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Picket State Parliament to stop the theft of Queensland's public assets

Stop the theft of OUR public assets!
Picket 4:30-6pm, Tues Nov 10
Outside State Parliament, Cnr George & Alice Sts, City
Speakers: Electrical Trades Union speaker; Delene Cuddihy, (Yungaba
Action Group
); /Sam Watson/ (Aboriginal activist); Libby Connors (Greens) + more

Premier Anna Bligh is trying to privatise our publically owned rail (non-passenger), ports, forests and motorways.

Bligh's plan will cost jobs, & mean higher prices for worse services. Bligh's plan is totally undemocratic, ignoring the 85% of Queenslanders who oppose the sell-off.

Now Bligh is spending $2million of our money trying to promote her government's plan!

If the sell off goes ahead - what public asset will be next?

Don't let Bligh get away with the theft of our public assets!

Bring your Bligh Government letter to "return to sender" Bligh's "junk mail"!

Bring "Honk against Bligh's sell-off" signs

Organised by Save Our Public Assets (SOPA)

Ph Paul: 0410 629 088

Email: SaveOurPublicAssets[AT]

Join the Egroup: SaveOurPublicAssets-unsubscribe[AT]

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