Queensland Greens Senate candidate condemns forced amalgamations

Australian Greens Lead Senate Candidate for Queensland, Larissa Waters said today's recommendations from the Local Government Reform Commission would be the death of Local Government democracy and is demanding the Beattie Government reject them.

Murray-Darling takover may not be legal: Tony Windsor

We need to be sure that a transfer of control over the Murray-Darling water is constitutional, Independent MP Tony Windsor said today.

Book Review: "National Insecurity - The Howard Government's Betrayal of Australia"

This book, by by Linda Weiss, Elizabeth Thurbon and John Mathews, the authors of "How to Kill A Country", is a damning expose of how the same Howard Government which cites 'Australia's national Interest" as an excuse to sabotage international efforts to act against the threat of global warming, has, in fact, betrayed those very same interests. Subjects covered include Energy, Rural Industries, Culture, Defence and Blood.

Cate Molloy repudiates Keating over Australian nationalism

Former Prime Minister Paul Keating was totally wrong in his recent media comments condemning nationalism. A strong dose of nationalism is precisely what this country needs and has always needed. It is economic nationalism that urges Australians to buy Australian, to protect Australian farmers, workers, jobs and businesses. Nationalism prevents the sell-off of our true
icons such as Telstra and Qantas.

On housing affordability

The government-owned Housing Trust of South Australia never cost South Australian taxpayers a cent, yet for decades was able to provide affordable good quality housing to all sectors of South Australian society. Money that would have been unproductively invested in property speculation in the Eastern states was, instead, directed towards establishing viable manufacturing industries in South Australia.

Gold Coast Spit Open Space again under threat with training centre

The "growth at all costs" Queensland Beattie Government just can't leave alone The Spit, the last remaining undeveloped shoreland on the Gold Coast.

Having been forced, by a concerted community campaign of opposition, to abandon its plans to build a passenger ship terminal and luxury residential appartments on the land in 2006, it now intends to build a maritime training facility. The Gold Coast Environment Council believes that this may be only the thin end of the wedge.


Are nuclear fusion, fission and 'renewables' viable alternatives to fossil fuels?

On top of the hazards of nuclear fission electricity generation, even more environmental threats are posed by mining of uranium, enrichment, reprocessing and disposal of nuclear wastes. A likely consequence of the expansion of uranium mining in Central Australia is that the Eastern seaboard stands to be exposed to clouds bearing poisonous radioactive uranium and other toxic metals blown from the mine tailings dumps (see David Bradbury's film "Blowin' in the wind" for a graphic illustration of this threat).

Mayor's 'bunkum' misleads and disturbs

Redland Shire Division 3 Councillor Debra Henry is challenging the Mayor's dismissive remark that rapid population growth in the Redlands is 'bunkum'.

South East Queensland over-allocation of land and resources must be reversed

South East Queensland residents are using World Population Day, 11th July, to urge the Queensland Government to reverse the over-allocation of land and resources committed to development in the region.

Populate and Perish

"Today has been designated World Population Day by the UN, but you will not see any of the big environment and development groups mounting a campaign on population. Indeed, you will be lucky if they even mention the P-word."

World Population Day 11th July - growth out of control in SEQ

Water crisis, housing crisis, transport infrastructure crisis, hospital crisis and continued destruction of open space and bushland are all the hallmarks that show growth is out of control in South East Queensland, say environmentalists.

Environmental consequences of Chinese and Indian growth frankly discused on radio panel discussion

All too many 'discussions' on India and China have in the past have been dominated by innumerate economists with a Cargo Cult mind-set. All we had to do, they would have had us believe, was allow all of our manufacturing industry to be exported to China, export our non-renewable mineral resources and (unsustainably grown) rural produce as well and boundless wealth and prosperity was sure to flow back to us.

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The Dependence on Nature Law

"Humans employ a huge range of transient operations they have installed that invariably involve using and abusing natural resources. Each of these operations provides something deemed of value to society during its lifetime. Each of these operations incurs an irrevocable, un-repayable ecological cost. We are irreversibly drawing down on the irreplaceable natural bounty."

South East Queensland growth must be reconsidered to protect nature

Conservation groups throughout South East Queensland are asking the State Government to review the SEQ Regional Plan so that it reflects environmental concerns and sets sustainable levels for dwelling targets and habitat protection.

Gecko – Gold Coast and Hinterland Environment Council spokesperson, Lois Levy, says that members have concerns that the projected figure of 1.2million residents has not been updated to reflect the carrying capacity of
South East Queensland.

Gold Coast residents still don't know how their suburbs will grow

Residents of Mudgeeraba and Reedy Creek still don't know how their suburbs will grow following a public meeting on the Gold Coast's Local Growth Management Strategy held in Mudgeeraba last week.

