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Repco Rally Australia legislation introduced into NSW parliament

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The enabling legislataion foreshadowed on 29 May by NSW State development Minister Ian Macdonald has been introduced to parliament.

The legislation is even more draconian than we had feared.

It gives the rally organisers the right to do whatever they want in National Parks, State Forests and Crown Land Reserves!

It gives the organisers an "out" if they don't want to effect repairs to roads or property damaged during the rally. All they have to do is claim that the damage was caused by "vandals" or "protesters". Then the legislation lets them off the hook.

Have a look at the proposed legislation in the attachment. It is scary.

In his "second reading speech" the Minister admits it is based on recent legislation to enable the V8 Supercares in Olympic Park and World Youth Day.

What you can do:
Contact NSW Members of Parliament and Members of the Upper House (Legislative Council) and encourage them to vote against the legislation. Our local member for Tweed has announced he will be voting against the bill.

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