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Rally DA to be considered by Tweed and Kyogle Councils

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After much delay (didn't they realise it rains here????) the Development Application for the planned car rally in the Tweed and Kyogle areas in September this year seems likely to be submitted to the councils in the next week (unless further delayed by acts of God or Brian).

When contacted, Tweed Shire indicated the DA would be available for public comment for a minimum of 14 days.

I have rung all Councillors and the Director of Planning to push for a 28 day consultation period. Those I have spoken to are supportive of this suggestion. I encourage everyone to do the same. This highly contentious development will have very detailed attachments to it in the form of an Environmental Impact Statement and an Economic Impact Statement. The local community deserves the right to have adequate time to conside the detail of the proposals, especially when the organisers have had 6 months and the benefit of the Tweed Shire Council General Manager on their Board of Directors.

What you can do:
- Contact Tweed and Kyogle councils to express your concern and opposition to the planned rally. If you don't live locally make sure you point out that if the rally goes ahead it will impact on your travel decisions.
- If you live locally, contact your local council and councillors to demand a 28 day consultation period for the rally DA.
- Continue to contact state and commonwealth environment and tourism ministers pointing out the inconsistency of the rally in this location.

For more info contact:
Tweed - No Rally Group: Email no.rally @ ph:0438 357 452
Kyogle - Krater: Email: krater @ ph: 0435 080 025 snailmail: P.O. Box 423, Kyogle, NSW, 2474