Mayors of South East Queensland seek help from developers to push growth plan

A recent publication of the Council of Mayors South East Queensland highlights that the mayors of SEQ are seeking help from developers to push the Local Growth Management Strategies (LGMS). These are legal planning documents that force each local government area in South East Queensland to accept unsustainable growth.

European Union condemns Spain over 'disastrous' over-building

BRUSSELS – The European Parliament condemned Spain for the environmental damage which over-development had caused in Madrid and along the Mediterranean coast.

NZ Government drops immigration numbers

The Government is taking a cautious approach to immigration, pushing down the numbers of incoming migrants while seeking further advice on the impact of immigration on inflation.


BHP-Billiton's "Revised Climate Change Policy" - an answer to global warming?

The International mining corporation BHP-Billiton announced it's "Revised Climate Change Policy" today. You are invited to examine the document either here or on BHP-Billiton's own web site and offer you opinions as to whether or not this initiative will be a significant help to humankind's efforts to confront the looming global environmental catastrophe.

Mount Cotton community backlash against Super Quarry

Angry residents have arranged for a public meeting to draw attention to a new 40 million tonne super quarry development planned for the iconic Mt Cotton in the Redlands. The new quarry will result in 70,000 to 90,000 truck movements per year through the Redlands and Logan shires.

Save Minnippi Parklands!

A controversial 15-year-old plan to turn 125 hectares of council-owned bushland into a golf course and housing development was given the go-ahead yesterday, despite strident community opposition and accusations of behind the scenes deal-making.

The Cannon Hill Community Links proposal would turn 81 hectares of bushland, wetland and wildlife habitat into the first publicly accessible, council-owned golf course to be built in Brisbane in 20 years.

Queensland environment groups call for moratorium on growth In SEQ

Environment groups meeting at Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast last Sunday, 10th June, called for a moratorium on Local Growth Management Strategies (LGMS’s) under the South East Queensland Regional Plan until after the local government elections in 2008, when local residents would have the chance to vote for candidates based on their views regarding growth.

Cate Molloy: Traveston chosen because "the people in the valley were all Nationals"

Media Release: Cate Molloy reveals truth about Beattie's dam decision

6th February 2007

The Southern Cross Federal Independent Candidate for Wide Bay, Cate Molloy, today revealed what she claimed is the truth about Beattie's decision to build a dam at Traveston on the Mary River.

"Beattie's decision to put the dam at Traveston was purely political, and the public need to know this when debating other options," she said.

Poaching doctors from poor countries: A crime against humanity?

Rich countries rely on recruiting foreign health and medical staff, increasingly from Asia and Africa. The saving in training costs by skilled immigration world wide amounts to $552 Billion, almost equal to the third world debt.

The Australian's white-anting of Australian democracy continues

Rupert Murdoch's media empire, since it successfully campaigned to bring down the Whitlam government in 1974 and 1975, has similarly abused its power all over the globe in order to ensure that only governments, whose policies are acceptable to it, will remain in office.

Extreme fires, melting polar ice put world on notice - time is running out

All Australians should be alarmed at the accelerating rate of global warming highlighted by melting polar ice and extreme fires, the Australian Greens said today.

Can fossil fuels be replaced?

“At one time, the Energy Returned on Energy Invested (EROI) for oil was at least 100 to 1. We are reaching the point where the EROI of oil will be 1 and no more drilling will take place. It was while the EROI of oil was high that most of our current infrastructure was built.

“Evidence suggests that the EROI of corn ethanol is less than one, which means it takes more energy to make than you get out of it – an energy sink.”


We Fiddle as the Continent Turns to Dust

"We have elected a prime minister, four times, who has led Australia through an era of unbroken and unprecedented prosperity, yet appeared obdurately impervious to the greatest issue of our times. He ... increased federal taxes, including the GST, to a peacetime record of 25.7 per cent of gross domestic product, but did not use this unprecedented flow of funds to mobilise the nation against the greatest threat to its survival. ...

"We are creating deserts out of farmland. And when the rains do come, heavy rain will bring problems, not just relief. An enormous amount of topsoil is sitting dry and exposed, vulnerable to run-off."

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Water recycling in Queensland

Fellow Green Comrades,

I write because I am concerned green groups will jump in to support water recycling without putting pressure on the government.

We don't have a water problem so much as a population problem, a population problem which drives growth and which exacerbates greenhouse emissions. These emissions also exacerbate droughts, quite likely making any normal drought some 10 to 30% worse than it would otherwise have been.

Leadership needed on trees

Julian Kennedy’s article “Development stumped” (Westside News, 8 November) revealed a disappointing lack of civic leadership from both sides of the Brisbane City Council on the importance of planting trees. Our city is growing rapidly in population and is increasing its density through infill and smaller blocks in greenfield areas – steadily reducing public space per person available for outdoor exercise and fitness activities and environmental amenity. Alarmingly, Brisbane is also becoming hotter and drier through climate change.

Trees are critical to protecting our quality of life. We need to value and preserve existing trees and plant many more now where open space is available.


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