife"

Maryland Wilson, President of the Australian Wildlife Protection Council, stated yesterday that the Southern and Eastern Integrated Transport Authority (SEITA) has failed to adequately address the concerns she raised on behalf of the Australian Wildlife Protection Council or the Coalition of Wildlife Corridors.

Plight of Somerton kangaroos captured on flim

Recorded on film in 2006 and 2007 - The shameful case of the Somerton kangaroos, boxed in by industrial estates and their daily worsening fate callously ignored by officials and ordinary people all around them - but for the perseverence of wildlife activists - highlights the hopeless inadequacy of laws to nurture and protect biodiversity and wildlife in Victoria and Australia.


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